I wish you the best and always stay happy. Just know that I’ll always be there for you no matter what. Have an awesome birthday and smile! You deserve the best cause you’re a really great friend and person! :) Stay the way you are cause you’re amazing, and also I’ll give you Jay for a day ;D 

- Your Bestie Annie :)

KMF 2011 - part 2

the staff told us where our seats are and we found it, they’re like slightly next to the very center a little and a bit far away but i still can see the stage pretty clearly, thanks to the contacts & not the annoying glasses LOL. we took our seats and started to lay out everything ahaha. we’re like camping or something. three of us put out on the blankets cuz we want some comfort for our butts & backs haha. we started to blow our balloons sticks and trying to position ourselves into a comfortable positions haha. after that, we waited for about 30 minutes more for everyone else to get into their seats and such. the concert started off with someone speak in korean & a lady speak in english, then there was a korean traditional band that played those traditional instruments. then a guy came out to sing the english version of the national anthem then k.will came out looking all mighty fine in a suit to sing the korean version of it. then gina & a male MC came out. i was like “GINA GINA GINA I LOVE YOU!” LOL she is so pretty like foreal. her legs are really long even though i hardly can see her but in the bigger screens, i can see it clearly. she’s really pretty & she laughs a lot! she introduced the trot singers and they were amazing, their songs are upbeat and aren’t silly or anything. me & annie & aimy were clapping our balloon sticks like crazy & ended up hitting each other with it haha. the crowd was very enthusiastic for the trot singers’ performances. i meant, they were really good! i love the songs actually :3

when the male MC came out by himself, he speak korean and i was like “what what?” and he asked something and i was like “Ne~” even though idk wut the hell he was asking but i said yes anyways LOL. then “I’ll back off so you can live better” played. gina came out looking so freakn gorgeous in a simple outfit, i was like “OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THIS SONG! GINA I LOVE YOU! GINA!” and everyone went nuts. all the boys were like standing up and screamed out her name. her live was amazing. i unconditionally sang along with the song even if my korean sucks. then she sing “black & white” it was such a cute song & i couldnt help but sang along as well even though i didnt really know the lyrics xD gina is so gorgeous~ *O* i love her voice when she sings live! i forgot who sang after her, but when u-kiss came out, the crowd went mad crazy. they performed 0330 first & i was like “UKISS I LOVE YOU!” and everyone was just.. crazy. lol. the boys look amazing! when kevin was singing, i just found myself screaming at the very top of my lungs LOL. the boys introduced themselves in english & it was just so cute! haha their accent <3 they performed Bingeul Bingeul & Man Man Ha Ni after, i love those 2 songs, i sang along as well, who cares about my korean, not like anyone can hear me sing when everyone else was singing along as well, right? XD

sistar was next and they performed push push then how dare you. the boys around our area went nuts at their rubbing butts dancing lol! i screamed out “YEAH! RUB THEM BUTTS!” and annie & aimy just laughed LOL. they’re not my favorite group but i cheered really loud for them anyways since i was so excited haha xD baek ji young came out singing Secret Garden’s OST “That Woman” her voice was amazing! it was my first time hearing her singing live to that song & i love it so much. her vocals are powerful & just overall beautiful. she then sung & danced to “My Ear Candy” with k.will! ikr?! surprise! k.will sure knows how to rap AND dance, boy, aint he just amazing! <3 i forgot who performed when and after who. anyways, k.will’s performance was amazing! he wore a suit<33 and he looks really handsome in person *O* secret performed madonna & magic. mangg, they were good! i love the energy they gave out to their performances. i screamed every time jieun sang <3 :D there are some older generation singers too! they were alright. i kinda fell asleep with aimy cuz their songs are like ballad ish haha… i felt bad lol 

when g.na & the male mc came out, g.na was like “the next guy is someone that knows how to sing, dance, and he can rap really good too!” and my mind automatically thought of jay cuz he was the only male artist left that hasn’t perform lol. and they screamed “give it up to jay park!” and all three of us threw down everything and stood up right away and ran out of our seats to get a clearer view of our boy <3 he sang “nothin’ on you” first & omg, my first time hearing the song live! <3 LOVE IT! he was amazing! like always ;D i was trying to record part of the song & took pictures of him but my camera betrayed me, it died on me! >< ughh! i hate my fckn camera’s battery! T____T and when jay lifted up his shirt during the rapping part, mangg, i saw it & i almost faint LOL but my camera missed that part!!!! >___< shoot meee! after that, jay performed “abandoned” i screamed so loud for that song cuz it was his first live of the song & he was amazing!<3 he has soreal cru & daniel jerome as his backup dancers :D boy, they were good!~ when the song was over, jay started to take off his shirt cuz he said “it’s hot!” XD and i was like “YEAH YOU’RE HOT!” & the pple around me just laughed. and i screamed “TAKE IT ALL OFF!” but he still has a gray wife beater under >< damn it haha. he sang his cover of 6'7 but only half of it, the other half he sang yeah yeah yeah (?) & bboy with the soreal cru, daniel, & chacha <333 bboy perf. was awesome<3 and to think there aren’t much jaywalkerz at the concert, i was wrong, when jay came out, mangg, everyone just threw everything down and cheered for him like madness! after all of those screaming, i officially lost my voice… D: i was fine earlier but after jay came out, my voice… it’s just gone~ O:

4minute performed after jay and that only make it worse! i love those girls so much! they sang mirror mirror, i my me mine, & muzik. when hyunah got on the floor to dance, ughh, everyone went nuts! i was like “HYUNAH HYUNAH!” all the time lol <33 the girls were really pretty. their outfits were like SHORT! haha but they looked amazing! 4minute introduced themselves in english which i found it really cute cuz of their accent XD and they also performed hot issue as their ending song! love it! <333 bring back so much memories when they first debuted :] after that is this one older singer, mangg, he had amazing voice! he screamed so much yet still be able to sang amazingly. lastly, the show came to an end D: every artists came out to do the closing stage. i caught jay & u-kiss in action. jay was like so tiny compared to our u-kiss boys haha. he got along with them really well too :3 jay is like messing around with their camera hahah <33  overall, i love this mini trip to hollywood bowl for the kmf this year. even though i mainly came for jay park, i also love how i got to enjoy the variety of the concert. i love how i didn’t feel regretful about going or anything. i enjoyed the show a lot. me, annie, & aimy already planned for next year kmf haha. hopefully there will be artists that i love :) *BIG BANG<3* XD alright, that’s it about my kmf moments lol <3