tingling spines

Some of the Most Spine-Tingling Audio on the Internet

A small list of chilling audio compiled with the help of Reddit.

  1. Red Fox Calls- The sound made by a red fox sounds like a woman screaming in terror. Guaranteed to be one of the worst things to hear at 3AM.
  2. Thomas Edison’s Talking Doll- Nearly 126 years ago, Thomas Edison created one of the first talking dolls. Here you can listen to an awfully scratchy recording of it singing a wonderful rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”
  3. First Recording of a Human VoiceThe world’s first known recording of a human voice occurred sometime in 1860. The person in this recording is singing yet another lovely rendition of a song. This time it’s “Au Clair de La Lune” and it is absolutely chilling.
  4. The Station Nightclub Fire AudioIn 2003, 80’s rock band Great White played a show at The Station Nightclub in Rhode Island. A fire broke out due to issues with their pyrotechnic displays and nearly 100 people were trapped and burned alive. The screams of terror aren’t from the bystanders, but from those still trapped within the flames. (WARNING: This video is awfully graphic and hard to watch)
  5. Death RattleThis is the sound you may hear while with someone who is on the verge of death. It’s caused by fluid secretions building up within the respiratory system. 
  6. Kip Kinkel’s Confession TapeIn 1998, fifteen-year-old Kip Kinkel murdered his parents, two students at school, and wounded 25. Later that month, he confessed to his crimes. This audio captures his confession during a police interrogation, as well as the sobs of desperation as he tries to explain the voices in his head. Equally sad and disturbing.
  7. Alessandro Moreish "Ave Maria"One of the most renowned Castratos, or a grown male with an exceptionally high singing voice from castration before puberty, Alessandro Moreschi was recorded in the early 1900’s singing “Ave Maria.” Beautiful and chilling.
  8. 911 Call: Mother Kills Her Kids“I killed them. I killed both of them,” says the caller, completely calm, as she goes on to explain to the dispatcher how she killed her children.
a handful of firsts

pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: fluff, smut, angst
word count: 3.6k 

    → love in flashes and handfuls of firsts and things that never last.

a quick drabble to feed my tae cravings, hope you like it! 

The walls told tales of the massive success that was Bangtan Sonyeondan, the entire building reeking of their impact on Big Hit Entertainment. It was chilling to experience it, tingles prancing down your spine as you made your way through the hallways, their achievements hanging on the walls. Once you had finally been accepted as a trainee, you figured you’d meet them if you debuted. The thought had occurred in flashes before the first audition, but everything after that turned it all to a blur. Bang Sihyuk awaited you conservatively as you entered the auditorium, your shaky knees hesitantly guiding you to a seat close to the stage. Other various guys and girls surrounded you, all of which were chosen due to some hidden potential Big Hit were about to explore. As you would have it, some would succeed. Most wouldn’t. Flashes of warnings and worried family members infiltrated your circle of thoughts and you gulped nervously, hands clenched tightly into sweaty fists. You’ve seen what their previous groups have looked like… Bangtan Sonyeondan were in crippling debt before they succeeded. Groups like that don’t happen twice.

You knew that. Desperate attempts to shake the thoughts away were interrupted by Bang Sihyuk, a welcoming greeting filling the vast area that was the auditorium.

“Welcome to both our new trainees and our old trainees. As you know, this week we have decided to let Park Seohyun go, but we hope that we can all keep our heads up. However –“

The door creaked open, seven ethereal figures entering the auditorium in each their own relaxed manner, quick bows exchanged with the first few trainees before crashing somewhere in the middle of the auditorium. Bangtan Sonyeondan. Oh my God, you muttered internally, your brows meeting in the middle in disbelief. A few shared gasps filled the air, encouraging chuckles from the boys. They must’ve experienced this before. They must think we’re idiots, they must think we’re the most naive, young idiots sitting here trying to reach the level of success they have. You cursed your name in trails, your eyes shamelessly fixated on the frames that were much, much closer than you’d ever thought they’d be.

Min Yoongi sat the closest to you, his skin ashen in contrast to his dark hair. His jaw was stiff, a forced polite smile lathered across his face. His hands were folded in his lap, his ankle resting on his knee. He looked powerful, in a sense. As if his words carried meaning.

Park Jimin had just nudged his shoulder and he was now whispering little tales to his ear, his arms tight around the waist of Jeon Jungkook. His lips were much more plump in real life, his defined jaw meeting his hair in a way that made him look like a prince. Taller than you’d figured.

