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Happy birthday Paya!

She’s a year old today! March 23 2016 was the first time I drew her as her own character so I’m making that her official birthday! It has been so cool developing her character and personality and over all style, and it’s been just unbelievable how much attention and love she has gotten in response.

Like look at some of this fan art! Shoutout to all the artists:

@angrymonster s more kung fu panda style! tiny asskicker!

@phr-1 i love the geometricallity of this!

@firewolf127 holy shit her own comic appearance!

@ani-dragmire  such a strong stance!

@thejasmineillustrator has done SOOOO much art for me all of her art looks like it’s going to fly right off the paper!

@sheyconyamo look at this disney princess! so fierce and yet so damn cute!

of course my own yak @cmart009 showers me in art, but this one really hits close to home!

and then there’s this one from @asylumcomix, the very first piece of fan art I ever received…I remember when I saw them on my dash and nearly cried, I was home alone at the time as was upset that I couldn’t immediately share it with someone! Such a sassy pose I just adore them to this day!

Thank you thank you all so much for these, and thank you for sharing in Paya’s story with me, can’t wait to draw her more!

Weak Points(Villain!AU)

(( Totally inspired by @empanadadooblez’s latest answer to an ask about the villain’s kinks))

 A few of the little Genoses practice sparring with Saitama, the villain standing perfecting calm as he blocks each attack and lightly brushes them aside as they land around him.

“Good, you guys are getting better.”

Ryu wrinkled his nose in a small pout as he catches his breath.

“Yeah, but we still aren’t winning. “

Genos walks outside to see how training his going, the little one’s looking back at him.

“How’s training?”

Jiro gave a frustrated sigh, blowing a few dark strands of hair from his face.

“We still can’t beat, Papa. He’s too strong.”

Genos scratched his chin in thought as he smiled lightly.

“ Hm, maybe I can try?”

The little bots nodded excitedly at the offer as Saitama grinned.

“Alright, but don’t get too confident. I’m not easy to knock down.”

A light flash passed through Genos’ eyes as he offered a calm smile.

“Of course, master.” The cyborg faced off with his master as he took a ready stance.

Saitama folded his arms over his chest as he watched carefully.


Genos nodded as he lunged forward as if to attack, hopping up to the other villain’s level. Saitama raised his arms to block but felt no hit, blinking in surprise as he felt Genos weave around his lifted arms. The clever cyborg put his hands around his Master’s neck as he leaned close to his ear and spoke in a purred whisper.

“It is so admirable to see you so confident…Saitama.”

Saitama froze as his knees buckled at the sound of his name, dropping down to one knee as Genos swung around his neck to sit gently on one of the villain’s broad shoulders. The little ones looked with mouths agape as Saitama’s face had turned red, mumbled words coming from him.

“You cheated.”

Genos stepped off of Saitama’s shoulder, gently setting his hands on either side of his master’s head and leaning down to kiss his forehead.

“But I meant every word.”

Saitama’s face grew a bit warmer as he glanced up to see the little ones staring wide eyed at his defeat…but Saitama wasn’t one to lose easily. He lifted to his feet again, the back of his hand rested on his forehead dramatically.

“Oh no! I’ve been defeated!”

The villain fell forward onto his companion, a short chirp of surprise escaping the cyborg as he was pinned to the ground under Saitama’s dead weight.


Genos’ voice was a mix of surprise and laughter as he squirmed under Saitama’s dramatics. The little one’s laughed and ran over, jumping on the pile that was their parents.

I love Mei Chang so much. She’s just this tiny princess with a panda for a sister, trying to save her clan.

I love how imaginative she is. Like I could relate to all the weird fantasies she had.

I love how kind she is. She trusted both Scar despite the fact that he’s basically a serial killer, but understands that he has lost so much.

I love that instead of going for the philosopher’s stone, she weren’t to save Riza, a woman she had never even met at the time.

Mei is so selfless and strong and amazing.

And this little girl, who at the time is about 11/12 years was able to master the art of alkahestry, cross an entire desert, and proved to very vital when it came to saving a country that wasn’t her own is so overlooked considering the abundance of wonderfully written women in fma.

Natasha introducing Steve to Jetpens after Sam starts insisting Steve pick up art again.

She doesn’t bring it up to him like that, instead she rather cheekily starts covering their Bucky plans–where to go, what they know and need to know, sightings and notes and what have you–with washi tape and tiny panda stickers that express in adorable tiny text things like ‘travel!’ and ‘busy day’

Steve of course asks wtf and she’s like they’re stickers, Rogers. Surely you know about stickers. He’s like I’ll admit I’ve never seen stickers like these

So later, during some downtime, she pulls up the website and gets all up in his personal space and is like ok which adorable bird set do I pick. And for a while they browse and discuss the pros and cons of certain sizes of animal-themed sticky notes, and then Nat strategically pulls to a page where there’s a suggestion for pencils at the bottom. Drafting pencils.

Steve does indeed take notice and with a smirk, Nat redirects them to the hundreds of drafting pencils offered on the site. This quietly overwhelms Steve who starts to disengage, until Nat clicks on a video explaining how this new type of mechanical pencil has been built to make it near impossible to accidentally snap the lead while you write. Or draw. 

Steve kinda shrugs, admits he never really got a feel for mechanical pencils, so Nat shows him the multitude of lead holders. Shows him he can get non-photo blue lead for those lead holders. H8-B8 lead for almost every pencil size on the site. Mechanical pencils that take .3 lead. 

Steve doesn’t say anything about wanting them, but Natasha doesn’t need him to, and she drops a package in his lap by the end of the next week. After Steve has browsed through and admired her choices, she pulls up her starkpad and goes “So what do you know about brush pens?”