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Fire Emblem Awakening Abridged: Part 1



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critical role gif meme - [¾] relationships - keyleth & percival de rolo


My dad lost his hair when he was very young. I think if you’re an actor and it starts going you think “well that’s it”, how do I cope with that? I was a young man I didn’t think it would yield any parts. Actually the parts have been way more interesting so it was kind of a blessing in disguise. Now I can wear wigs, I can play parts wearing wigs.

Happy 54th Birthday, Mark Strong (August 5, 1963)


After The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I was thinking, was there any other film or TV series that featured more than one actors here in the HTTYD franchise?

Turns out there are quite a lot!

It’s so interesting to hear those familiar voices interacting with each other in completely different stories and different characters~