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I decided yesterday to take today off from going to the hospital, so naturally I came home to a hallway full of notes on the doors informing us that maintenance would be by at some point today to perform a “quick inspection and possible repair” of the gas meters, and a.) surely this is something better handled by the gas company? b.) this couldn’t have happened while I was out of town last week or over the past 4 days while I was languishing in a gaudy hospital waiting room next to a full-sized built-in Starbucks and only in my apartment at night to sleep

Listen I know this is a pissy thing to whine about but I work from home and have meetings today and I cannot fucking relax when I know someone is going to be stomping through here at an undetermined time, GO AWAY GET OUT OF MY SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE

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i've never seen or read astro boy in my life but im a sucker for 50s-60s era sci fi and so i was looking through your astro boy posts and saw you recommended a manga called Pluto. long story short i just binged all of it last night and i am Not Okay. My gOOD SWEET SON GESICHT


look at this small angry 100,000 horsepower boy, i love him so much

“Miss Elenika, I want you to examine something for me.”

“Yes sir, what is it?”

“What do you make of this crystal?”

“Its gorgeous, but it’s cra—um, wait.”

“Go on.”

“Something is different about this. It…. still has energy?”

“I have a question for you, then. What do you feel seeing this stone?”

“… I want to tinker with it. It feels like it can be salva… no, no… not salvaged… This is going to sound incredibly strange, but I want to protect it?”

“Then it is yours.”

“Really?! Thank you so much! But, what exactly is it?”

“The hull of what once was a hexcrystal.”

“Interesting. Yet, Professor, I have another odd question.”


“Is it… Is it suppose to sing? I can hear it.”



Some things we don’t understand,
And some we feel in our heart.
The beginnings of a bond can go deep into the soul
And take root in the magic, blossom,
And form something like never before seen.


Music inspiration:
>> San Holo - Light
>> Dragon Roost Island Dubstep Remix - Ephixia

EDIT: Updated picture slightly to show fingers better. Mixed up a layer.

Things I want to see One Year Later
  • Whitestone is a tinkerers wonderland
  • Percy has a new gun.
  • Vex embracing her life as a Lady.
  • Vax dressed in Air Ashari clothes.
  • Confident but still awkward keyleth.
  • D02Y with a thundergun.
  • Tarry being a confident gay man.
  • Grog and Pike spending the entire year in their home town helping rebuild.
  • Scanlan…..

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So does tinker bell and a passel of lost boys come as accessories to your "super cute" outfit?

Oh, anon.

If you read through this blog’s well-chronicled dating mishaps, you’ll soon discover that collecting lost boys is really ALL I do.

What Are We Gonna Do With Her?

From Anon: Allura and Lance bonding over how much they love Pidge.

This is such a cute idea and I love it. 

“Hunk, I swear if you touch my equipment one more time, I’m gonna fry you with it.” Hunk’s playful shriek echoed through the room, bring Lance’s and Allura’s attention to them from their discussion. 

They couldn’t help but giggle at Pidge and the way she had Hunk pinned in the corner of the room, the strange device she had been working on most of the day sparking to life in her hand, a small smile beginning to spread across her face at Hunk’s startled expression.

“You know,” Lance began, his smile growing as he watched the younger girl start to tinker with her device again,” Pidge reminds me a lot of one of my younger sisters back on Earth. Always doodling or working on something, and whenever someone tried to look at it, she would give them a glare and send them packing.” Allura let out a small giggle, imagining all times Lance must have gotten that look.

“It’s refreshing to see someone as young as Pidge so interested in technology, it reminds me of the children Altea. Many of them were always getting into trouble with some of the things they built and would send them to bother the guards or play pranks around the castle. It was quite a sight to see.” She let out a small smile, traces of nostalgia and sadness hidden within it. 

“I guess we both miss something that she brings out, huh?” Lance said, realizing they had brought up memories neither of them really wanted to think about. But with the bright spot to fill those holes, they couldn’t help but be happy. 