Your eyes went to scan the other members when you saw him, the only one whose eyes were fixated on you. Kim Taehyung. He was slender, his body standing incredibly tall. He was wearing a black mask and you couldn’t quite tell if there was a smirk beneath it, but his eyes were the color of bark and he made you feel as if all air had evaporated. He was the unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.

He wasn’t anything like they’d described on the various fan pages, anything like you’d seen in the concert videos. His presence was immense, emptying you of all words and cluttered thoughts. It was as if he owned the air around him, his broad shoulders and long legs leaving marks in all the spaces he’d imprinted simply by… existing.

You finally exhaled, your palm travelling to your rapidly pounding heart in confusion. You felt as if you had run a marathon and although his gaze had been long gone now, you still felt undeniable naked.

That was the first time you met Kim Taehyung.

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When you get up in the morning, lay there for a few minutes and feel. See the sunlight streaming through the window, and listen to the morning bustle of the city around you. Smell the roses in the flower shop you pass by every day for work. Put extra marshmallows in your hot chocolate just because you deserve it. Stop and pat that little puppy who seems to be struggling to get to you. Feel the wrinkles of the yellowed pages of old books between your fingers. Smile at strangers who seem to be having a bad day today. Let the pitter-patter of the light rain on the roof drown you.  Embrace the cold wind hitting your face and feel how it sends tingles down your spine. Text your old school friends and ask them how they’re doing. Make your favorite snack for yourself at 2am just because you want to. Buy beautiful stationery that you love to keep in your bookshelf but never come around to using it. Click pictures of pretty things even if you already have a dozen on your phone. Savor every bite of that gooey chocolate brownie with ice cream. Watch the moon dance around the clouds at night. Enjoy the babbling of the brook near your house. Try to memorize the hues of the sky at dusk. Watch that star twinkling at you.

Collect moments.
Observe; reflect.
There’s happiness hidden in everything, just waiting for you to feel it.

—  love is not the only thing to live for // 

Hermes is the smell of gasoline and diesel.

The unique scent of highway asphalt and the coffee you clutch between your shaking, over-caffeinated fingers.

Hermes is the slightly cold bag of Mcdonalds sitting between the driver and passenger on a long drive.

Hermes is the streetlights dancing across the painted lines you’re oh-so-tempted to swerve across.

Hermes is always moving towards the horizon, and never looking back.

Hermes is road stop diners, where he meets Hestia for a bit of home.

Hermes is all the windows down on a cloudless day.

Hermes is the electrifying feeling of going full throttle on an abandoned back road, sending dirt and gravel flying.

Hermes is late nights and going so fast you worry you’ll fly off the road on a sharp turn.

Hermes is adrenaline-inducing, spine-tingling freedom, and the will to do what you choose.

ok so the great wall is literally just two hours of helms deep crossed with attack on titan but with really cool dragons, the most beautiful army i’ve ever seen (led by jing tian), spine tingling drum scenes, and matt damon being literally married to pedro pascal. that’s it, that’s the movie. also jing tian saves all of china and matt damon’s sorry ass, willem dafoe gets blown up, and matt damon rides into the sunset with pedro pascal after sacrificing inestimable wealth and status for a life with him. please consider seeing this ridiculous flm. it’s literally worth it just for the drums and jing tian. 

I finally watched Rogue One. It was great, if you like being sad, and if CGI zombies don’t make your spine tingle with wrongness.

God…. I hope in ~10 years when CGI has improved just a little, they’ll go back and retouch this movie to make it a little less uncanny valley.

Rick x Morty
includes smut, angst, and general sadness
NC-17, R++, it’s pretty nasty in parts im sorry
4,744 words

rick and morty f*ck, rick is a j*rk then morty gets upset and other stuff happens, then it ends!
this is the first fan fic i’ve ever written lmao

yes m/orty is trans (r/ick is too; he’s a genius scientist so there’s no limits there!), that’s just how i envision them both as ppl. doesn’t have anything to do w the fic, aside from that they’re both in it lol. enjoy!!

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When I think of her I think of hair that shines even without the sun; I think of her soft skin, so delicate under my finger tips; the power of her voice & the soothing rhythm of her breathing. I think of the way her hand holds mine, making me feel safe; the crooked shape of her smile, as if she’s always one step ahead of everyone else. I think of the way my heart seems to burst from indescribable emotions when I press my face to her skin, my head fitting in the nook of her arm, her fingers stroking my temples, my ears, my cheeks, my lips, sending tingles to my spine, and my eyes feel moist and it’s a good kind of cry.

