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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D

do you ever realize how crazy it is that tony and loki haven’t interacted since 2012 and there are still tons of people who ship it


Original idea blatantly lifted from invisibleinnocence and their completely awesome Amis-line-up. My designs are a lot more mainstream and a lot less professional, obviously, but I got to practice proportions and… well, people in general, which is something I desperately need to work on. But seriously, go check out invisibleinnocence’s stuff if you haven’t already, that stuff is incredible.

The Best (and Tiniest) of the Greeks

Summary: Achilles is tiny; Patroclus likes to tease him about it. (Inspired by this post, dedicated to @nhasablog because she’s been a little down recently. I love writing these two so much. Hope you enjoy! x)

Achilles, while a strong warrior, the best of all the Greeks, he didn’t really…look the part. When you picture a man destined to win wars, you think of someone tall and muscular, strong-jawed, hairy…but Achilles was none of those things.

When Patroclus had first seen him, he’d even been shocked. Sure, they were just kids, but with the legends that followed him, Patroclus had expected him to be…bigger. And even as they got older, it stayed the same. While Patroclus got tall and broad, Achilles stayed slender and slight.

Patroclus absolutely relished in the fact.

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Guilty Pleasures

a Nine/Rose AU ficlet for @asthewheelwills because I thought she could use a little Nine/Rose fix today. Love you, wheel ♥

970 words, light teen, smoking cw // AO3

Rose looked around the mess of boxes piled in the living room of her new flat, trying to suppress the panic that the thought of unpacking all of them brought. What had she been thinking, moving halfway around the world on her own? Her stepfather had offered to help her out, get her a job and a flat in London with his connections, but Rose had said no, feeling that she had to do something with her life on her own.

Now she had a dingy studio apartment in New York that she could only afford because of Pete’s parting gift, no friends on the same continent as her, no job, and an overwhelming amount of boxes stacked in front of her.

Guiltily, Rose grabbed the lighter and pack of cigarettes from her purse and climbed out the window to stand on the fire escape. She’d told everyone back home that she’d quit months back, and she had, but it seemed the stress of moving had her picking up bad habits again.

Rose took the first drag and felt the nicotine hit her system as the smoke burned down her throat, familiar in its slight discomfort. Her eyes slammed shut as she took a second drag. She could practically feel the stress floating away with the tendrils of smoke.

“You know those could kill you, right?” A voice from above her said.

Rose’s eyes slammed open and she looked up, trying to locate who was talking to her. A man in a battered leather jacket was lounging on the next landing up, back against the railing and lit cigarette dangling from his fingers.

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“Guess who?” you hear a familiar voice ask as his hands cover your eyes.

“You do this everyday you idiot, I know it’s you!” you giggle as you attempt to push his hands away.

“Say my name” he urges, taking a step closer.

“Jack Bassam Barakat I need to take my shit out of my locker so I’d appreciate if you could give me my sight back” you tell him.

“Fine. By the way we decided on our prom group and it’s going to be Vic, Jaime, Alex, Mike, Rian, Tony, Zack, Flyzik, us, and our dates” he informs you, making you let out a groan. If there’s one thing you’re not looking forward to it’s prom. For one it’s all a waste of money, and secondly no guys going to ask you. It wasn’t like your unattractive or anything, but the little amount of guys that actually try and ask you out are always intimidated or pushed away by your closest guy friends. As much as you love them, they’re the worst cock blocks.

You grab what you needed for the rest of day and walked with Jack towards the usual lunch table.

“Hey Y/N, Jack told you the plan?” Jaime asks as you take a seat next to Zack.

“All I know is that we’re all going to prom together” you reply.

“Yeah but then we’re going to Alex’s place for the after prom party since his parents are out” Mike says, obviously really excited about the night.

“And you’ve all managed to get dates already?” you ask the lot.

“All except Mr. Mike Fuentes and you” Rian informs you, causing you to feel a hit of sadness. Ever since you became friends with the group in middle school, you’ve had the tiniest crush on your best friend, Jack. Jack obviously doesn’t feel the same way since he’s practically the biggest player in school.

“I’m actually going to ask Ashley today, so that only leaves Y/N” Mike tells Rian. Great, you might be the only one without a date to prom.

“Don’t worry I’ll figure out something” you say in response to all their sympathetic looks.

It’s now time for your last class of the day, English, but you can’t get the whole date situation for prom out of your head. You’re friends with eight guys, how do you not have a date!

At least talking about the book you were reading in class got your mind off that whole situation. Just as you were about to leave, Justin, your classmate, stops to talk to you.

“Hey Y/N I think your shoe’s untied” he says, making you look down. Once you look up to say it’s not, you see him holding a bouquet of roses with a index card that says ‘Prom?’ on it.

“I’d love to” you reply as you take the roses from him. “My usual group has already planned the limo and after party so is it okay if we go with their plans?” you ask, knowing that he’s familiar with the guys you hang with. They’re definitely not friends, but they also arn’t enemies either.