“While I do miss my home, Pidge, along with the rest of the paladins, have become my new family, and you all remind me that I can remember the past but look to the future.”  

Before Lance could reply, a loud explosion filled the room, pulling their attention back to Pidge, who was now covered in ash, glasses askew on her face. 

“I’m okay!”

“What are we gonna do with her?”

“I guess just love and support her.”

And done. This is not my best work but I hope you all like it! I’m trying to work on the characterization of the team, but its becoming difficult!

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Declan and Laney’s first night in their new reincarnation in the game. (this terrific Victorian house by Jenba; it reminds me of their Sims 2 house so much).

My Simdale Valley save was getting to be almost unplayable with lag and endless loading (literally, never loading or crashing), in spite of using the simulation lag fix, which helped for a little while. I read up on it, and couldn’t find any real hope that tinkering with it would really fix it, so after a very frustrating weekend, I’m in the process of remaking it.  (I tried several generations back, even back to 11 months ago’s back up file, and it still had the same problems even after repairing the game.)

This time I’m going to be more careful to make more frequent back ups, set the culling and cleaning a little more aggressive, use even more minimal mods, and looking for other ways to coax the game into dealing with the rotational play style I want to be able to do.  For example, I’m considering turning aging completely off and just aging sims up when it is time according to my calendar, but I don’t know if that would even help and the aging effects in the game is one of the things that I really like.  At any rate, during set up I have aging off.    There were also some things I wasn’t happy with in my set up last time, placement of lots, that I’m changing.

Basically, I could spend a lot of time troubleshooting and re-adding files in, but when it came down to it, rebuilding was more palatable to me and that way I can be more sure I’m not re-introducing the same issue to the game.  

I just hope when they make Sims 5 (if they do) that they take advantage of the capability of processors in computers now and make a game that can handle some depth and complexity.

Look at Declan’s face though- little Ethan is still a wild thing and Declan knows Laney won’t like that mess on the floor but he’s too tired to clean it up.

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Whatre some good enrichment for pigeons? Do Q-tips without the fluff work the same as with doves?

Yep! Those are also pidge legos. XD

Pigeons enjoy the same enrichments as doves, plus a few more.

Bread tie with jimgly bells on the ends. You can use bigger bells for pidge.

The wicker kitty ball toy is more fun for pidge to blow around with their wings than pick up, but the same (bigger) toy for rabbits made of basically wooden tinker toys with big wooden beads in the middle are fun to toss and kick around.

Pigeons enjoy the same forrage pan as doves with treats scattered in calcisand or straw.

The LOVE to bathe!

And you can pretty easily make interactive forage toys for them by melting holes in easter eggs and filling them with what ever small seed your pidge likes best.

You may have to show them that seeds fall out, but they’ll enjoy chasing and pecking it to get their treats.


Summary: AOS Star Trek fic. Friendship between McCoy, Kirk and Reader. Helping the crew with their problems can sometimes leave you strung out. You tinker to unwind, no one knows where all the suddenly fixed PADDS keep coming from until…

Word Count: 1713

Warnings: None I think. Mentions of death but nothing too strong… I don’t even think I swore… Points for me

A/N: This is my first Star Trek Fic, so please let me know what you think! Thanks to @writingwithadinosaur for helping me out! Drea, thank you love!

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You didn’t have too many secrets from your crewmates; it was hard to keep anything secret in such a close knit group, especially since you were all stuck together on a multi-year mission in space. You didn’t even really mean to keep this a secret, it just never came up, so now, you just sorta kept it hidden by default. It wasn’t like it was embarrassing really, just not something you felt like explaining.

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VOILA. MY big ol’ line up I’ve been developing for a while for Here There Be Gerblins ! Granted I did give a few extra props that weren’t supposed to be there but I thought they were important to the characters.


critical role gif meme - [¾] relationships - keyleth & percival de rolo