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the losers club + disneyland

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the losers club + disney

just an fyi this does take place in the 60’s, the losers are in their senior year of high school

-since the beginning of the losers senior year, they wanted to go somewhere fun for their senior trip at the end of the year. they tossed around ideas of going to the beach, but everyone was going to go to the beach. ben remembered the way beverly talked about rollercoasters and remembered the (horrible) mickey mouse voice richie would do whenever disney was mentioned, then piped up with the idea of going to Disneyland for their senior trip. everyone was immediately on board.

-the losers picked up extra hours and covered other people’s shifts at work to save for the trip. per usual, ben kept track of the money and divided it up between gas, hotel rooms, tickets to the park, and food. driving two days to california wasn’t going to be cheap.

-richie worked on all of his disney park character voices all year

-the losers started walking everywhere in order to save money for gas

-finally, senior trip season came and the losers were so excited for their trip

-the plan was to drive two cars, because not everyone and their luggage would fit into just one car. eddie, mike, and richie loaded their things in eddie’s ford consul classic, and bill, stan, beverly, and ben loaded up stan’s toyota publica.

-the night before setting out they all stayed over at stan’s house because if they didn’t, everyone knew richie would wake up late and hold everyone up an extra hour.

-they woke up early so they could drive as long as they could, so around 4:30am (the original plan was to leave at 4, but they quite literally had to drag richie out of bed), the loser’s finally set out on the road.

-in eddie’s car, richie was asleep in the passenger seat and mike was laid out across the back seat, and eddie was humming to himself to stay awake. whenever richie would start snoring (LOUDLY), eddie would push his head to the other side

-in stan’s car, ben and bev shared the backseat. bill offered to drive first because he could tell that stan was still exhausted. stan slept in the passenger seat with his head resting on top of the middle compartment. bill would occasionally comb the hair out of stan’s eyes with his hand.

-around 6am, richie finally woke up because eddie pushed his head a little too hard and it hit the window. richie complained for three hours, which woke mike up. the complaining didn’t stop with richie’s head: “Eds, I will eat my hand if we don’t eat soon.” “Eddie why is this road so bumpy?” “Your poor driving skills are hurting my head.” “Just honk at Bill until he pulls over so we can talk about breakfast!!”

-in response to this, eddie swerved the car back and forth to get him to stop. finally, bill started to slow down and turned onto a side street, so eddie followed them to a small diner off the interstate.

-they all sat on the bar area then ordered massive amounts of food. it was hard for the cooks and waitresses to keep up. richie had no less than six plate-sized waffles, a dozen eggs, and too much sausage and bacon. the others eventually stopped counting and wondered how he stayed so skinny. stan and eddie topped off an entire pot of coffee. between beverly and bill, they polished off five tall glasses of chocolate milk. stan and bill demolished three dozen eggs. eddie and stan tore through a massive batch of french toast. mike downed one bowl of grits and one bowl of oatmeal. bev and ben lost count of how many hashbrowns they consumed. then finally, stan and mike split a blueberry parfait.

-full bellies, they hit the road again, only this time mike drove eddie’s car and beverly joined him, eddie, and richie. stan drove his car with bill riding shotgun and ben in the backseat.

-after countless hours of driving and numerous bathroom stops, ben, now driving stan’s car, pulled over and so did mike. they all got out of the car and decided to drive through the rest of the night in hour and a half shifts while the other people in the car would sleep

-they stuck with this all night, and when the sun came up, they repeated the whole process again. breakfast, drive, gas, lunch, drive, gas, drive, diner, gas, midnight snack, gas, drive and sleep in shifts.

-after nearly two days on the road, everyone was ready to kill each other. between richie’s often complaining and loud music, beverly and eddie having to pee constantly, bill not being able to sit still, mike and ben’s never ending hunger, and stan’s lack of sleep and energy, everyone was ready to murder.

-at three am, stan finally saw the lights of the massive Disneyland Hotel and nearly started crying, he was so happy to get out of his car. he laid on the horn to alert mike driving behind him, and mike honked back, just as relieved as stan.

-they parked side by side in the parking lot and awoke anyone else who was sleeping. bill literally had to pull richie and eddie out of the backseat of the car. they checked in and went up the stairs to their rooms. richie, eddie, and bev stayed in a two bed room, and bill, stan, mike, and ben stayed in another. their rooms were across from one another and they had keys to each other’s rooms.

