tinkerbell and the pirate fairy

Reasons You Should Watch the Disney Fairies Movies
  • Talented Cast
  • Feel-good messages
  • Racially diverse characters
  • Strong female leads each with their own personality and character. They’re not just all copies of each other!
  • The animals are adorable
  • The Neverbeast made me cry, and the ending wasn’t a “everyone is happy” ending. It was real, and I think that’s so important for kids to learn
  • The whole feel of the movies are magical. It reminds you of when you were a child
  • ‘The Pirate Fairy’ has Tom Hiddleston singing in it
  • Pixie Hollow is beautiful (the Winter area is my favourite)
  • Gives more insight into Tinkerbell

Seriously, they’re not just “kids movies”. They’re actually incredible, and they’re some of my favourite movies. They deserve more recognition than they get.


Shutocon 2017 - Photo Set 2

Not all from the same day. I went back for a second day, Sunday, and decided to reuse my Vanellope Von Schweetz cosplay from Youmacon. It was already in my closet, so why not? ^^ Spent time with some internet friends, played some DDR and Guitar Hero. Bought pins. So many pins… XD

Favourite photo of the weekend? Wilfred Warfstache and Deadpool, Titanic-Style. Lovely.

New drawing!!! Tink and Terence!!! :)

I hope you like it!!! :)



So me and my siblings watched Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy

And this is james, captain james hook 

yeah, that is the younger version of this little shit

ya’ll wanna know another thing?

this little shit is voiced by

this little shit


he even did the singing parts


Innit this cool

I found this too



it’s just another reason to love this guy

and this guy too


New drawing!!! Tinkerbell and Terrence from Disney Fairies!!

I hope you like it!!

Can we just take a moment

to acknowledge Tom Hiddleston and his fabulous face?

I mean, look at him

Like seriously

How could you NOT love his face?

It is the most beautiful face

Hi!!! This is my drawing of Tinkerbell and Terrence from Disney’s Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure!!! :)

As many of my drawings, this one is based on Rapunzel’s wall paintings illustrated by Claire Keane!!! It’s also based on the art of Disney Fairies, that can be seen in many books!!! I love Disney Fairies!!!

I hope you like it!!! :)




Hey-ho, imagine the places that we’ll go. No one can stop us when we’re so high in the stratosphere. Hey-ho, we’ll be the frigate that plunders, every one of the world’s seven wonders, when we’re up in the sky, for who can fight a frigate that flies? No one can fight a frigate that flies.