I think of cats with soft bellies; singing on long car rides; taking bites of sweet apple rings out of her hands; dancing in muddy grass; bumping into each other; her long arms making me do pirouettes; the space she cleared in her cabinet just for my things; the freshly squeezed orange juice and handwritten notes on the fridge.

When I think of her, I get this strange sensation like being overwhelmed, and when I’m away I miss her. When I think of her I know she thinks of me, because she tells me all the time.

And I’m still not sure how I got so lucky to have found her, and what makes her want to be with me; and maybe all of this means that love does exist and I have found it - does it matter, what are words?

Thinking of her is one of my favourite ways to spend my time, but the very best thing is when I no longer need to think at all, because that’s when I’m WITH her, beside her, and I have everything.

—  The best thing by Nenagh
To say that Riley knocks it out of the park would be an understatement; she rips the roof off the building and tears into the sinew of every person in the auditorium. While Reid is on stage with her, he seems to absorb some of the singer’s power as she directs Effie’s rage and vulnerability toward him. But when he exits, Riley turns all that emotion and her full vocal voltage outward. The standard physical response to high drama — the hairs on the back of your neck, welling tears, the tingle in the spine — all seem to happen at once, along with some new ones, bringing the audience to its feet before the first act is quite done. It’s an extraordinary experience.
spiritassassin drabble (2)

“What do I look like?”

The question had been on his mind for longer than he’d wish to admit, and it burst forth before he could second guess himself yet again.

He heard Baze’s movements halt, and the crunch of sand beneath the other guardian’s feet indicated he’d turned towards Chirrut. There was the familiar sensation of tingling down his spine that he felt whenever he was under his friends’ scrutiny, and Chirrut willed himself not to blush.

“What do you mean?”

Chirrut shifted so he was angled toward Baze, waving a hand in front of his face. “When others look at me… what do they see?”

Baze huffed. “Does it really matter?”

Chirrut turned his head to where he knew his sightless eyes were looking off in the distance. He wanted to explain how it felt to know he had aged, but not to see that process occur… how the last time he’d seen his own face, it was smooth with youth… how he knew his eyes no longer were dark with warmth as they once were, but clouded and striking and a turn-off for so many he encountered…

“No,” he said instead of all those things, turning back toward Baze’s voice. “But I would still like to know.”

Baze was silent, but Chirrut was patient. He knew his friend would answer… would not deny him this. Baze denied him nothing… something Chirrut took advantage of when he could, but not often enough to push Baze away.  At least, he hoped not.

There was a slight rustle of fabric and Chirrut imagined that Baze had shrugged his shoulders.

“I… you’re you,” Baze said lamely. “You know I’m not good at this.”

Chirrut took a small step closer to where he knew Baze stood. “Try?”

Another shrug. “I… You…” Baze sighed. “You look much like the day we met,” he began, his voice flat. “Dark hair. Pale skin. Scrawny.”

“I am not – ”

“Deceptively scrawny then,” Baze interrupted, and Chirrut could hear the smile in his voice. “You have more lines on your face than you did years ago. More from laughter than age, however.”

“Where?” Chirrut asked, tilting his head.

“Just here,” Baze answered and Chirrut could hear the hand coming toward his face before closing his eyes. Calloused fingers gently brushed the corner of his right eye, and then his left.

There was a moment of stillness before he sensed, rather than heard, Baze take a heavy step toward him.

“And also here.” Baze’s voice was barely above a whisper. He touched the corner of Chirrut’s lips, which twitched upward in response.  The fingers lingered a moment before falling away, but Baze remained close.  Chirrut slowly opened his eyes, the ghost of Baze’s fingers still haunting his face.

“And my eyes?”

“Blue. But light,” he amended quietly, his breath dusting against Chirrut’s face. “Refreshing, like the pool by the northern wall?”

“I know the one,” Chirrut nodded.

“And bright, like when the sun’s rays hit it just right and it reflects off the temple’s windows.”

“Ah.” A brief pause and Chirrut swallowed. The heat of Baze’s body standing so close to his was distracting, his thoughts no longer ordered. “And what do you see when you look at me?”

