Personal training - Jeff

Jeff had always been a big masculine looking guy. His dad had been in to fitness and bulking and so it was always going to be that Jeff would follow. He was blessed with a large frame and he packed on muscle easily, although he did also spend many hours in the gym. He was young, handsome and ripped. What more could he want? Girls threw themselves at him and he looked good in anything he wore. His job as a personal trainer allowed him to incorporate his hobbies with a willing crowd of people who would love and admire his fine body.

Jeff liked to feel bigger and more powerful than other men. It was difficult to find anyone locally who could compete with his bench press records. He got a kick out of being stronger, more muscular and more powerful than the guys around him.

It was a pretty average day in the gym when Jeff’s ex-girlfriend Tina came into the office at the back of the gym. She was incredibly fit and the subject of every guy’s dreams in the gym. That was why he had been sure to be the one to score with her. It helped maintain his alpha male status with the other guys. But things soon fizzled out when Jeff realized they had pretty much nothing in common and he ended it a few months later. She had just finished a class and was ready to dash off to the next gym to take another.

‘I know someone who has a massive crush on you!’ she sang at Jeff. They had parted on good terms and so Jeff didn’t go out of his way to avoid her.

‘Oh yeah?’ said Jeff, disinterested. Who didn’t have a crush on him?

‘This gay guy in my class today, called Ben. I saw him staring longingly at your ass before the class. Once he found out I was your ex he didn’t stop asking questions about you. I think he’s in love!’ she smiled, giggling into Jeff’s face.

‘Ha, which one is that?’ asked Jeff.

Tina pointed through the window. ‘That scrawny looking one on the treadmill now’.

Jeff got up to have a look. The guy looked at least half Jeff’s weight and had hardly any muscle on him at all. He was thin and lanky. Pretty embarrassing really; Jeff thought how ashamed he’d be to look like that.

‘Thanks for the heads-up’ said Jeff nodding at Tina. ‘I’ll have to remember to wear my tight shorts around him. I don’t want to disappoint the fans’.

Tina laughed and dashed off, but a strange curiosity did compel Jeff to go ahead and speak to Ben anyway. He puffed out his chest and strode over to the treadmill Ben was working on.

‘That’s quite a sweat you’re building up there’ said Jeff with false admiration.

Ben was red in the face and looked a little taken aback.

‘Umm, yeah. Thanks’ he stuttered whilst trying to turn the speed down on the treadmill. Jeff had clearly caught him off guard.

Jeff could see it straight away; Ben was totally smitten with him. He stuttered nervously and blushed when Jeff spoke to him; and when Jeff offered to help him train as his personal trainer, there was hardly any sales pitch necessary. The simple guy was sold almost instantly.

Over the next few weeks Jeff put on his best charm offensive and played up to the crush that Ben tried so hard to hide. He wore his tight gym clothes for the sessions and always made sure he was extra pumped beforehand. He enjoyed making this scrawny little guy squirm when he was around him.

Jeff was never short of people who were attracted to him, but it felt like Ben would literally do anything he asked of him. In fact, Jeff rationalized in his head, Ben needed a guy like Jeff to take some control and push him in the right direction. He was such a skinny little runt, Jeff wanted to see him pack on some weight; muscle, fat, it didn’t matter. But the more Jeff thought about it, the more it appealed to him. If Ben was really in love with him, surely it would be no issue to give up his disgustingly skinny ass?

Ben was 6′1 and weighed 155lbs. Another 30lbs on him would see him looking pretty decent. But the idea of adding 30lbs to Ben didn’t excite Jeff’s dominant streak; not like the way adding 50lbs to him did. But the more that Jeff thought about it, the more his ideas crept up and up the scale.

So, one Thursday session, Jeff quickly made up some charts in the office before Ben came in for his training. Jeff was sat, looking serious, waiting for Ben to join him.

‘Ok, I’m setting up a few of my clients for a tournament we’re doing at another local gym. You’re going to be involved in it’ announced Jeff, not inviting conversation or compromise from Ben.

