Ice Cream [Baekhyun]

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Summary: In which you, a somewhat cheeky and witty girl finds herself falling for the ice cream truck driver.

Word Count: 4 121

Type: Fluff (^人^)

Member: Baekhyun from EXO

A/N: I think this was inspired by the amazing strawberry ice cream I was shamelessly binge eating while my parents had a party I separated myself from that they were having downstairs. It may sound sad, but I got to eat ice cream and my seven year old cousin and I watched Kpop videos! (・ω・)ノ He likes BTS, and his bias is Jungkook! (I’m not surprised though, but I did tell him that his bias frustrates me, lol) Anyways, I hope you baby stars are happy and healthy and I hope you have/had a great day! X

Happy reading! (>人<;)

Ice cream sounded like heaven right now.

It was a hot, muggy, sunny summer day and both you and your seven year old cousin were sitting on the steps of your aunt’s porch simply talking in the scorching heat.

“Y/N?” Your seven year old cousin, Minhyuk called out for you as he flipped his sandy brown bangs out of his eyes.

You looked away from the site of your chipped nail polish on your fingernails in your lap and turned to your cousin, your heart clenching at his sparkling doe eyes and floppy hair. You smiled, answering him with a, “Yes?”

“Where do babies come from?” He curiously asked, and you found yourself freezing at his curiosity like a ice sculpture that had yet to melt in the blazing heat.

You know it’s not your place to corrupt your cousin with such naughty explanations, so you reached your hand out, ruffling his soft hair whilst saying, “That’s for me to know, and for you to find out. When you’re old enough,”

Minhyuk grumbled and crossed his chubby bare arms over his steadily moving chest, pouting adorably with his messy hair as he mumbled irritably, “I hate being a kid.”

“You won’t be saying that when you’re as old as me, MinMin,” You chuckled to yourself when you were suddenly reminded of the days where you were just like Minhyuk, always in a rush to grow up, only to be sighing to yourself as you’re paying your bills and wishing your were a kid again.

Just as you thought Minhyuk was about to reply to your statement, you heard Minhyuk gasp loudly and then you heard the sound of an ice-cream truck driving around approaching where your house was. Minhyuk, who was beyond excited by the slight thought of deliciously tasting and cold ice cream, stood up in rush before he stumbled down the stairs of the porch and ran in the direction of the ice cream truck.

He did all of that in such a fast paced motion that you can’t even recall seeing him even stand up. However, this didn’t stop you from standing up yourself and chasing after your cousin that had ran all the way to the parked ice cream truck nearby.

Minhyuk,” You called out for him in a stern tone, your hands placed on his shoulders as you attempted to get him to move away from the ice cream truck you’ve never seen before, which tells you a thing or two since you had moved in with your aunt when you were eight years old because your parents went through a nasty breakup and both your parents were said to be unfit to raise you. “You can’t just run off like that without telling anyone.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” Minhyuk innocently apologised with the sweetest dimpled smile that melted your heart. “But can we please get ice cream? Pleaseeeeeeeee!”

At that point, you decided to glance at the owner of the ice cream truck to avoid Minhyuk’s puppy dog eyes and you immediately regretted doing so, especially when you were met with dazzling eyes that were owned by a perfectly normal boy your age, who in fact looked like the cutest puppy that would make everyone’s heart skip a beat.

Golden blonde dyed hair that was slightly curled at the ends, sparkling puppy dog eyes, thin pastel pink lips that were used to display his pearly white teeth as he sent a heart-thumping smile your way. All your brain could really process was this one question: How in the world did such a perfect boy exist? There must be some law against humanity or something about being this gorgeous, you thought.

You looked down at Minhyuk, desperately hoping and maybe even mentally praying that you didn’t show any signs of taking a liking to the neighbourhood ice cream man and said to Minhyuk with a nervous smile, “Sure.”

Minhyuk instantaneously started screaming in delight when he heard your answer, you taking this time upon yourself to causally glance at the ice cream man as subtly as possible, which wasn’t the case because the moment you caught the tiniest glimpse of the ice cream man — mostly his blinding smile — you felt the need for an inhaler, or something that would supply you with the oxygen that vanished into the humid air.

“Alright, Mini Man, what ice cream flavour would you like?” The ice cream man with a nice smile asked your cousin whose eyes widened at the various ice cream flavours on the side of the truck.

