These two jerks put their differences aside and worked together to escape my apartment last night. They managed to pop the screen out of window without me noticing. Luckily, I saw Sterling in my window and was able to get him inside. However, Tina went missing for over an hour. After searching for her everywhere, I put some treats on the windowsill where she escaped from, which brought her back! It was terrifying and scary, but I’m so happy I found them both.


Olivia and Dhani Harrison backstage at The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, on the occasion of George Fest, 28 September 2014; and accepting the inaugural Global Citizen George Harrison Award on George’s behalf, 22 September 2016.  Photo 1 & 2 © Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images, photo 3 © Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images.

Just taking a moment to express sincerest gratitude to these two amazing people for the incredible, loving way they look after George’s legacy… and likewise, massive respect for the wonderful, giving, caring individuals they are. May life bring them only the very best, always.


“H-Hello there Jeffy. I wasn’t expecting you back… SO SOON I mean! Uh…”


“R-Remember how I fooled those humans when cut off my tail before to make it look like I had died? Yea, when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll, right?!?”


“Hold on, if you’re here then what about that huge fucker? They out there or?”



“UGH, would you fuckin’ just…. GAAHHHH!!!

*sniff* “J-June...”

“Ugh, I cannot stand you when you’re all MOPEY like this…”

((Jeff and June are askable once more))

beholdmybloginator replied to your post “Do you think they’ll ever stop trying for fan service with so much…”

apparently theres an episode this season where the synopsis is just like “tina starts eating cat food” like please… let the rest of the family have the spotlight we dont need 22 more tina eps especially if we’re devolving into THAT

r u joking,,,,

Jeffery Buttle talked about Yuzuru Hanyu’s new SP, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.  Sept 13, 2016.  At the Cricket Club in Toronto. 

My translation of article in Asahi.com: 

Buttle choreographed Hanyu’s 'Parisienne Walkways’ which broke the world record score again and again, and became the key to Hanyu’s Sochi Olympic gold medal.

“This season, being the last season before the Olympics, I thought it’s good timing to try something new or challenge taboos.”

Last season (2015-16) and the season before, Hanyu’s 'Chopin Ballade No.1’ was also choreographed by Buttle.  Hanyu skated with it to new world records at both NHK Trophy and GP Final.
This year, Hanyu himself wanted yet another image.

“Before choosing the music, I discussed with Yuzu, what kind of direction do you want to go, do you want to remain in the classical series, we talked about these things.  He said, I want to try and challenge something different from what I’ve had up to now.  And I agreed with him.”

During that period, he listened to a variety of music. When he listened to the music of Prince, an artist who passed away in April this year, he liked the tempo and felt that it matched Hanyu’s skating.

“Because we had the concept of let’s try something crazy, the title also fitted perfectly. Both Yuzu and Brian liked this idea immediately.”

Buttle said the concept for the choreography is 'Celebration’.

“This song originally has a bit of religious connotations in the lyrics but I did not go in that direction. I just wanted to express the feelings of overcoming obstacles in life and to celebrate living. I would like people who are watching to really enjoy it and forget it’s a competition. Because Yuzu has the qualities of a rock star, I think it is possible.”

(Thank you, Jeff Buttle!)
(I hope my translation is similar enough to Jeff’s original English words and his meaning.)
(Parts that are not Jeff’s direct speech in the article are summarised by me.)

Original article: webronza.asahi  (photo by Sunao Noto)