‘I’ll show you this chart. This is the starting weight for all my clients I’m entering. You’re here at 155lbs. We need to steadily increase that weight so you’re ready for it in January. We’re going to get you to 260lbs through a combination of weight training and diet’.

Ben’s eyes widened at the number as he took the chart into his hands and scanned the entire document. Jeff had added a few extra fake clients with even higher weight goals to make Ben think he was going easy on him.

‘What sort of competition is it you want us to do?’ asked Ben.

‘I’ll explain that closer to the time. I really want you to be involved but - the honest truth is that, at the moment, you’re just too small to be a part of it with the other guys I train’ said Jeff, trying to convey pity in his voice. He wanted this scrawny guy to know his place.

Amazingly, Ben swallowed the whole thing.

‘Well, I don’t think I can get to 260. But we can make a start and maybe look at the target weight some other time?’

Jeff pretended not to even hear him and took him straight through to the weights room to discuss his bulk. No more cardio workouts for this guy. A good dirty bulk would soon have his ultra slim body long forgotten. Jeff admitted that Ben was going to gain some fat along the way (he needed it, that was for sure) but he also promised that they would start to work that off in a couple of months time; once Ben had made some progress with his weight.

Jeff made certain weight training was a lot more fun for Ben. He made sure to correct all his postures and felt Ben melt under his touch. He emphasized every day how important it was for Ben to eat and eat to gain the weight he needed for his training. The poor guy swallowed every compliment he was given as the calories started to take effect on his body within a few short weeks. Ben’s chest started to develop pointed nipples and a little layer of fat spread over his abdomen and around to his love handles. He also had a cute little spread of fat around his face. Meanwhile, Jeff was sure to wear tighter and tighter shorts around Ben and loved watching him get flushed when he had to lie down between Jeff’s massive, muscular thighs, trying everything he could not to look at Jeff’s bulging package, whilst doing chest pumps with ridiculously low weights.

Jeff could see that none of the extra weight was muscle. Truth be told, Ben was not gifted at weight training and Jeff was hardly motivated to move him up to higher weights. Instead he kept him working at the same weights and was sure to compliment Ben on the increased size of his biceps that were really just as large as they ever had been.

Given a couple more weeks, Jeff could see Ben was having to change his gym clothes. It was hardly surprising given that Ben’s ass had swollen so much recently that it looked ready to blow out of his last pair of gym shorts. Jeff couldn’t help but smirk when he saw it; especially when some of the regular clients did a double take seeing Ben walk by.

Jeff increased the amount of sessions per week so he could continue to encourage Ben’s calorie intake. He really was getting quite a kick out of watching Ben gain so much fat on his instructions. Ben moaned a little about the fat he was gaining, but Jeff knew how to shut him down with a compliment and a flash of his handsome smile. I’ll be the one to decide when you’re fat enough, thought Jeff.

October soon rolled around and Jeff realized he’d have to uphold his promise about doing more cardio with Ben to help him lose some of the fat gains. Ben came in that day looking particularly thick. His face had filled up considerably and his love handles were already spilling out of a t shirt that was getting too short, now that a small belly was starting to protrude from under his chest.

‘It’s weigh-in day Ben. Let’s get you on the scales’

Ben obliged and followed him through to the room with the scales. He stepped up to the scale one foot at a time, allowing Jeff to see a slight ripple of fat spread through his ass with the movement. The digits began to move and then finally settled on 205lbs. Ben had gained 50lbs of pure fat for Jeff. The realization blew Jeff’s mind and, for the first time, he felt his cock start to twitch in his groin.

Shocked by his own reaction, Jeff sat down immediately. He was wearing his nice tight shorts for Ben’s benefit, so there wasn’t really much choice.

Concerned, Ben turned around and asked if everything was ok.

That’s when Jeff realized he was having far too much fun with this guy. He really enjoyed watching him fatten up and he wasn’t about to let it stop now. So, he took a deep breath and lowered the tone of his voice so that Ben would see he meant business.