-the second the losers saw their beds, they kicked off their shoes and went straight to sleep. no one even bothered to change clothes.

-they slept until noon. bev was the first person awake and she did her best on waking up richie and eddie. it wasn’t easy at all. richie would not let go of his pillow, and eddie kept rolling around and avoiding her. she went across the hall to get the others up, because she knew if anyone would get richie and eddie out of bed, it would be bill or mike.

-bill got eddie and richie out of bed, finally, then everyone got dressed and ready to get something to eat and maybe hit one of the parks today. they walked downstairs to the small, overpriced in-hotel restaurant and got a table for seven.

-after a very late brunch, they decided to go into the parks. they drove a short drive to the massive lot, then made the trek up to the front of the park. they purchased their first day passes and excitedly waited for one another at the opening of main street.

-richie was the last one out and got so excited he did a cartwheel, nearly knocking over a hot dog seller.

-they walked through some of the Main Street shops and looked at souvenirs for what felt like hours.

-richie dared mike to squeeze into a snow white dress for five bucks and mike sure as hell did it. bev pulled out her mom’s polaroid camera she was allowed to borrow and snapped a photo of mike

-ben spent a solid twenty five minutes looking at the collection of character pins, picking out the perfect one for beverly. he ended up going with the classic minnie mouse, wearing a red polka dot skirt. he purchased it and tucked into the pocket of his newer, smaller pair of blue jeans.

-richie ended up buying himself and eddie each a pair of mickey ears to wear around the parks.

-stan bought bill those ridiculous oversized slippers that were shaped like donald duck feet

-mike bought a tinkerbell charm bracelet for his girl back in derry

-after they spent too much money on souvenirs, they walked more of main street and looked for any characters that were out. bev especially wanted to see pinocchio and “honest” john.

-richie declared that he was hungry and dragged eddie to go find something to eat with him while the other losers continued looking for characters and sights to see

-richie bought one of those huge turkey legs and ate everything except a few bites that eddie stole. they walked around a bit, richie holding the turkey leg and taking huge bites out of it, all the while holding eddie’s hand with his free one. families passing watched in awe as the tall, skinny, lanky boy utterly demolished the giant sized turkey leg.

-they met back up with the other losers in front of the castle and saw that the sky was beginning to turn orange and pink as the sut set. they agreed on eating at the Casa de Fritos for dinner. despite already eating a turkey leg the size of jupiter, richie ate like a king. eddie lost count of how many tacos richie put down, but he already knew it was going to be fart city in their room tonight.

-when they got out of the restaurant it was dark and a lot less crowded. bev and ben suggested that they hit the rides that were still open, so the losers rolled into Tomorrowland and got in line for the Matterhorn first.

-since the bobsled cars were two person cars, one person had to stay behind and watch everyone else’s stuff. bill called nose goes and richie was the last one, so he took everyone’s stuff and sat on a bench. eddie said that he would ride it again with him and some of the others did too. bill and eddie in one car, mike and stan in another, and bev and ben in another.

-when they came off the ride with wet hair and damp clothes, bev opped to sit out and try to dry her white bell sleeved top. ben pulled off his teal zip up jacket and gave it to bev, who looked rather cold and uncomfortable

-in total they rode Matterhorn, Rocket to the Moon, and Astrojet before the parks began to close.

-a tired richie dragged alongside eddie, a worn out bill walked beside stan, stan’s arm around bill’s shoulders, and a near-sleep bev holding onto ben and mike. The losers trudged toward their cars and drove back to the hotel.

-eddie basically had to drag and toss richie into bed, which was not an easy task. richie kept pulling eddie’s hair and telling him to just let him sleep. “Yeah, great idea Rich. I’m sure the hotel staff would love a bunch of little kids’ Disneyland dreams ruined because there was a freakishly tall man who reeks of turkey legs lying on the floor.”

-mike and ben dropped bev off at her, eddie, and richie’s room then went back to their shared room with stan and bill, only to find bill asleep and stan trying to pull bill’s shoes off.

-midnight rolled around. bev couldn’t take it anymore. richie was farting up a mighty storm. she gathered her things, wrote a note for eddie and richie, ran downstairs for the front desk, and asked for another room. luckily, she got one on the same floor as the other losers, but a few rooms down.

