Martın sonlarında bir akşam, odasına gitme zamanı geldiğinde yine sessizce koltuğundan kalkmış, “Biraz yürüyelim mi?” diye sormuştu. Tindersticks'in “Let’s Pretend"i çalıyordu. Önerisine sevinmiştim ama güzelim şarkıyı dinlemeden kalktığı için de sinirlenmiştim. Şarkının bitmesini beklemiş, sana bir not yazmıştım: "Bu kız kemanları duymuyor! Yemeğe girişme, lahmacun alıyoruz!”

Trouble Every Day
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Tindersticks, “Trouble Every Day” from Trouble Every Day: Original Soundtrack.

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This beautiful song plays during the opening and closing credits to Claire Denis’s Trouble Every Day, a disturbing and dreamlike French film that follows two people afflicted with a brain malady that causes them to combine cannabalism and sex. I’ll blog more about the film later, but just take my word that Denis’s craft – although imperfect in some places – produces an allegorical work of genius that is nowhere near as exploitative or sadistic as the premise would make you believe.

British band Tindersticks created the soundtrack for the film, and it provides an exquisitely moody complement to the images on the screen. This is truly one of the best movie/music pairings I have ever encountered. Most of it is instrumental, but on the song above, lead singer Stuart Staples uses his Antony Hegarty-esque baritone (yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron) to create a five-minute epic of inescapable melancholy.

And in case you’re wondering: yes, that is a wall painted with blood on the album cover; it’s a detail from a scene in the movie.

Cherry Blossoms
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A black television screen
Snow white and black
Deep and open
Splashing against the windows 
Looking out onto a three-terrace town
There’s a garden, grey-green
And cherry blossoms 
Get in in the morning (All seasons here, saved for a rainy day)
Climb in beside you (A part of a hole)
Watch the clock for half an hour (An orange and its peel)
It’s cold on the outside
There’s steam on the windows (A star in a night sky)
And I put myself there all the time (A gentle beauty)
You let me forget again 
And I snore on and on
You let me forget again
Forget how it feels to be wrong 
If I could show her completely (Funny how everything makes you feel low when you’re already low)
But it comes out so drunkardly now (Lying on the bed, the light-bulb banging down)
Fall over on my words (Get up, pull the sheet from the window, to see the rain still coming down)
That peace when the door slams (Downstairs there’s hot coffee, sit down to a cigarette)
Soon shattered the hot light (Down to the filter, another and down to my last)
I came so well-oiled (Another and my last penny)
You let me forget again (4 a.m. 6 feet down. Already up with the larks)
And I came stumbling through
You let me forget again (4 a.m. 6 feet down. Already up with the larks)
Forget what I always knew

what a lovely tune x