‘Listen Ben, I’d hoped to start the cardio training back up by now to lose some of this fat you seem to be concerned about, but you’re just not making the gains I had expected of you by this time’

He paused for effect and looked disappointed at Ben whilst still folding his arms over his crotch.

‘We’re going to press on without the cardio for now and review it in a few weeks time’

Ben sat down as well, looking even more concerned.

‘I’m not overly concerned about the fat, don’t worry. I’ll just have to train harder for you’

It wasn’t training he needed, thought Jeff. This guy needed to eat and gain more fat to make Jeff satisfied.

‘There’s not much more I can really do to get you trained ready for the tournament Ben, I’m working pretty hard here’ lied Jeff, pretending to take slight offense.

‘Oh, I didn’t mean that!’ said Ben, clearly embarrassed.

‘No, Ben, this is about you really. Your calorie intake, it’s just not enough. You really need to start putting some effort in there’ said Jeff gravely, looking deeply into the poor guy’s eyes.

‘I’m sorry, you’re right. I’m really going to go for it. I promise’ said Ben apologetically.

‘Ok, come on then Ben’ said Jeff, gesturing for Ben to get up. ‘Let’s get started on your session today. I’ll join you in a minute’.

Jeff watched Ben’s swollen ass saunter out of the door and knew he was going to fuck it. Not now, but when he had worked his charm to make it bigger, wider and softer. Poor Ben was going to become a proper fat boy, whether he liked it or not.

The pep talk seemed to work wonders as well. Ben would proudly tell Jeff how much he’d eaten each day and how much stronger he felt.

‘I had to buy some 36″ waist jeans the other day’ Ben said, clearly hoping to impress Jeff with his commitment.

‘Yeah’ said Jeff, refusing to sound impressed. He clearly had no idea how fat Jeff was going to make him if he expected him to be impressed with a pair of 36s. ‘I think next time you increase your sizes, you’re best skipping straight to 40s. You are going to be experiencing a little more abdominal fat with the type of bulking we’re doing’.

‘Yeah, ok’ said Ben, trying his best not to sound deflated.

Jeff smiled to himself. He really was good at this.

What really turned Jeff on over the next couple of weeks was hearing the other gym instructors start to notice Ben’s fat gains.

‘Jeff, dude, I’ve been meaning to ask; what the hell happened to that guy you’ve been training 4 times a week? He looks so damn fat. Have you noticed the gut he’s getting?’

‘Yeah’ agreed Jeff. ‘I know, I’ve done all sorts. I nag him all the time about calories and he refuses to do any cardio’. Jeff realized he was getting really turned on talking about Ben’s new fat so openly. It was like the pressure inside of him had finally been released.

‘The truth is man, I know exactly why it’s happening; he’s so damn greedy. I asked him to keep a food diary for me and you should see the shit he eats. It’s seriously disgusting. But he won’t listen to me’.

‘No way!’ said Darren, the other gym instructor. ‘He used to be so skinny as well’.

‘Yeah, not any more. I managed to get him on the scales the other day and you’ll never guess how much he’s gained in 6 months.’

‘Well, he looks about 50lbs fatter to me’ scoffed Darren.

‘Try 60′ exclaimed Jeff.

‘Fucking hell!’ shouted Darren, looking at Ben through the glass window into the gym, whilst he tucked in to a bag of nuts before his session with Jeff. ‘What a fucking pig!’

‘Ha, you’re telling me! You don’t have to try and train the fat lump’ smiled Jeff.

Pretty soon every one of the gym staff were talking about Ben. Jeff was in a permanent state of arousal. If these guys thought Ben was a fat boy now… just wait and see what else Jeff had in store.

‘And remember Ben’, said Jeff, a little too loudly, for the benefit of the other staff around the gym; ‘all this work means nothing unless you count your calories properly!’

‘Yes, I will, I promise’ said Ben, bending over to pick up his things from the floor, allowing Jeff time to shake his head in scepticism at the other staff and nod in disgust at Ben’s overfed, fat ass, grinning and making them all giggle unprofessionally.

‘See you Friday’ said Ben cheerily, opening a bag of chips as he walked away.

