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Title: It’s Okay, Honey (Part 2)

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Pairing: Queenie Goldstein x fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff.

Basic Summary: The reader has been Newt’s best friend since first year at Hogwarts and has always denied who she is until she meets Queenie in New York.


“You boys are lucky I was there to save your behinds.” You stated, making your way down inside Newt’s case.

Newt and Jacob had tried to catch the Arumpemt, failing before you had stepped in before all hell broke loose at the MACUSA. Queenie, being a Legilimens, overheard your thoughts and had saved you, Newt, the Muggle and her sister.

“You should’ve just asked for my help in the first place, Fido. You know she loves me because I’m a woman.” You teased your best friend Newt about the Arumpemt.

“She’s not the only one.” Newt mumbled under his breath, getting the creatures’ feed prepared.


“Nothing, nothing.” Newt said quickly, shaking his head. “I see you and Queenie are getting on famously.”

“Yeah, so?” You bent over to pick up a bag of feed.

“She’s nice. Sweet. Good for you.” He muttered the last part.

“I suppose. Yeah, she’s very sweet. And kind and… beautiful.” You trailed off thinking off the blonde Legilimens before snapping out of your thoughts. “She’s a good friend.”

Newt gave you that oh-so-familiar sad smile like he knew something you didn’t. It drove you nuts.

“Don’t give me that look.”

Newt shot you a confused look.

“That look like you pity me or something. There’s nothing to be pitied.”

Newt sighed, placing the bag of feed down. “(Y/N), you- you’re not happy.”

Now you were confused. “Of course I am. I’m happy here with you, like old times.”

He ran a hand through his hair, walking towards you. “I know - and I’m happy here with you too - but it’s like… Like you have a chip on your shoulder. Like you keep putting something off, putting yourself in denial.”

Tears pricked your eyes and deep down you knew why. “I’m not- I’m not in denial.”

Newt rested his forehead against yours, sighing. “(Y/N), you’re my best friend. I just want you to be happy. It’s okay.”

Your tears spilled over and your breath caught in your throat. Newt pulled you into a hug, his arms tightening around you.

“It’s not… Me. It can’t be.” You cried into his shirt.

Your best friend smoothed your hair with his hand as he held you. “Nothing that’s a part of you is bad, remember that (Y/N). It’s not wrong, it’s who you are.”

“Aw, you two are such cute friends.” Queenie’s voice broke the silence.

You and Newt broke apart at the sound of the two sisters descending into the case and you wiped your tears from your face.

Queenie looked at you, her eyes soft but sad.

Tina opened her mouth so speak before being cut off by Frank’s thunderous calls.

Newt whipped around, eyeing his creature. “Danger.”


After revealing Grindelwald, you sat on the platform as Newt healed your shoulder wound. The dark wizard had managed to free his wand to aim at Newt before you stepped in front of him.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry-”

“Newtie, it’s not your fault. You would have done the same for me, it’s okay.” You cut your best friend off as he helped you stand up.

“(Y/N)! Oh, I’m so glad you’re alright.” You turned at the sound of Queenie’s voice before being enveloped by shades of pink. Instinctively, you wrapped your arms tight around the blonde witch.

“I thought I’d lost you.” Her silvery voice whispered in your ear, close to tears.

“I’m not going anywhere.” You buried your face in Queenie’s curls, her perfume filling your nose.

‘This feels right.’ You thought before Queenie pulled away to let Jacob hug you.

After years and years of denying that part of yourself, years of living in denial, you knew now that you couldn’t deny it any longer. After years of Newt subtly trying to reassure you that it was okay. It was okay. It was who you are and that wasn’t wrong.

Licking your lips nervously, you glanced over at Queenie to find her green eyes already staring at you. Your heart pounded in your chest and you knew that you would probably never get the chance again once you boarded the boat back to Britain.

Swallowing, you walked briskly over to the beautiful blonde, cupping her face gently with your hands. Her light eyes brightened and you slowly brought your lips to hers.

You had kissed men before but those experiences had never felt like this. Kissing Queenie felt like coming home to warmth after all day in the rain. You felt a weight drop off your shoulders as you finally embraced that part of you.

You broke apart and Queenie looked at you, biting her lip to stop herself from smiling too much.

“I knew you’d realise it in your own time.” She brushed a hair from your face.

Newt looked at the pair of you, beaming with pride and happiness for his best friend.

