GUYS I JUST REALIZED! In the preview of episode 11, Victor is wearing this outfit right?? (A green scarf, gloves and what looks like a dark blue jacket)

Back in episode 9 he wore the exact same thing when heading back to Japan to check up on Makkachin to see if he was okay. So we might be getting a perspective from Victor’s side of the story in HOW HE FELT WHILE BEING SEPARATED FROM YURI?! I DONT KNOW YET?!?! MAYBE?!?! I hope. T-T


This is worth watching, especially the part where he tells Alex Jones and WikiLeaks to “grow the fuck up.“

Conspiracy Theorist Obi-Wan Kenobi

I’m not sorry for this. Please reference this amazingly constructed theory for the inspiration for this nonsense.

Quick note: HVNet = HoloVid Network, the Star Wars YouTube equivalent

His hindsight, Obi-Wan thinks, was not twenty-twenty in this instance, and he wishes he had thought ahead to the possible consequences of what seemed like an inconsequential action at the time. Mostly, he would do better in the future to remember how information, true or not, tends to spread like wildfire across the HoloNet.

Even Jedi Masters get bored.

At least, that is the excuse Obi-Wan will use if ever asked why he frequents the conspiracy theory forums that are scattered around the HoloNet.

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Markimoo and the MattPat guy(GT deserves more love!<3)

MattPat is not amused!! actually he’s so nice I can’t imagine him doing this reaction so it looks weird to me ;-;

Looks like Mark is making everyone he tackled MattPat, he put it everywhere!! so :P

It’s inspired on the Youtube Rewind 2016!

artisticpanda23  asked:

Some birds told me Martin shot a scene on his own??? *screech* Any idea what it could be to make him film it alone, not wanting anyone to disturb or distract him?? *another screech but more satanic*

Yes, Mark or Ben (can’t remember who) cited this as the reason Martin was not at SDCC (though we know he doesn’t go to cons, but the fact that they revealed this at all is interesting). There’s been speculations as to what it could be, from mourning Mary’s death to mourning the baby’s death… people have speculated what exactly Martin would be embarrassed filming in front of people, and I think the general consensus is something really emotional that requires him to cry.

GIVEN that I don’t think he cares at all for Mary AND that the Baby isn’t real, my thought is this: It’s about Sherlock, and a sacrifice John will have to make – Possibly facing his own mortality.

Remember the first time we saw John? He was crying because of his nightmares, because of his sacrifices, and his feelings of hopelessness. He wanted to die.

Now he’s facing death, finally confessed to Sherlock his feelings, and it’s at the cusp of ending before it begins. He knows Sherlock can’t live happy without him. But he has to make a choice and he’s choosing Sherlock over his own life. He’s mourning a future he may not live to see, mourning for all the mistakes he has made and the heartache he has caused Sherlock.

John loves Sherlock just as fiercely as Sherlock loves him, and John is going to make sure Sherlock knows it.

Fuck, dude, I made myself cry.

anonymous asked:

Do you think jasper will get a redemption? How and when

Is this, uh, is this actually a question?

I don’t mean to be snide here. but I seem to keep getting asks like this. 

Have we all forgotten that as of Warp Tour Crewniverse explicitly decried people calling Peridot a villain, stating there weren’t any villains in the show? Because people seem to have forgotten about that as soon as Jasper and YD showed up. Rebecca Sugar actually said that the show is driven by ideological conflicts rather than one faction vs. another. 

Or are we just ignoring that literally everyone we’ve gotten to know has “gotten a reform arc”? Including the mass-grave gem shard abomination in the heart of the planet. Including that one monster from the first episode. Apparently the pundits never get tired of going “okay but this next one, they definitely won’t get redeemed” and then being wrong, again and again and again. 

Spoilers here: every time the fandom has tried to suggest someone’s behavior, nature, whatever means they won’t get an arc. 

They’ve been wrong. 

More than that, it baffles me how people seem to act like there are no unresolved questions or tension related to Jasper’s arc. Not like we’ve seen more evidence rather than less that she has some kind of positive history towards Peridot who noticeably hesitated after poofing Jasper suggesting she has some pretty impressive mixed feelings about it. 

