It’s been ages and ages since I updated my blog and for any friends and/or followers who have stuck with me, can I say how much I appreciate it! (apart from the spammers that is…they can bugger off!)

Such a lot of lovely things have been happening during the summer, chiefly deciding to relocate completely from South Wales to live in North Wales with my partner, Will and my little dog, Winston.

Prior to this decision I was alll set to do a foundation course in Art and Design which would have just begun and to start with, it was planned for me to do as a part time course over two years and continue with my job.

How plans change!  After much thinking and doing some sums I decided to follow my instincts and up sticks and move to the beautiful Isle of Anglesey in North Wales to be with Will and his family and I’m so glad that I did….I couldn’t have hoped for more if I’d made a ‘wishlist’!

So, this summer we’ve been out and about exploring and enjoying some lovely weather (it’s piddling down now!) and taking the odd photo here and there.

I’ve just bought a new camera because it’s so beautiful round here but til I get used to it…here are some photos taken with my old trusty point and shoot.

External image

External image

The pics above are Rhosneigr….the beach is too big to be snapped in one photo unless you are in a helicopter but it is gorgeous and photos (particularly mine) don’t do it justice.

External image

Winston has had to make some adjustments too but he’s learning fast!!!

I hope you’ve had a good summer too!

Hey, Chucky Egg…..remember this??

External image

Eustace gets about a bit, singing as he goes.
He thinks he’s the ‘Everywhere Man’
but after the main verse he just makes up his own lyrics!

“I’ve been everywhere, man
I’ve been everywhere, man
Crossed the deserts bare, man
I’ve breathed the mountain air, man
Travel - I’ve had my share, man
I’ve been everywhere”*


I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve been to…. Captain’s Flat, Ballarat,
Cabramatta, Coolangatta,
Wangaratta and Paramatta,
I’ve been everywhere!

I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve Binalong to Gerringong,
Woodenbong, Ettalong,
Indoorapilly, Yerongpilly and Wollondilly,
I’ve been everywhere!

I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve …Binnaway to Bateman’s Bay,
Milperra, Unanderra,
Canberra, Mullambimby
and then on to Goondiwindi,
I’ve been everywhere!

I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve hitched along to Dandenong,
Woollongong, Booroondarra, Yarra-Yarra,
Adelong, Bendalong,
Doctor’s Rocks and Burpengarry,
I’ve been everyewhere!

I’ve been everywhere man,
I’ve been everywhere man,
in my awesome Kombi-van,

*lyrics to I’ve Been Everywhere quoted at the head of this post by Johnny Cash

(the rest of it was me and the Egg)

While we are on the subject of Evadne Golightly and the Ballet Heels that descended from Tindink’s Zeppelin, they seem to have brought about a remarkable change in this timid, shy, Sunday school teacher’s life and life style. Here we have Evadne making her first tentative steps in them last Thursday. This Monday, to the amazement of the regulars, she made her first ever appearance at The Mason’s Arms Monday night Disco.She had poured herself into a skin tight latex cat suit and of course was wearing the Ballet Heels. Opinion is divided between those who think this due to the Ballet Heels on her feet and those who think this is due to the Ballet Heels on her head.

External image

I was greatly intrigued by this picture I got from Tindink , not by the scantily clad lady, as one’s years advance one’s interest in scantily clad ladies becomes less and less, but by the creature, top right. He, I presume it is an ‘he’, though in this day and age it gets more difficult to differentiate, as a good rule of thumb ladies smell a lot nicer than blokes, though going up to the person in question and sniffing at them can bring problems of its own. Anyway,He,She or It appears to have a pair of wings where its ears would be. I had the thought that flying supported by these would put a great strain on the neck and my theory is proved right by the great size of He,She or it’s neck muscles. Now is that the moon he is holding or some curved weapon—-

Tindink’s Circus Days

The most remarkable thing about Tindink training her elephant to trampoline was not the fact she managed to train it  at all but the fact that  SHE STOOD AT THE SIDE OF THE TRAMPOLINE READY TO CATCH IT IF IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE MISSING IT !!!

Foolhardy perhaps but courageous definitely.

Tindink’s Circus Days

While Tindink is best known for her elephants she did for a while train a rhinoceros to do tricks in the circus. Note she is wearing a relatively unscorched Tutu, a change from the sizzled remnents she ended up with during her leaping through blazing hoops act. This is during rehearsals.

Wardrobe Malfunction

During a chat with Tindink on the subject of wardrobe malfunction she mentioned how lucky it was that Janet Jackson just happened to be wearing nipple tassles when she accidently exposed the nation to her boob. An even bigger star always wears nipple tassles just in case, and here we see that STAR when Her wardrobe malfunctioned.
Thanks to Master Li who first sent me this picture that alarmed some, and delighted other, members of The Miss Piggy Fan Club.

I’ve been off Tumblr nearly all weekend and I don’t have a clue what’s been happening online but I did promise some pics from my recent demonstration/workshop event at my local Hobbycraft store at the weekend.

I was so pleased to see so many people turn up, especially the ladies of the Craft Club who turned up to see what I was up to and give me a bit of moral support.

Also supporting me was my lovely friend Will Williams from Caernarfon. Will is a stand up comedian, compere, after dinner speaker and professional Jim Royle ‘look alike’ and in his spare time he also runs a very busy Bed & Breakfast so it was extremely generous of him to come and entertain us all and put people at their ease as they were trying out a new craft.

For my Tumblr friends outside the UK who may not know who Jim Royle is…he’s an idle, lazy git from the comedy series 'The Royle Family’ whose most famous catchphrase is 'My arse!'  The programme stars Caroline Aherne who wrote it and Ricky Tomlinson who embodied the lazy layabout, Jim Royle. http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/theroylefamily/index.shtml

Thank you to everyone who helped make our workshop a success!!!  (Click on the pic for more!)