While Minhyuk was animatedly scanning his options, you couldn’t help but solemnly stare at him to avoid catching the ice cream man’s eyes burning imaginary holes into your over-heated skin. Very uncomfortable with your current circumstances, you bravely dared to look at the ice cream man and watched as he shyly smiled whilst scratching the back of his neck. As he did this, you caught site of his name tag on his charming white and yellow stripped collar shirt.

Baekhyun (⌒▽⌒)

You smiled when you saw the smiley face he presumably drew on his paper name tag, this smile on your face receiving an unnoticed fond gaze from Baekhyun himself.

“I would liiiiiiike a rainbow sunset ice cream pleaseeeee?” Your cousin politely asked and you felt your heart clench even more when you were witnessing an all too sweet interaction take place.

“Sure thing, Mini Man,” Baekhyun replied to your cousin, Minhyuk excitedly clapping his hands together as he danced around in circles. “What about you?”

You looked up from your nephew and questioned Baekhyun for clarification, “Me?”

“Yes, you,” Baekhyun laughed and you swore your ears had been blessed by the sound of his gentle laughter. “Who could deny having ice cream in summer?”

“Someone whose lactose intolerant,” You cheekily talked back with a satisfied grin, your response smart enough to make Baekhyun’s smile drop as he asked with a look of horror spread across his face. “You’re not lactose intolerant, are you?”

“Luckily, no,” You smirked before you went on to look through the variety of options for ice cream. “I’ll have a strawberry surprise please?”

“Coming right up, fine lady,” You heard Baekhyun joke with an amusing wink, leaving you and Minhyuk alone in front of the ice cream truck while he prepared your ice creams.

“Y/N?” Minhyuk called out for you yet again and you looked down into your cousin’s doe eyes.


“I think that ice cream man likes you,” Minhyuk mentioned to you and you had to shove aside the urge to chuckle at your cousin’s theory. “He started driving by when you left for university and I’ve never seen him smile so much until he saw you,”

“You’re just imagining things,” You concluded negatively with a hopeful grin that confused your seven year old cousin.

“He’s not wrong,” Baekhyun confirmed as he returned with your ice creams, Minhyuk without any hesitation taking the ice cream and beginning to devour it. “Here you go.”

Immediately, you felt an immense bashfulness devour you like Minhyuk did his ice cream. Sheepishly, you took your ice cream and begin to dig in your pocket for some change. “T-thanks. H-how much will that, um…be?”

“It’s on the house,” Baekhyun claimed with a smile, that same dazzling smile shinning your way as he added on, “I hope to see you again, both you and Mini Man over here.”

You bit down on your bottom lip when you felt as if your cheeks were absorbing all the heat on that summer day. Your lips began to curve into a smile as you replied back to Baekhyun, “I hope so too.”

And as you walked away with Minhyuk that keeps on saying again and again about how he told you so, Baekhyun realised that damn, he’s really starting to like you.

After a handful of encounters with Baekhyun and an equal amount of lectures to Minhyuk about consuming so much ice cream, you had accepted Baekhyun’s invitation out on a date just a day ago.

As always, you were sitting on the wooden porch steps in the blazing heat with Minhyuk, just about ready to go back inside where there was now an air-conditioner installed, but refrained from doing so when you heard the familiar sound of the ice cream truck approaching your house and the loud smacks of Minhyuk’s black leather sandals hitting against the sizzling hot concrete pathway he ran on.

You stood up from your place on the porch steps, grimacing when you heard your sweaty bare skin peel off the wooden porch steps. You shook this off and walked towards the ice cream truck and saw Minhyuk accept yet another ice cream from his beloved ice cream man and your admirer, Baekhyun.

“You’re gonna give him cavities,” You claimed while witnessing Minhyuk happily lick his rainbow sprinkles ice cream.

“At least he’s smiling,” Baekhyun argued with a small fond smile on his face as he watched Minhyuk being the happy and incredibly adorable kid he was.

“He won’t be smiling when he has no teeth,” You responded rather quickly and smiled because of your quick comeback, the sight of your alluring smile enough to cause Baekhyun to mirror your smile.

Baekhyun crossed his arms over his chest while staring at you, well aware that it would grab your attention quickly, “Why are you staring at me?”

“Because I like you,” Baekhyun truthfully confessed without any bashfulness, “You’re beautiful, funny, smart, and really caring, especially towards Mini Man over here and I would like to take you out,”

“I’m not food,” You cockily remarked with a raised eyebrow. You forced your eyebrow down when you gradually began to smile merrily as you added on, “But yes, I’d like to go out with you.”