Jeff turned around to face his crew, shaking his head.

‘In one ear and out the other’ he mocked. ‘Did you guys see how sweaty he was getting? We were only benching light weights!’

The others laughed heartily at Jeff’s supposed predicament.

The rate that Ben’s gut was blooming as he headed to 240lbs was unreal. Jeff could really see how Ben was going to carry the fat. He was fat bellied and had a soft, jiggly ass. He was a flabby boy, already too fat for his naturally slight frame. To Jeff, every lb on his fat body represented how much Ben had given himself up to him.

‘Hey Jeff, I saw that fat guy you train at McDonalds the other day. He was tucking in to a whole tray full of food; you honestly wouldn’t believe it man. I was there for half an hour with my girlfriend just watching him go!’ mocked Danny, the older trainer in the gym.

Jeff shook his head in fake disgust. ‘What did I tell you man? The guy’s such a fucking pig. I’m embarrassed to tell people I train him’.

Jeff had set a deadline of January 1st for Ben to meet his 260lb target. With only 3 weeks and another 20lbs to go, Ben looked unlikely to reach it, despite his promises to impress Jeff.

So, off Ben went for his Christmas break from the gym as a 240lb chubby boy. Jeff was very proud of himself and found he spent most of the three weeks thinking about how Ben was getting on. It was the longest time he’d gone without seeing him since they had started training.

It wasn’t until January 1st that Jeff finally received a text from Ben.

‘I made it with 1lb to spare. 261lbs. Thanks for all your hard work. Ben’

Jeff grinned from ear to ear; the fat porker had done it.

Jeff didn’t reply. Instead he starting plotting how best to move on to the final stage of his plan.

Two days later he called Ben from the gym.

‘Hi Ben, it’s Jeff. Listen, congratulations on reaching your target weight. I was really pleased when I got your text I’m afraid we won’t be able to do our training session today. The gym is full of new subscribers. It’s packed here. But, I have your address here on file so I thought I’d come over to you instead and let you know a bit more about this tournament and where we’re going to go with your training from here. Does that sound ok? About the same time. 6.30?’

He didn’t allow Ben any room to compromise. The date was set.

As he put the phone down, in walked Darren.

‘Surprise, surprise. That fat guy, Ben has just cancelled his sessions with me’ sighed Jeff.

‘Ha, well I can’t say I’m surprised. Good riddance, I say. His chubby ass was bad for business. He was putting off the other clients with all that fat hanging out his t shirts’ laughed Darren.

‘Yeah, you won’t be seeing that fatty burning any more calories around here anymore’ promised Jeff.

Jeff made sure he was early to Ben’s house. He couldn’t wait to see what another 20lbs had done to him. And he wasn’t disappointed. Ben’s moobs had blossomed over the short time away and he had a big ring of fat surrounding his face. He had clearly been gorging himself as instructed.

‘Happy new year!’ cheered Jeff, walking straight in to the house. ‘Right, let’s get started then. I have my own scales here so we can check your weight and I want to do some body measurements. We’re probably best going up to your bathroom for this; I need a hard surface for the scales’

Jeff was so excited, he ran straight upstairs and set up the equipment and got his notes out. He listened intently as he heard Ben plod up the stairs behind him to be weighed.

‘Clothes off today Ben. We need it to be as accurate as possible.’

Without a word, Ben removed his clothes down to his underwear. Jeff pretended to take notes whilst slyly sneaking glances at the jiggling blubber now covering Ben’s body. His underwear looking uncomfortably tight, Jeff almost felt sorry for him. The bands cut his blubbery ass cheeks in two and created large rolls of fat that hung over the waistband.

‘Underwear as well today I’m afraid Ben’ said Jeff, not even bothering to look at him. There would be no argument about this.

Ben’s face flushed a deep shade of pink, but down his underwear slid, revealing the entirety of Ben’s blubbery ass. Then up he stepped onto the scale for Jeff. 

