Claire Denis b. April 21, 1946

Claire Denis is a French filmmaker who was born in France but spent the majority of her childhood living in different West African countries then under French colonial rule before returning to France as a teenager. 

At the encouragement of her husband, Denis studied film and worked as director’s assistant throughout the 1970s and ‘80s working for directors that included Wim Wenders and Costa-Gavras.

Denis made her first film Chocolat in 1988 which premiered In Competition at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival. Denis has worked steadily since then completing 11 feature films, 3 documentaries and numerous short films and surrounding herself with repeat collaborators including her cinematographer, Agnès Godard, English rock band Tindersticks and the actors Grégoire Colin, Isaach De Bankolé and Alex Descas all of whom appear in several of her movies.  

She is best known for her films Beau Travail (1999), 35 Rums (2008) and White Material (2009) all of which examine the result of French colonialism on Africa. 


Martın sonlarında bir akşam, odasına gitme zamanı geldiğinde yine sessizce koltuğundan kalkmış, “Biraz yürüyelim mi?” diye sormuştu. Tindersticks'in “Let’s Pretend"i çalıyordu. Önerisine sevinmiştim ama güzelim şarkıyı dinlemeden kalktığı için de sinirlenmiştim. Şarkının bitmesini beklemiş, sana bir not yazmıştım: "Bu kız kemanları duymuyor! Yemeğe girişme, lahmacun alıyoruz!”

You collaborated again with Stuart Staples and other members of Tindersticks, who have written the music for all your films since Nenette and Boni, over fifteen years ago.

Claire Denis: Stuart had read the screenplay, which I believe upset him a little. It took him time to find his bearings and start composing. I told him the film began in the rain, and suggested echoing this with dissonant electronic music. I had in mind Tangerine Dream’s music for Michael Mann’s Thief. He composed one song, which led him to another, Put Your Love in Me, by the 70s English group Hot Chocolate, which he re-arranged. Then we worked together as we’re accustomed to: I go and see him in his studio in Creuse, he comes to Paris to make me listen, we talk. But there’s less music than usual, it’s good.

Another Night In
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Tindersticks, Another Night In

“İnsanın en zor, en acılı anında bile gülebilmesinin, birkaç kelime de olsa şarkı mırıldanmasının mümkün olması o kadar garip ki.”

Hakan Günday, Kinyas ve Kayra

The New Abstracts #90

Tindersticks, I Want You
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