all the “entombed” pictures i drew for myself throughout 2013. wanted to prove a point by storytelling through illustrations as well as see if i could keep on the same track for more than two pictures. which i successfully did! i want to draw more of these guys in the future, but for now i’m so pleased to be able to put these together in a photo set, finally. it’s also nice to look back to see how far you’ve come. in just a year i’ve developed so much. 

ive got 0% craftsmanship so this is sloppy and will never be finished but it’s tinderain nonetheless! super good thoughts directed your way harteus and hoping that your wrist heals fast! pretend this is painterly and harmonious like one of your own paintings. Maybe when I learn how to finish a painting I can accent this better and clean it up

anonymous asked:

Hey there, so please excuse my ignorance, but I was wondering Tinderain and Cassius are a kind of comic/graphic novel you are creating that's in the works or are they a kind of illustration for a written work you're writing in the background? If it's the latter is there somewhere one might be able to read it or learn about them? they're so beautifully drawn and look so incredibly interesting, I'd love to know more about them and their story.

hello there anon! i’m really glad that i’ve managed to capture someone’s interest in them, because i love them dearly and i’ll probably post a lot more about them in the future. 

at the time being, i’m making a short comic about them, but the comic is not their “original” story, it’s more of like an addition to it. there aren’t really any written story or anything else besides that comic and my pictures, so unfortunetaly there’s nothing to be read at the moment.

i’ve always had their story in my head, drawing scenes from it time to time. one day i’d really like to either write it down or make a proper comic from the very beginning of it all, because there are pretty much nothing touched upon in the mini-comic besides some kind of character presentation.

since there aren’t any information out there to be found, i could write you a small bit about them and their origin under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Hello, it's me again, the anon who asked about Cassius and Tinderain's story. Yowza. That was a better reply than I could have dreamed of getting, it all sounds so incredible! please do post more about them if you can! one question though, some of the art you've created of them seemed to imply a romantic relationship between them. Was that me just misinterpreting it or a tangent of their story you just weren't going to mention? Either way I still think it's a brilliant plot :)

hello again! i’m glad the response was satisfactory, it got a bit longer than i originally planned, haha!

and yes, you’ve not been misinterpreting it, but there’s also a reason why i didn’t mention it. there really are a romantic undertone, a sexual one too, but it’s really so uh, not vague and not really complex, but.. untraditional, i think, that i really don’t know how to explain it. i’ll very much try tho!

(some serious talk about depression under the cut, so please don’t read if it triggers!)

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jetstream-senpai asked:

Oh since you are offering to answer some stuff I'd love to know more about Cassius and Tinderain! I really fell in love with the idea of these characters and their dynamic/relationship. Does Tinderain stay with Cassius forever? How does Cassius' character develop/get affected by Tinderain's existence? Will he be able to get rid of him and/or control him? He is a figment of his mind after all. How does he live with this "demon" as he grows older? Sorry if that's a bit much haha. uvu;;

i’m happy to answer this! i’ve actually figured this out for a long time but i think i’ve come up with an ending for them. two, actually. i’m not sure which one i’ll go with yet.. 

[depression tw under the cut]

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