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Epiosde 12

The scarf scene was better than my expectations

Hannes’ death was sadder than my expectations

One Punch Man Eren was more intense than my expectations

The ending sequence was 10 times more satisfying than my expectations

Season 3’s release date is sooner than my expectations

Damn do I like having low expectations!


you know what angers me? the fact that whoever created the ship name for simon snow and baz pitch from carry on thought that ‘snowbaz’ was a good one. like, you literally couldve made it 'snazlton’. snazzleton. that sounds so much coOLER. it couldve been shortened to snazz or snazzy or snazzle. that is so much beTter. i am disappointed in the creators. you had a chance, and you never took it.

still luv my bbs tho