-the next day, the plan was to hit as many parks as possible. Fantasyland was first on the list and even though none of them would admit it, they were all giddy

-they walked down main street and through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and into Fantasyland. the second richie saw the Mad Tea Party cups, he screamed “FUCK YES” and nearly got them kicked out of the park.

-On Dumbo’s Flying Elephants, bill and richie would reach out as far as they could to try and touch the top of surrounding tents, continuously getting yelled at

-in Frontierland, they rode the Mine Train twice, then got lunch in the New Orleans Square. the waitress was very annoyed because richie kept talking to her in his overdrawn southern accent, and as he said “topped of with a louisiana dialect, it’s the bees knees”

-richie, mike, and ben ate six plates of beignets

-ben threw up on the way to Safari Jungle Cruise

-on the Jungle Cruise, richie got sprayed by one of the fake elephants and bev snapped a polaroid just before it happened, titling it “A Moment Before Disaster”

-stan dipped his hand in the water and a duck quacked at him

-they went back to Fantasyland in hopes of finding and taking pictures with some of the characters

-bev spotted pinocchio and “honest” john by Monstro the Whale as they walked into Fanstasyland and screamed at the top of her lungs. she dragged ben by the arm and the others followed. she posed and snapped numerous photos with them. she had the biggest smile.

-eddie spotted peter pan, who had been richie’s favorite for years, and they took pictures with him. richie’s favorite was the one of himself and Peter standing in the famous Peter Pan stance with their fists on their hips and their chests puffed out

-they all snapped polaroids with their favorite characters until bev only had two photo films left

-they shopped around a bit more, buying keychains and magnets for siblings and family members

-the sun began to set again, and families with younger kids began leaving the parks. the losers all got mickey mouse shaped warm pretzels and sat in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. bev asked a bystander to take a photo of them, all sitting together on the pink and blue sidewalk. the photo came out of the camera and the losers watched it develop. bill was sitting farthest to the left, taking a bite of his pretzel and winking. stan sat next to him, looking and grinning at bill and holding the mickey ears of his pretzel behind bill’s head. ben and bev sat next to each other, their arms crossing each others and taking a bite of each other’s pretzel. richie sat between mike and eddie his arms slung around both of their shoulders. richie and eddie were wearing their matching mickey mouse ears. mike was taking a bite of the pretzel in richie’s hand, and eddie had his head on richie’s shoulder, his tongue out and eyes crossed. bev grinned and titled the sweet, quintessential losers club photo : “SENIOR TRIP / THE LOSERS TAKE DISNEYLAND.”

-later that night, there was a firework show above the castle. the losers sat and watched the glowing bursts of lights in the sky. it was a sweet moment for them.

-bev held up her camera and told the boys to scoot in. with her last photo film, she snapped the photo of her and her best friends on the best night of their lives.


You lied. - Pan x reader

Request :

Hi there could you plz do an imagine with pan+reader+Wendy where pan cheats reader with Wendy so they broke up and then reader start to flert with an other lost boy and pan is jealous and want her back so they end up together again?

Warnings : None really

Peter and I had been together for a while now (I honestly can’t tell you how long, I mean, there’s no time on Neverland). Ever since that ditz Wendy came to Neverland, claiming to be lost might I add, Peter’s been distant. We all knew Wendy wasn’t lost. Only desperate.

All of the lost boys have agreed that she was way too clingy, but of course, Peter disagreed and kept her with us. Wendy wasn’t rude or anything like that. She was simply… sweet and unaware. Unaware of Peter and I’s relationship. I’ve hinted at it but she never picked up what I put down.

“Hey, Peter.” I smiled at him as he walked up to me. “Hello, darling.” He sat next to me. “How was hunting?” I asked. He simply sighed. “We didn’t get much. Only small things. Puny, might I say.” Peter rested his forearms on his knees and picked up his flute. “Well, that’s too bad.” I frowned a bit, glancing at the lost boys. “Yeah.” He sighed. I watched his face, looking for any expression, when he paled just a bit. “Peter, are you alright?” I asked. He only shook his head. “Someone’s on the island, I have to go and see who.” He stood. I nodded, though he was facing away, and watched him walk off.

