Slave Tinkerbell by Manny Llanura

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“Hullo, Tink,” cried the wondering boys.
Tink’s reply rang out: “Peter wants you to shoot the Wendy.”
It was not in their nature to question when Peter ordered. “Let us do what Peter wishes,” cried the simple boys…
- J.M Barrie, “Peter and Wendy”

While we were waiting for the World of Color to come on, I asked my fiance, as a joke, “If you were a Disney princess, who would you be?” 

He thought for a very long time, and answered back with all seriousness: “Tinkerbell.”

I was slightly taken aback. “Why?”

The reasons were fourfold: 1. She is second in command to the Lost Boys, and can order them when Pan is away, 2. Has magical powers, 3. She can fly, 4. and can grant flight to others.

And it was then it hit me how incredibly powerful Tinkerbell was, but she was always depicted as the short skirted jealous little fairy. What bothers me is that I never really noticed this until my fiance pointed out why he liked her.

So here she is, commanding the Lost Boys, and the second piece in my Disney Women series.

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Saraswati is a Malaysia-based makeup artist who combines her artistry with cosmetics and clever use of her hijab to create awesome cosplay. From a broad selection of Disney and Anime characters to comic book superheroes and villains alike, Saraswati is a pop culture chameleon thrilling her ever-growing audience on Instagram.

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[via mental_floss and Neatorama]

I wanted to do a sort of “classic” Tinkerbell piece. The hardest part was definitely balancing the 3 versions of Tinkerbell’s personality; The Pixie Hollow version that has cute adventures, the one that is sort of a mascot for all things Disney, and the original one that spent 70 minutes trying to murder a toddler. Hopefully, all three are in here somewhere haha
Done in Photoshop.

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