Close-up of “Steve & Bucky: Simple” by Jessie Lucid. Chapter 16 illustration for my HS Stucky AU “King of the Jocks: King of the Misfits” (find it on Ao3 under lucidnancyboy).


Daisy Johnson - Captain America parallels (1/?)

Pushing All my Buttons

Prompt/Summary: You and Steve know all the right and wrong buttons to push

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: OMG, the cursing.  There is a lot.  So much. 

Word Count: 3668

Author’s Note: Is there a better trope than enemies to lovers?  I dare you to name it.  I wish I were better at writing sex scenes.  Maybe I need to bribe someone to write the second (smuttier) chapter to this. 

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Steve: [about why he didn’t kiss Sharon] She didn’t even give me the signal! 

Bucky: What, is she gonna… is she gonna bat her eyes at you in morse code? 

[Bats eyes]

Bucky: [as Sharon] Steve… kiss me. No! You just kiss her! 

Steve: Not if you don’t get the signal! 

Bucky: [Bucky spontaneously kisses Tony] Did Tony give me the signal? 

Tony: No! 

[to T'Challa] 

Tony: I didn’t, I swear!