The Smallest House in Great Britain, also known as the Quay House, resides on the quay in Conwy(a walled market town on the north coast) Wales. Built in the 16th century, and inhabited until 1900, the residence is 3 metres by 1.8 metres (10 foot by 6 foot) in size. (You can visit for £2.50.) The Welsh lady stands outside most days, according to the sources I perused, although no one seems to know why. (image by LSessions on beautyineverything)

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You said the game changer wasn't ship related, but does the episode have any major ship moments?

There’s kinda something for everybody in this one to varying degrees. High-key canon Rilucas and Smarkle. Lucadora with a purpose. Zayadora. A teensy-tinesy Lucaya. Suspiciously no Riarkle, but I kinda fully expect something big there next episode tbh.

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When watching GMTGLoNY a thing I found a little 🤔 was that we find out everyone's history except for Lucas. And he's the one at the end of the episode who said we all told you our history you have to tell us yours that's what we do in this group.

What’s wild is that the teeeensy tinesy bit we were going to get about Lucas (he’s part Russian) got cut!

Interesting also how the writers tweeted that learning about someone’s story is the best way to care for them…and they cut Riley learning a little bit about Lucas meanwhile Farkle finding his story (as much as he could anyway) plus Riley’s reaction to that was a major part of the emotional centerpiece of the episode…

I mean they EASILY could’ve given Lucas a story about his family getting killed during Stalin’s purges or something and then showcased Riley comforting Lucas rather than Farkle, or they could’ve cut back on other stuff (Maya’s soap bit or whatever) in order to give us sad stories from BOTH Farkle and Lucas so we could see how Riley is with each of them in a deeply difficult emotional moment.

But nope. Just Farkle.

This is fiction, and while it’s important not to lose the weight of Farkle and Zay’s family histories in and of themselves, the writers chose to set things up in such a way that we’re getting an emotional moment for Riarkle rather than Rilucas. The writers very VERY easily could’ve set things up so Rilucas got that emotional moment rather than Riarkle. But they didn’t.

(Didn’t the writers say something about how “the story will show us what’s important” or something to that effect? 🤔)

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Do you think Lucas has the potential to be as jealous and possessive of Maya as he is of Riley? His behavior in the promo is definitely raising a few red flags.

Yeah, liking Riley really brings out the best of him, doesn’t it? 😑

Anyway, I think Maya showed in SL1 that she won’t even put up with a tinesy bit of that. The second he pulled a face, Maya grabbed Lucas, reassured him Josh wasn’t really a factor and basically told him to cut it out before it could blow up into anything. Lucas and Riley have never been very good at reassuring each other of their feelings when it really matters (Yearbook, Semi Formal, Texas 2, even and of course SL2 in which they never really truly talk about FEELINGS with each other). Plus, Lucas’s ego isn’t really wrapped up in his Maya feels to the degree that it is with his Riley feels—which makes a big difference.

I feel like Lucas’s tantrums over Riley paying attention to other people are kinda the equivalent of how she acts like a bloody CHILD with him most of the time instead of the mature young woman we know she can be, ya know? Their combined insecurity is kinda yikes.