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haveyoumetmissbabs {Helenaist, Galloper, Cake Pigeon & Victoria Wood}, mermaidscalesandfairytales {Tater Tot, Helenaist, Galloper, Cake Pigeon & Whovian}, mirandahartftw, tinafeyfan, whatkindofmandoesntcarryatrowel {Galloper & Whovian}

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yeah they better be or else idk what am going to do ..am glad am not the only one that got mad about this (:

yeah, while I like some of the people who were included (Jim Carrey, Maya Rudolph, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon), I am not as big a fan of them as I am of Tina so it really stings that she wasn’t included. She has been one of the top names in comedy for the last few years so it feels particularly strange that she wasn’t part of it. The images seem to have disappeared from my dash now so it’s easier to ignore it now lol