Finally!” Minhyuk cheered with a mouthful of ice cream between his thin rainbow coloured lips.

Baekhyun and you sheepishly laughed at Minhyuk’s reaction, but your attention was once again grabbed by Baekhyun, who said, “How about Friday? Let’s say…one o'clock?”

“That’s fine with me,” You mentioned to him, the ice cream man smiling so brightly and widely that his eyes shaped into crescents and you felt your heart punch at your shattering rib cage. “See you tomorrow.”

“See you,” He waved at you as you and Minhyuk walked back to your house. “See you, Mini Man.”

As you reminisced about how Baekhyun asked you out for the umpteenth time that day, your thoughts were interrupted by your aunt loudly calling out your name, “Y/N!”

Unexpectedly, you let out a high-pitched squeal as you launched from your place on your bed, grabbing your phone off the beside table and pulled a horrified face when you realised you spent another hour thinking about Baekhyun and mesmerising smile of his.

You stood to your feet, flattening out your hair that could of been messed up while you laid down on your bed as you approached your mirror. With one quick look in the mirror, you dashed out of your room but suddenly slowed down, not wanting to seem too eager about your date as you descended down the stairs.

In that time, Baekhyun had previously stood at your door, probably too confident because he had convinced you to go out on a date for him. However, when he saw you stepping down those stairs, not even really dressed any differently from what he usually saw you in but still felt the need to breathe in air from an oxygen tank. His eyes did as they normally did when you were around — watch you. Watch you walk down those stairs, watch you peck your aunt goodbye, watch you ruffle Minhyuk’s fluffy hair, watch you look up at him and smile — watch you in your glory.

“You look beautiful,” Baekhyun complimented you with an amazed smile spread across his face. “Well, more beautiful than you usually are.”

“Gosh, you’re such a cheese ball,” You laughed as you stepped outside onto the porch with Baekhyun. You waved to your family, proclaiming your love for them before you turned around and stopped for a second. “We’re driving in your ice cream truck?”

“Yeah, I’ve still got to work,” Baekhyun told you with a nervous smile while the two of you walked down the porch steps and approached the ice cream truck he mostly travelled in. “I’m on my break now, so maybe we can get some burgers and fries before I get back to business?”

“Sure, why not,” You agreed to his suggestion as Baekhyun helped you climb into the ice cream truck after opening your door for you. Once he climbed in himself, you hesitated for a second but then went to ask, “Is it possible if I could accompany you during your shift?”

Before Baekhyun could even start the ice cream truck, he turned his head to look at you with a shinning smile on his glowing face. “You can, but I just wasn’t expecting you to want to hang out with the neighbourhood ice cream man. Aren’t you afraid your friends might see us?”

“I’m not shallow like that,” You insisted to Baekhyun as he started up the ice cream truck and began driving it to a nearby burger joint. You crossed your arms over your chest as a smile gradually grew on your face. “Besides, I think they would probably be jealous of me because they would assume I’d be getting ice cream for free.”

“Which you do,” Baekhyn almost proudly chimed in, and you found yourself smiling even more. “I don’t mind giving you and Mini Man ice cream for free though, it feels right when I do.”

“But wouldn’t you want to buy something with the money we could of given you?” You brought up, slightly turning in your seat to fully focus your eyes on Baekhyun as he drove to the burger joint.

“I’d probably buy something for my parents because they’ve done so much — too much for me,” Baekhyun sweetly said to you and in that moment, you could feel your heart thump against your chest at his thoughtful choice of words. “I have enough stuff, it’s time I give back to them.”

You glanced down at your lap momentarily, crossing your legs as you looked upwards and stated with a faint smile, “That’s really sweet, Baekhyun. It’s nice to know you care about your family, too.”

“I can only try and be as caring as you are with your family,” Baekhyun attempted to compliment you yet again, which in the end made you laugh at his never ending efforts to try and make you as equally flustered as he was.

  “Stop complimenting me, you’re making me special,” You playfully responded whilst trying to fight the big smile desperately desiring to shine upon your face.

“You should always feel that way, regardless of whether I compliment you or not,” Baekhyun spoke without any teasing in his tone of voice, “You should feel special, because you are special.”

The fight against the smile on your face was completely, 100% hopeless at this point in time and you let yourself smile, your head hung low momentarily in an attempt to hide the smile.