‘262lbs!’ marveled Jeff. As expected, the fatty had carried on over-eating even after meeting his target. Ben bristled with pride whilst he stood there like an overfed pig, perched on the scale with his hands over his crotch. Time to give this guy a boner he can’t hide, thought Jeff, leaning in to towards Ben.

‘Right, I just need to get some other measurements as well; we’ll start with your waist’

Jeff felt Ben twitch under his gentle touch and he made sure to brush his body up against Ben so see him squirm.

‘I couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve been a great trainer. I can’t get over how much stronger I feel. I feel like I could lift a car’ said Ben probably just trying to take his mind off his semi.

Jeff carried on his measurements, noting them on his clipboard. The fatty still thought he was getting stronger? It was almost laughable. Something in Jeff just snapped.

‘You know you can only bench press 10lbs more than when we started back last summer don’t you?’ said Jeff staying calm and pretending to be busy with his clipboard.

Ben’s face reddened immediately.

‘Oh… Well, I feel like I’m a lot stronger anyway’ he choked, embarrassed.

‘No, not really’ said Jeff, bluntly and without mercy. It was about time this fat boy was put in his place.

‘I mean, if I could show you for a second Ben?’ asked Jeff, already pulling his top off to reveal his pumped up body. He flexed one arm and pec and made sure Ben was watching him in the mirror that was in front of them both.

‘This is muscle. You see here’. He pointed to it all with his finger. ‘And down here in the abdominal area, this is made up of mostly muscle’ Ben’s mouth was gaped open and taking in every inch of Jeff’s perfect body. His hands still firmly clasped into his groin..

Jeff then pulled down his shorts and stood there in his tight boxers flexing one leg. ‘This here is muscle in the glutes and thighs. Can you see how defined and firm it looks?’ Ben’s eyes wandered all around his body. It was everything Jeff had been working towards; being admired by this scrawny pathetic guy who had turned into a jiggling overfed lard ass just to please him.

‘What I’ve added to you is mostly fat. It’s soft looking. What I can see when I look at you now is a lot of fat in the abdominal area, which is funny because you used to have almost a little six pack back before we started this’ confessed Jeff, trying hard to keep the mockery out of his voice. ‘Also, like a lot of guys who put on weight, you’ve put on a lot of fat here in what we refer to as the love-handle region - and your glutes are a lot larger and made up of more body fat than they were seven months ago’. Jeff pointed to all of Ben’s new fat and made sure Ben followed with his eyes to see exactly what had been done to him. ‘Your muscle mass has hardly increased at all in fact’ said Jeff, very honestly.

Ben tried to stutter some sort of reply but Jeff marched on ruthlessly.

‘I haven’t been training anyone else like this. I just said those things to keep your spirits up. And you can relax, because we won’t be entering you in any tournaments any time soon’. Except, maybe a pie eating contest, thought Jeff sarcastically.

Jeff reached down and gave Ben a friendly tap on his fat ass to step off his scales, which Ben responded to without question.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ asked Ben, now red as a beetroot with embarrassment.

Jeff bent down to pack up his scales so that Ben could admire his firm ass once more.

‘No, you did everything right. You should be pleased with yourself’ smiled Jeff. He really was pleased with Ben.

‘So what’s - what’s it all been for then’ asked Ben timidly.

‘My entertainment’ said Jeff without hesitating. The speed of his response even shocked him. ‘I’ve really enjoyed watching you get fatter each week’ he grinned, whilst reaching across and giving Ben a manly slap on the back for a job well done. Then, as Ben looked away, Jeff’s eyes wandered down to Ben’s naked, fat ass. It was finally ready for him.

‘Can you go in to your bedroom please’ Jeff cut him off as he tried to say something.

Ben made to reach for his underwear. ‘Leave those there. You won’t be needing those’ ordered Jeff.

Ben walked past slowly, his new fat bouncing ever so slightly with every stride. Jeff admired his fat ass as he followed behind.

‘Right, stand there, back to me’ said Jeff, gesturing in front of the bed.

Ben turned away and Jeff positioned his hand just in between Ben’s fatty thighs to spread his ass cheeks just right for himself.

