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Hi. Your blog and posts are so full of traditional witchcraft knowledge and practice. Thank you for sharing to us here. I've seen your uses for the broom, the whisk, the bull-roarer. I've also read about your knife/blade. Comparing to the typical tools we hear nowadays on Wiccan practices, what are the traditional tools traditional witches use? I'm not sure if this was asked before. Can you shed light on my question? Many thanks.

Unlike Wicca, there are no ‘official’ tools for traditional witches. Depending on the witch’s cultural and religious influences, the tools change. 
Generally speaking, many of the tools found in Wicca are also found in traditional witchcraft, albeit with different names and different purposes. The black handled knife, now known to many as the athame, is something most traditional witches have as a way to compel spirits. The wand is usually replaced by the staff. The staff represents the Axis Mundi to many, the World Tree or the World’s Spine. It is used as a way to send forth not only magic, but one’s spirit as well. However, many still carry and use wands as smaller, more portable versions of staffs. 
It’s important to remember that the tools found in Wicca have come from older predecessors. Traditional witches look at the same sources that Gardner and Valiente did to create the religion. They simply translate it differently. 

Some tools are specific to traditional witchcraft, or have become heavily associated with it over the years. The stang is one of those things. The stang is a Cochranite tool used by many as both a staff and a portable altar. The two tines represent the Devil’s horns, between which a candle will usually go. It is usually stuck in the ground in the middle of a working space. 

As I said before, everyone’s craft and tools are specific to them. My craft has specific cultural and geographical backgrounds to it, so the tools are based around that. My broom is made from materials that are both specific to those cultures and the woods I grew up on. The items I use as the objects of my witchery were found and repurposed (or made by myself). They are everyday tools. 
Each witch will have their own personal favorite tools. Some witches love their knives. Some witches love their brooms. Of course, they are bonded with all of their tools, but everybody has their own preference as to what tool is used the most readily. 
I think the tools of the traditional witch are a bit more…personal than those of other paths. You bond with them. You learn the spirit inside of them. They literally become a part of you. They are a physical representation of your craft, who you are as a witch, and where you’ve come from. 
That’s why sometimes when I feel like I’m not doing it ‘the right way’, I look at my tools and remember that what I do isn’t necessarily like everyone else’s craft, which is an entirely beautiful thing. My craft speaks to the land that I’ve grown up on, the cultures I’ve come from, my ancestors, etc. My tools, in turn, speak to all of that too. They are unique to me. 


Imagine learning Romanian in secret and surprising Sebastian by saying “I Love You” in Romanian when you two are cuddling.

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You and Sebastian have been lying in bed for an hour or so now, you had gotten in from a party and you had both just collapsed on the bed in a fit of giggles. You had both been completely content with just being together intertwined in bed, still fully dressed. 

Your head was resting on Seb’s chest, your arms wrapping around each other, his fingers drawing patterns on up and down your neck, Your fingers gently stroking his side. 

You suddenly became nervous, you had been taking secret lessons in speaking Romanian for a rather long time now since your boyfriend of 3 years is Romanian.

You: Sebby? *you whisper*

Seb: Mmh? 

You look up at him crawling up the bed slightly so you are both level.

You: te iubesc (I Love You)

Seb: Și eu te iubesc dragă (I love you too darling)

There was a moment of silence as you watched Sebastian’s face turn from contentment to amazed confusion. 

Seb: Wait what?

Sebastian turns to look at you fully now. You take a deep breath, smiling brightly

You:  te iubesc (I love you)

Sebastian’s face lit up, Grinning wildly.

Seb: you, you’re speaking Romanian.

You: Am învățat română (I have been learning Romanian)

You kiss Sebastian’s grinning lips.

You: pentru tine (for you)

You kiss his lips again.

You: Surprinde (Surprise)

Seb: Baby *He rolls over, grabbing you and kissing you so Sebastian is on top of you now, (GIF2)* 

Seb: I *Kiss* Love *Kiss* You *Kiss* so so much. 

You giggle whilst he is kissing you since he did the same thing you had done just minutes ago, Sebastian breaks away grinning down at you, He runs his thumb down your jaw line. 

You: I love you too Sebby, 

Sebastian kisses you again, you then push him back gently

You: I’m gunna go get dressed for bed *You wink at Sebastian* 

Sebastian quirks his eyebrow but just before you get out of bed he pulls you back *does GIF 3* He rolls back over so he is on top again, your mouths very close to each other, the room suddenly gets very hot, your skin like fire at his touch. 

Seb: or you could just get dressed here,

Sebastian starts to kiss your neck making his way down to your collarbone, 

Seb: I can help.

You: *moans* oh yeah? Is that so, babe?

Sebastian looks at you with a devilish grin that you love so much.

Seb: mmhmm, *Kiss* your clothes always look better on my floor anyways.

a/n: I hope you liked it, it went on for a bit but kinda went off and did its own thing lol

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Tylenol Midnight 3atre: Hot Potato

Title: Hot Potato
Rating: G
Summary: Potato Rescue is the hottest new food truck nobody knows about. Steve is determined to make Sam Wilson king of all potatoes.  
Warnings: None. 
Notes: This takes place in the Foodiverse, where everyone’s a chef, because of reasons. (Also thanks to post-and-out for Sam’s twitter handle.)

“Eat this,” Bucky said, and shoved a foil package the size of a tennis ball in Steve’s face.

“No,” Steve said, but he took the foil package and began prying it open.

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Imagine steve innocently leaving a fork in whatever he's about to microwave. Always. Every time.

“Rogers! If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times. Watch. What goes. In there!” Tony gestured wildly to the still sparking contraption, fuming as if he too had just caught fire.

“I’m sorry Tony! I just didn’t-“

“Didn’t have one of these new-fangled things when you were a starry eyed youngster on the mean streets of yeah- I remember, look here cubscout-“Stark pointed the now half melted tines in Steve’s face. “This is the third microwave you’ve butchered in as many months. Get it together!”

All Steve wanted were some noodles. Why did the future have to be so needlessly complicated? The microwave gave a pitiful little sputter and shorted again. Steve winced. “Is it completely busted?”

Tony banged is palm against the side of the microwave, invoking that ‘Fonzie’ character that Clint is so fond of. “Not completely. It might require some modifications though.” Tony got that glint in his eye that screamed ‘I want to give it an engine.’

Sensing the tension in the room was falling with every gear that turned in Tony’s head, Steve started to slink away. The following shout of “I am billing you for all possible expenses!” was nearly lost as he rounded the corner.

It might be worth it just to see what Stark comes up with.