“Yeah it’s fine we me” he replies with a grin before you two walk in separate directions.

“Who asked?” Tony asks once he sees you with the roses.

“Justin” you reply, causing his face to scrunch up.

“You know Jack hates him” Tony reminds you. Even before Justin started flirting with you Jack’s always had something against him.


Several days later you find yourself with Justin at Alex’s after prom party.

“Here I’ll get us something to drink” Justin yells above the music before leaving.

“Ugh. I can’t believe my best friend is at prom with the guy I hate” Jack scoffs next to you once Justin left.

“Well if you didn’t want me to go with him, you could of asked me. Where is your date anyway?” You ask, noticing that he’s suddenly alone instead of having a blonde girl draped over him.

“She had to leave” he replies, even more pissed off. I guess he expected that he was getting laid tonight.

Justin soon comes back with the drinks and after finishing them, leads you to the dance floor.

“Did I tell you that you look beautiful?” he says for the tenth time as he leans in to kiss you. You oblige and soon find yourself deepening the kiss. As you’re about to break it, Justin’s hands go down to your ass, but are removed as he flies to the ground.

“Jack!” you scream, appalled at your best friends behaviour.

“I like you, I really do, but I can’t deal with this anymore!” Justin yells at you before turning away and leaving.

“Now look what you’ve done!” you scold Jack before running upstairs to Alex’s room, knowing there’s no way you could convince Justin to come back.

A few minutes later you hear a knock on the door before having eight guys, plus Cassadee and Lisa enter the bedroom and sitting in a circle around you.

“Are you okay?” Rian asks as Cassadee dries your leftover tears that you didn’t even know were coming down.

“I’m fine” you reply, even though it’s obviously not true.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, I don’t know what came over me” Jack apologises, trying to pull you into a hug, only to be knocked away by Zack.

“Dude you were a dick for doing that, you even gave him a really bad black eye” Mike tells him.

“You guys should go back to your dates, I’m fine I swear” you assure them, putting a smile on your face once again.

“No we’ll stay with you. We want you to feel okay” Alex says.

“I won’t allow you to. Go down right now or I’m kicking you out!” you threaten causing them to laugh.

“Technically either way you’re kicking us out” Rian reminds you, causing you to roll your eyes.

“Just get the fuck out!” you demand in between giggles.

“Fine we’ll see you down there” Vic says before giving you a hug and leaving with everyone else besides Jack.

“I really am sorry” Jack says as he sits beside you on Alex’s bad.

“I know you are” you reply with a sigh. He puts his arm around you as you lean on him.

“I’m not sure what came over me. I just saw you kissing him and I was so… I was so…”

“Jealous?” you finish. You know Jack better than anyone, besides probably Alex, so you could tell what he was going to say.

“But how? I mean, you’re my best friend” he tells you, obviously very confused about his emotions.

“Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we would work well as a couple? I know neither of us have ever been in a real relationship, but maybe…” you ramble, hoping Jack would get the just of where you’re coming from.

“And if it doesn’t work out?” he asks.

“Then we’ll go back to being best friends, because our friendship is that strong” you answer.

“I was too scared to say this before, but I love you Y/N” he confesses, now holding your hand.

“I’ve always loved you Jack” to tell him before leaning in to kiss him. His hands instinctively find their way around your waist as he pulls you on his lap to have more contact. Surprisingly the kiss wasn’t those needy prom kisses, it was one full of passion and love, something you’ve never experienced before.

“Awww” you hear someone coo before turning around and seeing all your friends peering in through the door that you forgot to close.

A/N: I hope you like it! I haven’t really written an AU before so I wasn’t too sure how to approach it. You can request more prompts in my ask and I’ll try to do it as soon as possible. Thanks for being patient :)

Teeny Tiny Ponies: Discussion!

For whatever reason, these guys don’t seem super popular with the collecting community! I see people saying they look like kittens, instead of ponies; but because I grew up with them, I thought they were the cutest, tiniest, most best babies ever! I love their little chubby legs, and their little tiny muzzles! (But I’m not biased! ;)) 

What do you guys think? Teeny Tiny Ponies, yea or nay? Do you own any? Do you want to?

I’ve overslept two days in a row and showed up at work in basically pajamas both times, I was up all night with cramps, and there was an asshole on the train this morning who was eyeing either the hijabi standing next to me or the butch girl on my other side and I spent the entire ride putting myself between him and them and making direct eye contact when he muttered about whatever the fuck, because absolutely not today, satan

but the day after tomorrow I’m going to make a beautiful thanksgiving spread with my girlfriend and my best friend: wine and fancy meats and cheeses and jams and homemade bread and pie and borcht, and we’re going to hang out and watch a bunch of pretty dogs be Good Boys on tv and be grateful for what we have and the people we love in the tiniest, best thanksgiving I can imagine.

so yeah. I’m bringing my best to this holiday.