‘That’s it, legs nice and wide’ said Jeff, staying calm. He placed one hand on Ben’s hip and the other on the top of his back.

‘Now bend forwards, but keep your legs as straight as you can for me. That’s right. Now just hold that position for a minute’. Jeff was so aroused, feeling Ben’s flabby gut roll onto his hands as he bent him forwards. He slid his underwear down and stood there naked behind Ben and then threw his underwear onto the bed in front of Ben; watching Ben’s cock throb as he saw them land in front of him. He now knew what was coming.

Lubing himself up, Jeff thrust himself inside with massive force into Ben’s soft, doughy ass and ordered him to stay still whilst he fucked him with increasing speed and force.

Jeff finally released his hands to explore Ben’s fat body, feeling the fat spreading out under his arms and around his love handles before he grabbed a whole roll of fat and held it tightly whilst he fucked Ben even harder still. Then he kicked Ben’s feet from under him, making him fall forwards on to the bed, spreading his ass cheeks even wider; accidentally submitting himself even further to Jeff.

Jeff felt ready to come but knew he had work to do first. He wrapped his whole arm under Ben and spun him on top of him as Jeff rolled over himself to lie flat on the bed; all without ever pulling out, or breaking the hard thumping rhythm. Now he could feel Ben’s fresh fat rocking away with each rhythm as Jeff pushed his hips up hard to fuck Ben from below. Then Jeff reached with his hand to push Jeff’s head down onto his own strong shoulder, whilst simultaneously reaching down to stroke Ben’s throbbing cock. The porker just melted on top of him and began to groan with pleasure. Then, turning his head perfectly, Jeff whispered into the fat boy’s ear.

‘No more weight training Ben. No more cardio. You’re going to carry on getting fatter, aren’t you?’

‘Mmfhh’ moaned Ben, not ready to commit.

Jeff pressed on.

‘Big, fat belly and love handles - and a huge, wide, soft, fat ass. You hear me?’

‘Yes’ breathed Ben. It wasn’t enough for Jeff who was determined to hold him at the edge of orgasm until he got the answer he wanted.

‘Are you going to be a big, overfed fat boy?’ whispered Jeff, almost aggressively.

‘Yes’ whispered Ben.

‘I can’t hear you!’ taunted Jeff.

‘YES!’ said Ben.

‘Yes, what, fat boy?’

‘Make me fatter, make me your fat boy’

Bingo! thought Jeff. And with his large hands he skillfully worked Ben’s cock to cause an eruption that covered both of them as they lay on the bed, making Jeff even more aroused. This fat porker who had gained 100lbs of pure lard for him without questioning. Jeff’s throbbing cock now sliding in and out of his huge overfed ass. And most of all, the thought that he was going to be the one to make it even bigger; softer; wider. Fatter. It was the best orgasm he had ever had in his life.

They lay there for a moment, panting and calming down.

Then Jeff slid out from underneath him, slipped on his boxers once more, standing over the fat pig with his hulking mass. He grabbed a roll of soft lard and jiggled it whilst grinning into Ben’s submissive eyes. He chuckled.

‘No more weight training. No more cardio. I’m going to enjoy this’. Then he turned and strutted out of the bedroom giving Ben one last glance of his beautiful muscular ass. At least until he reached 270lbs.

Our kids are both funny in different ways. They’re inherently weirdos. The littler they are, the smaller the filter on their weirdness. The youngest - she’s just pure, she says whatever she wants. Like if I tell her no to something - ‘No, it’s too late for cartoons, no more cookies today’ - she will very sincerely try to choke me to death. She’ll have her little tiny hands around my throat and I’ll just be laughing.
—  Tina Fey on her weirdo kids
Definitely Not Me - Chapter 55 - Tarabotti - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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In a world where people are destined to be either Doms or Subs, Kurt is marked as a Sub. However, he is not very submissive and decides to hide his status. His life is not perfect without a partner fulfilling his needs, but he manages and is proud of his own independence.

…That is until he meets Blaine - a Dom whose one look makes Kurt want to kneel and give up all control. Or not.