There was nothing but Baze’s breathing for a long moment, and Chirrut felt a pang in his gut that he’d gone too far. But then the fingers returned, this time brushing along his cheek and tilting his chin slightly up.

“I see all of you, Chirrut.”

“I don’t understand,” Chirrut replied, his brow furrowing, but then suddenly they were sharing the same air and the heat of Baze’s body was more than just a distraction.  

“Oh,” Chirrut said, rather ineloquently, because oh…  And Baze, as if sensing his thoughts, hummed in response.  

“You were wrong,” Chirrut laughed.  “You are good at this.”

Touché (Part 2)

Genre: Hitman!au, Hitman Jungkook
Pairing: Reader/Jungkook
Length: 2,383
Summary: Jeon Jungkook had once been one of Kim Namjoon’s henchmen, but unexpectedly stops reporting back to his boss one mysterious day. Some say that he had betrayed Namjoon, others say that perhaps he had failed his last mission. Regardless of the rumors, you are given the task to hunt down Jungkook, a task that proves to be harder than you had first believed.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Finale

Originally posted by jung-koook

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I Need You (Chanyeol Wolf Smut pt. 3)

The room felt too hot. My skin felt like it was on fire, and every touch from Chanyeol sent tingles down my spine to my core. He sniffed out a path from my neck, of which he had previously been sucking on, down my bare torso, and stopping at my womanhood. I froze in anticipation, but this heat was turning my brain into mush and my core into a waterfall. He gripped both of my thighs behind my knees and pushed them up to my chest. My face had to have been as red as a tomato at this point. I felt so exposed and vulnerable, but I also felt safe with Chanyeol. He inhaled deeply with his nose pressed against my most sensitive point and groaned so deeply in satisfaction.
“You smell so fucking good, baby.”
I did not know how I was supposed to respond to that, but before long I felt pressure at my core. My head shot up off of the pillow and looked down to see Chanyeol’s head between my legs. Holy shit. He alternated between sucking harshly on my clit and dipping down to flick his tongue inside of me.
“Chan- oh fuck!” I gasped out as I fisted my hands in his hair.
We stayed like that for several minutes until I felt a tingling heat build up inside of my abdomen. My hips bucked up toward his face as I chanted his name. He gripped my thighs harder to keep me in place as he kept tongue fucking my core. My orgasm hit me out of no where like a tsunami as my mouth opened in a silent scream. I felt a weird sensation gush from my core as the pleasure shocked every nerve in my body.
“Mmmm…” Chanyeol groaned as he slowed his torture on my core. He released my legs and moved back up to me as I struggled to catch my breath.
“Babe, you fucking squirted. That was so hot.” He captured my lips, and I could taste myself on his tongue.
“That felt amazing,” I whispered and we locked eyes. He smirked and pecked my lips.
“Well it’s only going to get better. Here, flip over,” he turned me over onto my stomach and shoved a pillow under my hips.
My mind was still foggy from the intense pleasure he gave me, but I could feel the heat coming back and making me pant.
“You ready?” He asked as he grabbed my hips firmly.
For someone so clingy and bubbly out side of the bed room, he sure was dominant inside of it.
“Yes,” I gasped out and reached my hands forward to grab fistfuls of the sheets.
He spread my legs further apart to make room for himself, and I felt his tip rub up and down in my arousal. He pushed his length inside of me slowly as to not hurt me and did not stop until he had bottomed out.
“Chanyeol!” I moan out as I feel myself being stretched completely open.
He was so big, so thick, and so deep inside of me. He held still inside of me as my walls gripped him like a vice and pulsated uncontrollably around him.
“Ah, shit.” He grunted, “Can I move?”
“Please,” I whined and pushed my hips back towards him.
He gripped me harder and pulled his pelvis back only to push in again harder and deeper. Every thrust had me sinking in pleasure as he pounded me into the mattress. He let go of my hips and leaned forward with his chest against my back and his hands entwining with mine above my head.
“I love you so much,” he grunted into my ear still thrusting into me deeply.
“I love you too Chan,” I whine as he starts kissing the side of my neck and sucking on the skin there.
His lips felt like heaven, and his teeth grazed the crook of my neck, undoubtedly preparing to mark me. As I neared my peak again, I felt one of his hands move underneath me to rub fast circles on my clit. I gasped and pushed our bodies closer together as if that was even possible. My moans, his grunts, and skin upon skin were the only things heard in the room. I could feel his knot growing at the base of his cock as it was being pushed against my opening.
“You-your knot-t,” I stuttered out trying to chase my climax.
“Yes, it won’t hurt baby,” he panted against my neck.
I nodded my head, and he started pushing harder into my core and started sucking at one spot on my neck. It happened all at once. He bit my neck hard, but in a way that sent pleasure rushing through me as he claimed me. I was his now and he was mine. With his teeth still in my neck, he gave a strong thrust forward and pushed his knot into my tight, wet hole. I felt my walls stretch to accommodate his large knot as he still shallowly thruster in me. My walls were pulsating and burning all at once, and the pleasure that was coiling inside of me snapped, as did his too.
Gush after gush of Chanyeol’s seeds shot into my womb, coating my insides in white. His seeds and my arousal were trapped inside of my by his knot. Every nerve in my body exploded like fireworks as my vision darkened. My whole body spasmed as he kept on giving me shallow thrusts trying to get his knot deeper into me. I had not realized that I was screaming his name until my throat started to burn. I gasped for air as the pleasure kept on coming, and Chanyeol kept on giving it to me. I could still feel his mouth on my neck as I blacked out.
When I finally came to minutes later, Chanyeol had carefully turned us on our sides. His arm was around my waist, and his knot was still shoved deep inside of me.
“Chanyeol?” I whimpered quietly.
“It’s ok, I am right here baby,” he shushed me and gave light kisses along my neck.
“That. Was. Amazing.” I gasped, tiredly.
He reached his hand up to run his fingers through my hair, and I felt him twitch inside of me which caused me to moan.
“That was only the beginning,” he chuckled.
This was going to last for a couple of days, but now that I know what it feels like to be mated with and completely ravaged, this was going to be great. I closed my eyes as I tried to prepare myself for round two, three, five, etc.


