What a momentous occasion! 25 followers! THANK YOU! 

I guess I wanted to do something “special” for reaching this milestone, so I made me (well, edited ethan because he looks like me….) and all 6 of my favorite pokémon. Now, you may be thinking, why do I care about you and your favorite pokémon…? Well, here’s the thing . If I get 50 followers, I’ll publish a post saying “raffle starting now” or something. Then you’ll go to my “Requests” page on my blog and explain in detail :

-What you want your trainer to look like (please specify a trainer that looks like you too base yours off of. Like a trainer that CLOSELY resembles you…  c;) 

-your dream party (6 favorite pokémon).

Then, that night, I’ll put all the names that sent in a request in a cap and draw out names and make them and their dream party. So, if you’ve actually taken the time to read this, you know why I’ve made what I did and hopefully are excited for the milestone to come. Maybe you’ll even be awesome and reblog this post ‘cus you love me. c; But all jokes aside, 

Thank you.


Advertisement & My splices

Hey, I’m writing to you about your advertisement program…. I’ve been involved in the splicing community {Viewing, requesting, reblogging} for a while now and just recently started making them. If you could advertise my profile/blog I would love you forever. My blog is http://tiniwolfsplices.tumblr.com/ . Thanks for everything,