“Is that a smile I see, Miss Y/N?” Baekhyun teased you, the teasing enough for you to slap his arm and murmur something along the lines of, “Shut up,”

Five minutes later and the two of you were seated in one of the many fire red booths in the 50’s styled diner that sold the best burgers in town. You marvelled at the decor of the store; white and black checkered tiled floors, red booths, waitresses with hair styled up to the sky, and finally a light up jukebox.

“Do you like it?” Baekhyun asked you when noticing you taking in every inch of the fairly large diner.

You smiled. “I love it, it’s so…vintage.” Baekhyun smiled at your enthusiasm towards the diner he frequently visited after completing his work in the ice cream truck, but before could say another word to you, a waitress around your age with barbie doll hair and a deceiving smile came to your booth and introduced herself, “Hello, I’m Jihye, and I’ll be your waitress this afternoon. Is there anything you’d like to have before I take your orders?”

Baekhyun looked over at you, confused when he saw the sour expression written all over your face. Regardless of this, he assured the waitress that you two were okay and would order your food at a later stage as the waitress herself was giving him heart eyes and biting down on her chapped lips. The two of you coincidentally ordered the same strawberry wonderland milkshake and chuckled at this, all the while your waitress was sending you a death glare.

Plastering an artificial smile on her Barbie doll face, she recited your drink orders and left to give your orders to the back kitchen, not without unnecessarily touching Baekhyun’s shoulder and letting her touch linger before she scampered away.

Baekhyun turned his head to face you once again, witnessing you rolling your eyes in irritation as you crossed your arms over your chest in an upset manner. Curious about your sudden change in demeanour, Baekhyun asked you, “Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” You sighed, “Just a little annoyed,”

“With?” Baekhyun raised his eyebrow in interest, and all you can do is shake your head at his blindness, or in your own words: stupidity.

“That waitress,” You grumbled underneath your breath, just the slightest bit mad with yourself for getting worked up with some flirtatious Barbie Doll flirting with your date. “She was rather touchy with you, and I don’t think that’s professional of her.”

Awww, you’re jealous!” Baekhyun happily cooed and you rolled your eyes at his accusations even though they are in fact true. “That is just too cute!”

“Shut up,” You commanded whenever you’re faced with the undeniable truth. “I just…I didn’t like the way she was touching you, or acting for that matter.”

“This is too good,” Baekhyun claimed. He gleefully reached over your table and grabbed your hands, your heart skipping a fair amount of beats when your skin made contact with one another. “Don’t worry, Y/N, you’re the only one for this ice cream truck driver, I guarantee you that.”

You bit your tongue when your mind registers that your were about to say, “I better be,” not necessarily wanting Baekhyun to know that he was finished with winning you over. A gasp falls from your lips when you heard the all too familiar lyrics of Heize featuring Dean, “Shut Up & Groove.”

With your hands being held by Baekhyun, you tighten your grip on his hands and dragged him over to the jukebox playing the song throughout the diner. You snickered blissfully as you allowed yourself to dance in public despite the strong protests in your mind. Baekhyun stood still for a while, amazed but also somewhat shocked because he didn’t expect — he didn’t expect your body to move like that, so skilfully, so naturally, so….he doesn’t even know if there’s a good enough adjective to describe how good your dancing was.

He followed your movements, not wanting to make you feel left out and instantly felt like he was on cloud nine, holding hands with the prettiest girl there as he and the prettiest girl there danced to the music coming from the jukebox. You two kids infatuated with music and one another danced to more songs before you ambled to your seats and almost drooled at the site of delicious burgers accompanied with fries and one gigantic glass of the strawberry milkshake you ordered.

You hadn’t eaten the same whole day, which explained why you basically ate like a pig. It didn’t matter though, Baekhyun didn’t mind at all because he ate like one too and even said he liked girls that didn’t care about what others might think. After consuming your food and some moans and groans expressing the unbelievable taste of the food, you two remained in your booth, talking for hours on end, learning about each other and one another’s interests.

“You have siblings?” You questioned with bright widened eyes.

“Yeah, three of them,” Baekhyun smiled as he stirred his respected straw in the empty milkshake you shared. “Two five year old baby brothers by the names of Taehyung and Jungkook, and one adopted thirteen year old sister, Nayeon,”

“They’re my life,” Baekhyun smiled sweetly at the thought of his adorable siblings. “That’s why I’m working as an ice cream truck driver. My parents…they’re working, but are struggling to pay for all the things my siblings want because they’re trying to save up for their college intuition and other expenses that better their tomorrow, so they don’t really want to spend any money to better their today, which is where I come in.”