When the door of the Embassy slammed shut behind him and cold winter wind tussled his hair, it hit Arcandil.

What in the name of Anu was he doing? Why had he come running as soon as he had heard word of the Imperial delegation’s arrival? Why was he standing here, out of breath and covered with nothing but his morning robes? And why did he feel a silent sigh on his lips at the sight of the human Legate?

The man had noticed him as well, and after a short moment, his confused face broke gently into a smile.

Arcandil’s senses returned to him, and with them the feeling of goosebumps tingling up his spine. Indeed, what was he doing? He was a Thalmor Justiciar, an Aldmeri diplomat of some renown, and here he was, behaving like a smitten boy.

With a frown he turned away and headed back inside, ignoring the way the warm creases around Marcius’ eyes deepened.


It’s not every day that an elf of over five hundred years gets caught off guard, much less by a human.

Alas, Marcius does not play by anyone’s rules.


Sometimes, Carlos wakes up just by the tingles racing down his spine when Jay’s strong arms wrap around him and pull him closer.

Sometimes, since Jay’s so much taller, he can rest his head on top of Carlos’ head while sleeping, which makes Carlos feel really safe.

Sometimes, Carlos would have nightmares, and he’d murmur things, tears rolling down his cheeks when he didn’t even open his eyes yet. Jay would blink and look at his boyfriend’s vulnerable figure, quickly wrapping him into a hug. He’d press kisses to Carlos’ forehead, and Carlos’ loud mutters suddenly go as soft as a whisper.

Sometimes, Jay would wake up early to watch Carlos sleep. He’d stare at the little crease between the boy’s eyebrows and that little upturned smile Carlos would have on his face.

Sometimes, the two would go on dates, and Jay would always use public affection to fluster Carlos. He’d grab Carlos’ hand and smirk at him, or he’d tug at Carlos’ collar and kiss him hard. Either way, Carlos would get incredibly red, even though he couldn’t complain.

Sometimes, they’d do really cheesy things together. Like stargazing, saying dramatic stuff all the time (mostly, that’s just Jay), and holding huge celebrations for every single one of their anniversaries.

Sometimes, Carlos would get extremely jealous when Jay smiles at other people, in which Jay would laugh and kiss him on his really poofy hair. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

Sometimes, Jay would get jealous too.

Sometimes, the two would get in a fight and Carlos is the one in the end who wins the fight because there’s always this one expression Carlos would wear when he’s extremely upset that literally kills Jay because he made Carlos feel so bad about himself.

All the time, Jay and Carlos are basically the cutest couple in all of Auradon, Mal and Ben as a close tie.