Not like we know now that the reason why Jasper has been so driven and unrelenting is that she’s a traumatized and isolated person, who, if I’m right that she didn’t actually ever get to know Pink personally, has the potential to share a piece of common ground with Steven that he really needs someone to relate to on, and that both of them could really benefit from being able to talk about- the idea of being the Special Chosen Child who doesn’t feel like they measure up, trying to follow the lead of a leader figure that they never actually knew but that most of the context of their life has been shaped by the absence of the same.

Like… do people actually believe that the massive amount of plot potential Jasper is currently sitting on is a can of worms that’s going to contentedly stay closed? This is like playing a Zelda game and someone mentions the terrifying murder island no one has returned from, you know at some point you’re going there. We’re going to delve into Jasper as a character.

Do I know the specifics of Jasper’s reform arc? No, because if I could predict with complete certainty and accuracy where the show was going to go I would have zero compelling reason to watch it. But it is a goddang certainty we’re going there. 

the blue cross

okay so guys we are all in shock after that latest episode. it was beautiful. vut the text even sent? it was a suicide note guys. “in another univers” they could be together. and then “I love you”. Isak understood this. and it makes the scene where they meet again so much more powerful and beautiful! like did you guys see even? he looked destroyed. and then he saw isak. and isak says “you are not alone” you can literally see the relief in even´s eyes. these two pure souls really loves each other. FURTHERMORE, all the romeo & juliet referances. the fucking blue cross guys. its the exact same as in the movie by Baz Luhrman. the scene where romeo comes into the church and sees juliet´s corpse. the scene where two lovers die for eachother. i believe there also was a really fast clip of this scene in the flashback sequence. and also, the pretty woman reference. Isak saves even. just like even said he would. i mean, could this show be anymore perfect. true beauty. 

How Daryl is Paralleling Beth Greene at Grady

Hey everyone! Well, i’m back to making metas and i’m super excited about this one. I think I’ve found a few things other TDers have not talked about yet. Let’s jump right into it shall we?

First, I want to start off with the mop parallel as it’s the biggest parallel we can very OBVIOUSLY see between the two of them. I made a meta about the parallels of the moping at the Sanctuary and at Grady before Episode 7x03 even aired, you can read that post here (X)

I thought the easiest way to set up this post would be to do both story lines at once, and compare them.

In Episode 5x04 “Slabtown” Beth sees a man moping down a dark hallway, it’s one of the first things she sees.

In 7x03 “The Cell” Daryl sees two men moping down a dark hallway, it is also one of the first things he sees.

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so I was just wondering

I have been replaying episode 10 since the realising and i noticed something

we  have this moment when the others notice the rings

and pichit seems to be really exited and decides to yell it out loud on the restaurant

and here´s the thing, while everybody cheers and claps in the backround plays…

…¨tales of a sleeping prince¨                                            (yeah I´m spanish)

the same song that was playes on episode 7

the song we call its the ¨ViktuUri¨song.

so i was just thinking if the directors and production crew are here on Tumblr among us.

But I mean clearly Bismuth is Gone And Never Going To Return Ever which is why Steven specifically refused to use the Breaking Point on her and refused to repeat what Rose did in hiding her actions towards Bismuth from the rest of the team.

Not as if other characters have disappeared for a long time between appearances (Lapis???) especially when that character knows things and would be inclined to casually mention them that the writers of the show want to keep as major revelations.

Not as if Crewniverse deliberately set that up to be an unsatisfying ending to a character because they had zero intention of ending her story there.

Or maybe the fact that Garnet and Pearl, who were close to Bismuth, haven’t been shown using the upgrades they got from her in future episodes, but there was clearly a plot relevant reason they did get those, which would almost suggest they don’t want to use Bismuth’s handiwork until they make peace with her rather than blithely exploiting their friend for an upgrade and then keeping her in a bubble. 

I’m not saying people can’t be frustrated about Bismuth getting canned but I’ve seen posts comparing it to other shows permanently killing off a member of the cast and it’s like- guys, really? She’s not dead, there is no way in hell she’s not coming back. 

Does Steven “absurdly fastidious attention to detail” “the random monster in the first episode is a recurring character and the random monster in the second episode was a major warning of future plot” “one of the hints that Garnet was a fusion was literally a pair of shooting stars in like half a second of the first opening” Universe really strike you as a show that’s going to introduce a character and showcase her in that significant of an emotionally charged episode and then have her never come back again?

This would be like after Ocean Gem going “Well I’m sure we’re never going to see Lapis again ever! Crewniverse must hate her, why else would they give her such a sympathetic presentation.”