mmmm pretty curious about that elf who made matching necklaces for Runaan and himself?? He doesn’t seem like an assassin, so I wonder what his line of work was. The matching necklaces is also a neat concept, considering how Runaan’s group bound their oath with the matching ceremonial ribbons. I don’t know, I think it’s just a nice touch that shows how they emphasize unity. 

They wear physical reminders of their aligning virtues, whether it’s honor, justice, hope, ect–that bind them to an inexoribly intertwined fate. That alone offers some interesting extra implications to their matching necklace set; I’d be super excited to see if there was a magic that connected them through another oath or belief. He also appears to be mourning Runaan, that’s…interesting…

EDIT: aksklsgkfg right I didn’t realize,, he needed to smash it for the spell to hide the camp, which makes me feel kinda bad lmao,, the guy looked pretty fond making them though and he’s still wearing his when he’s crying later. So I think they do have sentimental value as well, but they also have practical uses. I hope he has a bunch of extras made for Runaan for when these things happen,, 

Hey so

The Dragon Prince fandom is still a young blossoming little bean of a fandom and so far we all collectively agree we L O V E Runaan and his possible boyfriend.

In the event this unnamed elf is NOT Runaan’s husband/boyfriend:




I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed if the unnamed elf is Ronaan’s boyfriend, but if it doesn't turn out to be true DO NOT BECOME TOXIC HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS.

Thank you.

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Wait runaan is lgbt?

asjskdjdflg there’s no confirmation about anything, no. Fans like myself are just having fun speculating because the credits show another elf making matching necklaces for Runaan and himself. Later, he’s shown mourning him. The person running the show’s official tumblr confirmed he has a name, so we’ll probably meet him in the show at some point. 

There’s also the cute nickname the Executive Producer mentioned for him, implying again that he is going to come back and be a recurring character. But again, we know nothing concrete about him or his relationship with Runaan yet. People like me just like reading romantic implications in that, but nothing’s canon yet. Anyway, all that said, Tinker pls come back and save your man,, 

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Hi CA3!! Umm...I was wondering if you could do a comic for you're Human au for Christmas? And everyone will be there including Sakuya of course, but when all the kiddos and Kuro's siblings arent looking, Sakuya and Kuro have a battle on 'Who can get Mahiru under the mistletoe with that person wins' but all three of them end up accidentally tripping and they all fall under the mistletoe and Mahiru gives them both a kiss on the cheek! Hehe! Sorry 😶 I am a kawaii piece of Servamp love... THANKS!

I am glad you sent this a month in advance but lmao I still finished this like 5 days late. :,D I got too busy to actually work on this… (and I was too far in to just quit on it so here it is anyways) 

Also since I am trying to keep age au more on the lighthearted side with the shippy stuff, there’s no “battle” here exactly….. But I hope it’s still a funny ending. x) There a lot of silliness in this one. I had to cut out a lot of stuff unfortunately and ended up rushing a lot I am kinda sad about it. but this ended up being longggggg still. Oops….  

but here’s a SUPER LATE age au comic everyone. Enjoy! <3

The rest of the comic is under the “keep reading”!~

Keep reading

what if Runaan’s tinkering boyfriend keeps making all these little battle charms and trinkets for him as a means of courting him, carefully crafting the perfect gifts as a sign of his devotion. Working his way up to steadily asking Runaan to engage in a proper relationship for months and months. And finally, when he gets the courage to say something, Runaan’s just confused because he thought they’ve already been married for like a year now. 

ajsksdjdfgj quick poll what’s everyone calling the elf from the credits?? for the time being I might just go with Arbora, from that spell Runaan says when he activates the amulet. At least until I have something else to nickname him. is there like a fan name for shipping them either?? or else like,, im just gonna call it moonstruck or something equally dorky,,  

There was something off about her, even before you noticed she wore no iron or silver. Her off-ness was only exacerbated by the fact that she was a freshman. No one knew her major, and she never went to class, as far as anyone could tell. She looked no different through mood rings, but people said that if you aren’t looking closely (or looking too closely), her hair and eyes look like pieces of the night sky. (Some students with more sensitive Sight swore that something was wrong with her right arm, but no two could agree on what.) She could always (always) be found in the library, even if you just saw her somewhere else. She offered vague “services,” anything from tutoring to “exotic” item acquisition, all for a flat rate: “Tell me one thing about yourself that I do not already know.” (Students often found the first payment to be harder than they expected.)

On top of everything, she clearly had a Reputation with the Fair Folk. They always treated her with respect, of a kind similar to the chemistry department. They called her Tinker, Starborn, or (in hushed tones) Wizard.

She, on the other hand, toed the line with the bored confidence of someone who could trample all over it so thoroughly you couldn’t even tell there was a line in the first place. She Looked at things other students wouldn’t (or couldn’t) see. She Asked Questions (especially about things that Weren’t Talked About). She invited them to her room (and they always left when she asked). She referred to Fae by their chosen nickname, or a shortened version of their true Name. (No one knows how she knows them. No one wants to ask the price for that knowledge.) And despite all that, she appeared to all senses to be whole and unharmed.

But the biggest hint to her off-ness was the way she introduced herself. It was the same to the most oblivious student or the most esteemed of the Gentry.

“My Name is 󠄀□□□□□□□. Invoke it at your peril.”


Just felt like reminding people that there are Things even faeries fear