In the eternal road to self-mastery, you learn that you cannot control what happens to you, but you CAN control what does or doesn’t affect you.

Only when we learn that a lot of the drama we create is only in our head, are we FREE of it!

It's TIME. Time for TINA TIME!!!

Just wanted to say hello and thank you to all those that have liked, re-blogged and followed so far. It’s an honor!

Although it’s been a year and a half of Visual Bombardment via Instagram, I figured that it was time to really WRITE.

Although I really dread writing, I love SHARING. And that is what I believe the point is of TINA TIME.

Who is, what is TINA TIME?

TINA TIME is what I’d like to think is a “place” or a “time” that I can share with you, that we can share together and find a mix of motivation, inspiration, lightness, laughter and most importantly entertainment!

I’ve lived 40 years on this earth and I DO NOT know everything, but I believe that I have learned some really great things so far and although I have had my share of challenges, hertbreak and disappointment along the way, I have lived a life of NO REGRET and having actualized every single BIG DREAM that I have every visualized, if I can share a little bit of that energy to help others, then life can only be more fulfilling.

No matter where you are, no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to DREAM.

Let’s start DREAMING again and through TINA TIME, I hope that you will find a clue, inspiration or way to ACTUALIZE them! And smile and laugh a lot along the way!

Thank you. The journey starts NOW!

YES or NO. DO or DON'T. CAN'T vs. WON'T.

Many say that the world is NOT black and white, that there is a lot of gray.

I agree on this point but what I’ve learned in the last 40 years of pursuit of happiness and self-mastery is that things really ARE very simple.

If you want something badly enough, if you have a DREAM, GOAL or VISION that you want to actualize—-then there is only one answer: YES.

When you want something badly enough, there is absolutely NO room for doubt, only room for ABSOLUTE BELIEF.

And when you believe, you will DO.

Positive thinking, which is the base of self-mastery, is rooted in the use of POSITIVE words.

When you use words like YES, CAN and WILL, then you are already halfway there.

I have learned that in most cases, when people say that they CANNOT do something, it is more because they WILL NOT. Meaning that they DON’T WANT TO.

When it comes to actualizing your dreams, there is no such thing as can’t. There is ONLY CAN!

At Tina Time, we will work on ways to get to YES. I have never taken NO for an answer and I am not going to start now!

TGIF and Happy Weekend All! Here’s to YES, CAN and WILL!


#tinatimeofficial live from #manila … Epic weekend !