Just A Friend [Pt. 1]

Imagine: Newt, your boyfriend, comes home from the Ministry one evening. You are both caught up in a heated exchange when you discover something that causes past flames to be relit. 

Author’s Note: I haven’t written in so long and I am so sooooo sorry!! This will hopefully have several parts and yessss, as always, I hope you enjoy x

Prompt: Asked you once, asked your twice now, there’s lipstick on your collar. You say she’s just a friend now, then why don’t we call her?

Word Count: 1516

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First Language (Part 5) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: how does one say smut in French? idk ……i want him to sing Lollipop…

WARNING: Smut (blowjobs)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Classes are so confusing to Sebastian. Back at Dalton, he was in advance classes, not…this! Huffing, he shoves people of the doorway, books at his side. A smile creeps on his face when he sees you. He peeks through small window on the door, fixing his windswept hair. Yes, it may be always perfect, but he just needs to check.

Popping his white collar, so it’s barely grazing his sharp jawline, he sneaks toward you, making sure to keep silent. After sticking your math book into your locker, you shake out the skirt of your jean dress, giggling slightly. Hands are on your waist, causing a little yelp to bubble out of your mouth. “Bonjour mon bébé (hello my baby).” he chuckles, pressing his lips to your cheek.

Your hands rest on his, thumb running across his bony knuckles. Laughing, you shy away, feeling the tickle of his light brown locks against your ear. “Hey Sebby.” you grin, spinning around to face him. He rolls his eyes at the nickname, placing his dictionary in your locker before peering down at you. Fingers connect with his upper chest, curling against his clothing; he stares at them blankly, unsure what’s happening. “What is it with you and rugby shir-”

“Je te veux (I want you).” he whispers in a dark tone, looking from side to side. There’s a cute little crease in between your eyebrows and Sebastian frowns, knowing you don’t understand. Ugh, how can he let you know he wants sex before his free period is up? He sucks in a deep breath, focusing on his words. “I… want… you?” he says in more of a question.

Widening your eyes, you open your mouth, blinking. Not only has he said a complete sentence, but he wants…sex. “Oh.” you stutter, face heating up. Sebastian bites his lip, fluttering his long eyelashes at you. How does someone look so adorable yet so sexy at the same time? “Well…” you start bashfully, gripping his hands. “I can’t say no to you. Allons-y (let’s go).”

He allows you to lead him through the partially crowded hallway, the oh so notorious smirk plastered on his face. His converse squeak to a stop in front of the girls bathroom; he raises an eyebrow but follows you in. Surprisingly, it’s vacant, probably because nobody really comes through here.

The back of his black and yellow rugby shirt collides with the musty brown stall, hands roaming his torso. “Woah.” Sebastian breathes out, lime green eyes watching your every move. His dick throbs when your fingers dance around the zipper of his dark blue jeans, eventually pulling it down, exposing his soft black boxer briefs. “Dieu, comment allez-vous si chaud (God, how are you so hot)?” he groans as you continue to undress him.

Panting, you sneak a peek at the door, undoing your colorful scarf. “Okay, this is gonna be a quicky.” you nod at Sebastian, who tilts his head to the side, chest heaving. “Um, vite, oui (fast, yes)?” Sebastian nods eagerly, resting his arms against the stall. A shallow gasp escapes his perfect lips as soon as you take him in your mouth.

His pale eyelids squeeze closed, fingers gripping the sides of the bathroom stall for dear life. You bob your head up and down, twirling your tongue around his swollen member. Gasping again, he thrusts unwillingly; luckily you don‘t choke. “Oui, oui, donnez-le moi (yes, yes, give it to me)!” Sebastian moans, lower lip quivering, hands reaching for your hair.

They never make it there; he pulls his hands back, not wanting to ruin your gorgeous locks. You hollow your cheeks, taking him deeper, lips wrapped around his cock. Oh, if he remembered how, he would definitely be singing ‘Lollipop’ right now. “Tu te sens si bien autour de moi (You feel so good around me).” he hums, moving his hips.

You groan against his skin, vibrating your mouth. Sebastian moans deep from his throat, adam’s apple bobbing up and down like crazy. “Je ne peux… pas (I can not)-” he grunts, dick twitching before he completely lets go. “Y/N!” the Warbler shouts, watching you swallow. He breathes heavy, hearing the door creak faintly. “Avez-vous entendu que (did you hear that)?”

“OH MY GGD!” Tina yells, covering her mouth before she runs away.