I looked away when he had passed enough branches and bushes that made it hard to see. However, as I looked away, I saw Wendy following after Peter. “What is she doing?” I asked myself, standing from where I was sitting.  I followed Wendy quietly as she followed Peter. “Finally, I thought we’d never escape her.” I heard. Wendy had stopped walking. “I don’t know about all of this. I mean, she’ll find out soon enough.” “I think we should tell her.” “Tell her what? That her boyfriend had been cheating on her with the new arrival.” “Peter, you need to know your own feelings. Can you imagine a life without her?” “Well, I don’t know, I mean, maybe.” “And how about me.” “That’s harder.” “So, you have feelings for me. That proves that we need to tell her.”

“No, don’t bother.” I stepped out from where I was and stepped towards them. “Y/N-” “No, Peter. You’re cheating on me. Do you honestly think there’s an excuse for that?” I asked, starting to pace slightly. “Look, Y/N, I didn’t-” “Wendy, would you please. Stop. Talking.” I glared at her. “Y'know what?” I laughed dryly. “You two can continue here and I’ll just go back to camp. Let’s just act like this never happened. ‘Kay?” I held a fake smile and then turned, walking briskly back down the path I came. “Wow. Who would’ve thought?” I asked myself, laughing at my stupidity. “Who would’ve thought what?” I jumped. “Oh my- Felix!” I hit the blonde boy’s arm. “Well, go on, tell me.” He pushed. I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Peter and Wendy.” I stated. “Wait, what?” Felix asked. “Together. Secret meetings. No Y/N.” I looked down. Felix set an arm over my shoulders awkwardly.

“But, I have a plan.” I said, glancing up at the tall blonde. He smirked. “Am I part of it?” He asked. I nodded and smirked back. “You are the plan.” I told him.

“Alright, go.” I whispered, spotting Peter walking towards the ring of dancing lost boys. He looked around. “So, Felix…” I trailed off, leaning towards him and fluttering my eyelashes. “Are you the best archer?” I giggled a bit. God I hope that giggle sounded normal. “One of the best.” Felix put on a fake smug smirk. I giggled again. “How about you teach me sometime?” I smiled sweetly, setting my hand on his bicep. “I could teach you now.” He suggested, picking his bow up from beside him. I was bout to reply when someone did for me. “I don’t think that’s a wise idea.”

I turned to see Peter glaring at the both of us. “Pan.” Felix greeted. Peter sneered at him. “Yeah yeah, get lost.” I almost laughed. Pun intended, I thought. Felix stood and walked away slowly. “Flirting with my best lost boy? Really?” Peter asked. “Cheating with the new arrival? Really?” I mocked, glaring at him. “Look, Y/N, I thought I liked her. I thought that she was the one and our relationship-” “Didn’t matter?” I cut him off.

“No, I thought that our relationship wasn’t right- no that sounds bad. I mean…” He sighed, not continuing. “I didn’t really think things were going well between us. I have never been around girls for too long, you know that. I don’t really know what to expect or what to actually do.” He had sat down next to me by then, staring down at his lap and moving his hands every few words to gesture distress. “Peter…” I sighed. “No, no, it’s fine. I understand if you’d rather be with Felix, or…or even go home.” Peter sighed. “Peter. It was all a plan.” I told him. He looked at me confused.

“What do you mean?” He asked. I smiled a bit. “Thought I’d get back at you for cheating.” I said. He set a hand on his chest and let out a relieved breath. “So, you and Felix aren’t…?” He trailed off. I shook my head, my smile widening. “Never.” I said. “Well, on that note, Y/N,” He paused an turned to me, taking my hand in his. “Would you forgive me?” He asked. “For?” I asked, shocking him. He composed himself though. “For cheating on you with Wendy.” He stated, looking down a bit. “And?” I asked. “And hurting your feelings.” He said. “And?” I asked once more. He looked up, confused. “And for… telling Felix to get lost?” He asked me. I smiled and instead of him kissing my hand, I kissed his. “You’re forgiven.” I whispered, looking him in the eyes.

He sighed. “Thank god. Now tell me, what do girls like?” He sat up straight and leaned towards me, waiting for an answer. I laughed. “You’ll find out soon Peter. Go say sorry to your lost boy.” I hit his shoulder lightly. “Now.” I commanded. He pouted a bit but stood anyways, going to say sorry. “God, these boys are gonna kill me.”

I really hope this was good enough and thanks for being the first request! :)


Was anyone aware that Disney did this. Long before computer animation Disney animators had Live Action Reference Models they had them play out entire scenes and they would study them to animate. They did this with the little mermaid and most of Ariels mannerisms are those of the actresses.