“So, instead of using your summer vacation to relax, you’re working for your family’s needs?” You asked Baehyun, to which he hummed to confirm what you had said.

Welcome to the real world, baby.”

“You really are something, Mr. Baekhyun,” You observed with a suggestive smirk. “Something — unique, special.”

Baekhyun lifted his head upwards, sending you a shy small smile as he responded with, “I guess we’re both special.”

Baekhyun returned you home after the kind owner of the diner notified you that the diner was about to close, and the funny thing about your trip back home was that because Baekhyun had parked the ice cream truck outside and accidentally left his window open, the ice creams inside the truck had melted. All twenty of them.

“I…I had fun today,” You smiled radiantly as the two of you slowly approached the door, both of you not exactly planning on having your date to come to an end. “Learning about the man with melted ice cream in his truck,”

Baekhyun snickered, nervously sticking his hands into the pockets of his denim jeans as the two of you stood at your doorstep.

“I had fun too,” Baekhyun let out a giddy giggle, his giggle - with the amount of infatuation you were high on - incredibly contagious as you giggled with him, your combination of giggles possibly heard by your aunt and admirable cousin, Minhyuk that were inside.

You pushed away some of the hair that had made its way in front of your eyes, bashfully smiling when you noticed Baekhyun’s eyes trained on you. In the silence of the night, your head instinctively hung low. Out of nowhere, you felt a slender finger lift your chin and your eyes locked on one another. You blinked more than usual, holding your breath when Baekhyun leaned inwards, your lips inching towards one another at a steady pace.

Just as your lips were about to touch for the first time ever, you heard a loud scream coming from inside the house of, “Y/N!”

Following the thunderous footsteps coming from inside, the front door jerked open and you two spilt apart, pretending as if nothing had happened between the two of you — which nothing did, of course.

You’re back so late!” Minhyuk commented with his mouth hung wide open for the entire city to see. He glanced between both you and Baekhyun, sensing that he had interrupted something but still chose to turn to Baekhyun, saying to the boy in the cutest way possible, “I hope you treated her well.”

You laughed lightly as you went to ruffle Minhyuk’s hair while he groaned about you messing up his hair, looking straight into Baekhyun’s eyes as you spoke for him, “Don’t worry, Minhyuk. He treats me like an ice cream princess.”

“Oh, ice cream, ice cream!” Minhyuk started to sing over and over again, joyfully jumping in one place before he skipped inside in a flash.

As Baekhyun watched your cousin skip into your breezy home, you shoved aside any resistance in your mind as you grabbed the front of Baekhyun’s shirt, roughly reeling him in as you gently pressed your lips against his. Afraid that Minhyuk might come back and because of how unexpected you kissing him was, you pulled away not long after and simply walked inside your home, yelling out a, “Goodnight, Baekhyun! Drive safely!” beyond the closed front door.

Baekhyun stood on your brightly lit up front porch for a moment, soaking in the reality that you had actually kissed him first and when this did settle in, all he could do was shout out, “Woohoo!” for you and your entire neighbourhood to hear loud and clearly.


I hope you baby stars enjoyed this scenarios as much as I enjoyed writing it! :)x

XOXO Admin Tina :)xx

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23. Seek shelter Quinn/SW :3

So I, for some reason, read that as 22 (Caught in a Storm), but it kind of works for both? I think? But I think the fact that I completely misread it is my cue to go to bed now lol.

23. Seeking Shelter

It was her own fault for deciding to risk Dromund Kaas’ capricious-at-best weather without an umbrella, and she knew it. That fact didn’t actually make the situation any better, though.

Yin frowned, tucking herself even closer to the tree they had taken refuge under. Typically, she didn’t mind the rain; after years spent traveling about from planet to planet, visiting Tatooine and Hoth and everything in between, some lightning storms was nothing to complain about, and was always enough to remind her that she was home.

But typically, she would be in her home, or at least in the comforting protection of a raincoat or an umbrella or something. Not in light, elegant, definitely-not-waterproof robes that were getting more drenched by the second, pressed against the rough and slowly getting more wet bark of the first tree they had stumbled upon.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured, squinting out for any sign of the rain letting up. “I should have thought ahead. This is Kaas City, after all.”

When Malavai didn’t say anything, she turned, only to find him shrugging out of his coat. “Here.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s yours. I’ll be fine.”

“You need this more than I do,” he said by way of explanation as he moved to drape it over her shoulders.

“I—” She sighed, then stretched up to kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you, Malavai.”


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