Your eyes widen and you stare up at a blushing Sebastian. “Do you think she’ll tell the rest?”  you whisper as you stand up, voice hoarse.

Sebastian stares at you, frowning, “Ce qui pourrait arriver (what could happen)?” he smirks, pulling up his pants.

rudelyfe  asked:

Do you by chance have a list of vblogger ( dark skin make up gurus )for newbies ? I'm On the I just learned that there are two types primer ( eyes / face ) level .

@rudelyfe how much eyeshadow do you use?

Tina Marie

Too Much Mouth <- she is a DIME!


Ju dore

Jackie Aina

Cydnee Black

Toni Olaoye <- a bit on the advanced side, but she does awesome full faces


Uche Natori <- not sure if this is her, for some reason her old content is gone and this page isnt verified

I am Adija.k

Amor Antasia


Destiny Godley




Rose Kimberly

Tiarra Monet

Chloe Kitembo

Im gonna go ahead and throw in these ones, they are questionable dark skinned girls with AMAZING videos


Aliyah Maria Bee

Beauty Glam Paris

Lost and Found Part 2

Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: Newt and Reader are taken to MACUSA, where they find out that they are in for an even bigger mess than they’d hoped for.

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry for being MIA again! I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing since I have been so busy! Enjoy everyone!

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He heavily transferred the apparation. His eyes darkened, his whole body tightened painfully in a spasm, and he sank to the frozen ground with a moan. In his head it was noisy, and how through the cotton wool he sorted out Goldstein’s words.

— Please, sir, help me get you home. We can not stay outside for long. First, it can be dangerous here, I do not know what kind of place it is. Secondly, it’s cold outside, and you can get even worse if you catch cold. I can not use magic to levitate you, because I’m not sure that nobody is watching us and will not see what I’m doing.

Looking at the full anxiety and concealed fear girl’s brown eyes, which seemed absolutely black in the early morning darkness, he nodded convulsively, grabbed hold of her thin arms and slowly began to rise.

When he got up, he heard the subdued sigh of the girl, who took over most of his weight. She wrapped her arms around his belt, supporting and guiding, and slowly guided them toward a small white house, a hundred paces from them.

The distance, which seemed small at the beginning of the journey, in fact proved to be torture for both. From the last forces having overcome the last frontier in the form of an entrance door, he fell to the floor, unable to stand any more. Behind him was the sound of the door being closed, and he felt his body rise above the parquet floor without his help. Finally, outside the zone of visibility of strangers, Goldstein was able to apply magic.

Gently lowering it to the couch, standing right there, not far from the entrance, in a small living room, the girl ran around the room in search of the necessary things. First she rushed to the bag and took out a multitude of bottles with multicolored liquids and ointments from which the familiar medicinal smell emanated. She grabbed one bottle with a dark liquid and raised a pre-prepared spoon to his mouth.

we've got tonight, babe

fandom: glee
pairing: blaine/sebastian
words: 2030
summary: Blaine takes Sebastian to Will and Emma’s wedding.
Seblaine Week 2017
- Day 1: Marriage/Arranged Marriage

AO3 link

“You know, you’re not bad at this whole boyfriend thing.”

Sebastian hand falters as he starts the car but thankfully Blaine is buckling his seatbelt and doesn’t notice. They’ve been dating for a couple weeks now and Sebastian’s still not sure how it happened. He feels like he’s done nothing but fuck up with Blaine since he met him, so the casual confirmation that he’s doing something right is jarring.

But then, it’s early and he had just handed him coffee, meaning there’s a good chance Blaine’s only saying it because Sebastian’s enabling his caffeine addiction.

So he just smirks and says, “I don’t know why you’re surprised. I’m good at everything I do.”

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A/N: @faslaidir asked for my take on the Newtina prompt ‘letters’, and then this happened. A couple things to note: this is kind of canon-compliant but not really? There’s no war, and it takes place a year after Newt gives Tina a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.


He writes her a letter every day. Rain or shine, there is a sharp tap at her window every evening at 7, and there it is, every day the same owl with a letter tied to its leg. She doesn’t think of the hands tying it on, because she knows that the letters are sorted before being transferred across the oceans, and that the hands that tie them to the owls are not the ones she misses. No, Tina focuses on the letter, the messy scrawl at the front scribbling out her name in green ink. Miss Tina Goldstein, followed by some nearly illegible lines that she knows are her address.

