Newt looks up to see the Niffler squeezing itself through locked doors, into the central vault.

Newt: Absolutely not!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Original Screenplay

I present the unnamed Niffler!

that little raise of the eyebrows like  *bitch, you thought*

Without You

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Word count : 3662

Just in case you didn’t read the first two parts c: 

Part 1 : Leaving You
Part 2 : Missing You 

Hands down, Christmas was your favorite holiday out of the whole year. How could it not be? You loved everything about the holiday with all the festivities, time with all your loved ones, personalized gift giving, and the sparkling decorations. You were shocked when you found out that Newt had spent most of his by himself and from that moment on you swore that that would never happen again. 

You smiled to yourself a little, remembering the time you surprised Newt with same freshly baked cookies while he slaved away over his manuscript. He was waist deep in papers, scribbling away with ink stains spotting his skin. He didn’t even notice you carefully walking down the stairs with a plate of cookies in your hands until the aroma filled the room. You’d always remember and love how his face lit up when he saw you. 

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Dating Newt Scamander Would Include…

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  • When you’d first meet he would be extremely shy, sending quick, short glances in your direction to not get caught.
    • Eventually, you’d catch him looking at you and you’d smile warmly in his direction, making him look at his feet with a small grin.

  • He would be thinking about how remarkably beautiful you are regardless of doing the most mundane task. 
    • Pickett would probably poke his head out from Newt’s pocket because he could feel how quickly Newt’s heart was beating on those occasions you appeared extremely heartwarming to him

  • He would get extremely shy whenever you two got too close without him realising.
    • You would be listening to him talking avidly about his encounters with his fantastic beasts and start creeping closer and closer because his passionate tone would completely mesmerise you 
    • Newt would come to an abrupt halt when he would realise the two of you were barely a fingertip away from each other and look at his feet. 
    • “Oh- I- I’m terribly sorry for babbling on Y/N, it must be annoying and you must be getting bored,
    • “I could never get annoyed or bored of you Newt,” you would say pressing a kiss to his nose, “Don’t ever forget that”

  • Having to decide between who the “mum” would be to all his creatures, you or him
    • Then eventually settling on both of you being mums

  • Limited PDA because it makes Newt uncomfortable
    • But sometimes you would kiss him on the cheek around the others just because it made your heart warm seeing him get all flustered

  • The Niffler would end up listening to every word you would say, completely astounding Newt because he struggled to do so for the longest time without succeeding 
    • “Can I have that necklace back, please?” 
    • The Niffler would hand it back with reluctance
    • “How- how did you get the cheeky bugger to listen to you?”
    • “I believe he just loves me more,” you would say to tease him, patting the Niffler on its head. 
    • “Well, I suppose in that case, i love you more than the Niffler.” 

  • He would always ask you before kissing you 
    • “Can I- uh- kiss you? Would that be alright?” 
    • “Of course it would be alright,” 
  • But sometimes he would be spontaneous making your knees weak.
  •  His kisses would be gentle 
    • He would tuck your hair behind your ear 
    • Place his hand on your cheek before deepening the kiss. 
  • He would look at you as if you were the most precious person in the universe.

  • He would be just as protective over you as he is with his creatures
  • There would be so much communication through long gazes at each other

  • You would constantly be attending to any injuries he had gained from new creatures. 
    • “It’s just a scratch,” he would say, lifting his shirt up after being asked why he winced every time he moved
    • It was not just a scratch
    • He would have three large jagged claw marks running from his chest to his stomach 
    • “Just a scratch hm?” you would say, looking him in the eyes
    • He would sheepishly look down 
    • “It - It’s not the creatures fault, I might’ve come on too strong perhaps.” 


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