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I Think (Queenie Goldstein x Reader)

Originally posted by hardyness

Queenie Goldstein x Reader
Warnings: None
WC: 358


Request:  Could you do a Queenie x reader bit? Fluff?


Note: Thank you for requesting! It’s short and I apologize because I didn’t know what you wanted ;-; I still hope you all like it and feedback would be great ♥

- Kari


“Good morning, (Name)! It’s time to go to work, sweetie.” You couldn’t be mad at waking up to her honey filled voice. Every morning was a good morning when it came to Queenie waking you up. When you open your eyes, she was staring right at you with those clear, bright eyes of hers.

“C'mon! We don’t want Tina dragging us out of here. I have your clothes ready on the chair and breakfast is on the table.” She gave you a quick kiss on the cheek and walked out your room.

You walked out of your room, dressed and ready to go. When you sat on a chair eat, Queenie couldn’t help but stare at you with a brilliant smile.

‘You’re making me blush, Queenie.’

She giggled at your remark and continued to eat. Tina looked at you two back and forth, knowing very well Queenie read your mind.

“You guys are going to make me vomit. Date already, please.” Tina laughed, stuffing her mouth with eggs. Queenie and you exchanged a look, and started having a giggling fit.

“We haven’t told you, Tina. We have been dating for a few weeks.” Queenie cleared her throat, waiting for her sister’s reaction. Tina’s fork fell to her plate with a loud clattering sound.

“No way! You didn’t tell me?” Tina smiled and placed her hands on yours and Queenie’s.

“I am really happy for you guys, but we’re late for work and I’m going to get chewed out by Mr. Graves.” Tina stood up, and motioned us to start walking with her.


After a long day of work, you three were tired and went straight to bed. Queenie followed close behind you and lay next you.

“You are so precious to me, (Name). I hope we get to grow old together and nothing will ever separate us.” Queenie sighed happily, and hugged you.

“Nobody is going to separate us, Queenie. I promise that.” You shifted to face her and gazed right into her eyes.

'It’s probably too soon, but I think I love you.’

Queenie’s eyes widen in surprise, but softened.

“I think I love you too.”

mediamaniac23  asked:

4 of ? you’ve been looking through the self-help section at a bookstore for at least 2 hours and this one employee keeps walking by looking more and more concerned every time Graves x Credence

Uhhhh. There were just so many ways this could’ve gone.

Modern AU | 577 | To Be Continued…?

The first time Credence walks by the self-help section, the man is looking at books on identity theft. He feels a stab of sympathy and moves on.

Unfortunately, the older man doesn’t.

The second time he walks by, it’s a book about stress management.

The third time, PTSD.

The fourth, alcoholism.

Then, sleep, relationships, learning to love yourself, and–

“Do you need something?” the man asks and Credence winces.

“I should be asking you that.” Credence clears his throat. “Sir.”

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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPcolorfulcooking

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

The assignment this weekend is to take pictures of healthy dishes using colorful ingredients. The goal is to capture surprising combinations of food that look good and taste good. This week’s project takes inspiration from the food-themed Instagram account @nourishandevolve, run by 16-year-old chef Tina Gan from Melbourne, Australia.

“I’ve been fascinated with cooking ever since I was little, and my Asian roots had a deep impact on this,” says Tina, who was born in China. “All the women in my family are very capable cooks. I started @nourishandevolve in 2013 because I thought it would be fun to occasionally document the food I ate. I never realized that the community would become so big and powerful.”

Beyond igniting a passion for photography, Tina’s culinary adventures have given her a deeper appreciation for the relationship between food and health.

“I’ve become more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth,” says Tina. “When creating a recipe, I always try to use ingredients that are easy to source and are full of nutrients.”

Here are some tips to get you started from Tina:

  • “Play around with the placement of the food. Don’t always place it dead center. Try and use some props to fill up the empty spaces in the photo - cutlery, linen and raw ingredients all work great.”
  • “Always use natural lighting. Try taking your food photos next to a window during the day when there is plenty of light. If you’re seeing a lot of shadows, try using a reflector to bounce light back onto your food — this can be just a piece of aluminum foil or a piece of white paper.”
  • “Having a variety of colorful ingredients always helps, but it also matters how you assemble the dish. Sometimes the messiness is what makes the photo. But wipe down the sides of the plate to get rid of the splatters, if required.”

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPcolorfulcooking hashtag only to photos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs to the project. Any tagged image taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning.