Tickled Pink-Newt Scamander x Metamorphmagus!Reader

Request: Can u write a newt x Metamorphmagus!reader? The reader is friends with Tina and Queenie and they visit the reader with newt at her place where she takes care of animals that are abandoned (magical and nonmagical) and he is smitten with her.
A/n: I enjoyed writing this one, Update: Part two is already up (link at the bottom) :)
Warnings: none ^-^

Newt readjusted his coat and sat his case handle in his hand as he absorbed the surroundings. The air was crisp and had a sweet scent to it, most likely as a result from the myriad of flower bushes that sprang up around everywhere. A small home that looked quite finished and modern for the time stood in front of him, and vines laced with more flowers climbed their way up the sides of it. It appeared neat and elegant, simple yet bursting with life.

Today he had tagged along with his friends Tina and Queenie Goldstein to visit and have tea with you at your home. He hadn’t heard much about you, but from what he did hear, he assumed that you was a nice person.

“Queenie did you remember the pie?” asked Tina.

“Of course I did. You worry too much,” replied Queenie with a slight skip in her step and a smile.

The three had walked up to the door and knocked to alert you that they were here. Newt stood back on his heels and closely admired the flowers that had strewn off from the balcony above them. He turned his attention back towards the door when the lock started to unclick, and there at the door stood an old woman wrapped in what appeared to be a long scarf. Newt wasn’t sure what to expect of you, but he definitely expected you to be, well, a bit younger. Suddenly, the appearance began to shift. The creased wrinkles disappeared and frayed silver hair turned back to a silky (hair color). The years began to melt away, almost as if you were standing in a portal that was taking you back decades in time. When you finished, the appearance of an old woman was long gone, and a younger excited version of yourself stood in the doorframe. Newt stared in awe, for you looked radiant and beautiful.

“Queenie! Tina! You came!” you shouted as you engulfed them into a hug. You hadn’t seen them since you visited them last summer, and you wished you could spend more time together. When you all let go, Queenie went over to pull Newt by his coat sleeve towards you.

“Honey, this is our friend Newt, the one we wrote to you about,” announced Queenie, “And he’s like you!”

Newt shyly blushed and extended his hand towards you before introducing himself, “Yes, I’m Newt, Newt Scamander.”

You blushed as well answering, “Y/n Y/l/n. Sorry about that little appearance change there, the old lady look cut the suspicions of the No-Majs” before your hair became a faint pink color out of nervousness. Newt watched the sudden change not with disgust, but with infatuation and curiosity. You noticed his expression and laughed a little.

“I’m a metamorphmagus, my hair does that a lot actually, haha.”

The two of you released your hands and Newt couldn’t deny that there was a tiny tingle.

While you were leading them inside, Newt looked back at Queenie to whisper.

“Queenie, what makes her like me? What is it that-,” but he didn’t get to finish his as he was fascinated not by what was inside of your house, but who was inside.

The table that had been prepared for tea was occupied by a few pixies that were helping set up a few more cups and sugar, and in one of the chairs rested a sleeping Kneazle. In one of the adjacent rooms, a small group of dogs and cats played with strings and napped next to the fireplace mantle. Newt continued to stare in awe as a snowy owl swooped through the window and then perched itself of a coat rack.

“I hope you don’t find this weird.”

Newt jumped slightly, since he didn’t know that someone else was in the room as Tina and Queenie had went off elsewhere. You had appeared behind where he was standing.

“None of them had homes so I let them stay here. That’s why I try to not draw attention from the No Majs, because some of the creatures are magical and they wouldn’t understand,” you spoke as your hair mixed into an embarrassed shade of pink with a saddened blue hue. Newt didn’t want you to feel ashamed at all for what you had done, for what you did was incredible.

“Of course it’s not weird, it’s amazing!”



Newt began to blush a bit more as the two of you locked eyes again. He hadn’t even known you for more than fifteen minutes, yet he was infatuated with you. Your beauty was illuminating and alluring, but your personality and care for creatures, whether they were magical or not, was what he was most attracted to.

“How did you find all of them?” he asked as pixie had come to rest on his finger.

“Well, some of them, like the cats, would always come by for food so I let them stay a bit. Marian here,” you paused and gestured to the snowy owl who was now picking his feathers before continuing with your explanation, “He had a broken wing from a raging storm. Now he’s like my little mail carrier. Oh and this here is Finnic.” You stopped once more in order to open your pocket to allow a tiny little bowtruckle crawl out and onto your hand. “I found him when the other Bowtruckles out back in the tree were taken by smugglers. Apparently they wanted them for picking locks or something. They weren’t too happy when I hexed them.”

“The bowtruckles?”

“No the smugglers. I had to handle it myself since MACUSA is really against magical creatures for some reason.”

Newt’s heart was heating up and bursting. He had never met anyone quite as amazing as you. Your heart was that of pure gold and your defiance towards MACUSA in order to protect the creatures made his heart soar. You were different, but different and incredible. He wanted to know more about you, he wanted to know your story. He hadn’t felt like this in years and often doubted that he would ever again. Yet you had proven him wrong and started to steal his heart without even knowing it yourself yet.

You had all sat down to talk over tea and it went extremely well. Everything was delicious and sweet, and the room was filled with chatting about everything from Newt’s work to why Tina was so lenient with you keeping creatures (apparently she wasn’t aware that you were keeping magical beasts until recently, but her mindset had changed). He had also kept making awkward glances at you, but he couldn’t help it. There was something about you that kept drawing him in, like a Niffler to a gold coin.

You were fascinated by Newt’s interest in the creatures and the fact that his briefcase was full of them. He wanted to show you right then and there, but he and the sisters had to go, much to his dismay. He had helped you tidy up before goodbyes were exchanged.

After hugging Tina and Queenie, and promising to write and visit soon, you hugged Newt. His hug was firm yet still soft and inviting, which was strange for someone you had only just met. Newt took in your flowery scent and blushed when you let go. Your hair was still a radiant mix of the salmon pink color, and no matter how much you wanted to hide it, you were nervous and slightly attracted to the Magizoologist.

“It was lovely meeting you,” he said as he looked down at your hands. They were smaller and more delicate than his, and he just wanted to hold them in his own.

“You too, you can come visit whenever, plus you have to show me that case of yours next time.”

“Yes, the creatures would love to meet some new friends,” he smiled, a spark of happiness emerging in his eye.

“Are you busy next week?” you asked, and feared risking your new relationship with the friendly man. You weren’t going to ask him, like what if he was already in a relationship? Or maybe he didn’t want a relationship. You were so confused at your sudden feelings.

Newt frantically replied while caught off guard, “N-Not at all, I um, I’ll write to you, to keep in touch until then of course.”

“I’d like that, Newt.” You smiled at him while he furiously blushed. He nodded in a farewell as he turned to go back with the Goldsteins, but before he did, you placed a small kiss onto his heated cheek.
When Newt was back with the sisters, he could hardly keep himself steady, for his heart felt full and heavy. His eyes had an affectionate gaze, and Queenie just laughed at him.

“Well Honey, those are some interesting ideas about Y/n,” she giggled.

Newt’s cheeks turned crimson, but Queenie wasn’t wrong about his thoughts. He just couldn’t seem to get you out of his head.

Part 2:


Masterlist: http://unscriptedtimetraveler.tumblr.com/post/156427727241/masterlist-thing

Older T/JJ headcanons and things:

  • Jimmy Junior gets Tina a calico kitten as a housewarming gift when they get their first apartment together
    • But for real, it was a gift for him and that kitten is spoiled rotten
  • During Jimmy Junior’s first Thanksgiving with the Belchers, he accidentally rubs Bob’s leg under the table thinking it’s Tina’s
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior like to cook together, and Tina gets Jimmy Junior a frilly pink apron that says “I kiss better than I cook”
  • Gene helps Jimmy Junior pick out an engagement ring
  • Jimmy Junior proposes to Tina at Pie in the Sky
  • Their wedding is in early May
  • Tina’s first pregnancy is unplanned, it happened after the condom broke during a particularly rough night
  • The smell of burgers makes Tina sick while she’s pregnant, which leads Bob to fear his grandchild takes after the Pestos too much
  • Jimmy Junior has deep fears and doubts about what kind of father he will be, and these concerns often manifest themselves in his dreams
    • The dreams never really go away, but they become less frequent over time
  • Tina goes into labor while she and Jimmy Junior are having sex
  • They probably have one more kid, planned this time
  • Jimmy Junior has sympathy pains on and off throughout her pregnancies
  • They are so in love with each other, their kids are disgusted with them all the time 

Girlfriend & Muse

Claudia Lennear

Claudia Lennear is an American soul singer. She has worked with many acts including Ike and Tina Turner, Humble Pie, Joe Cocker, and Stephen Stills. Lennear’s meetings with Mick Jagger and David Bowie are often cited as inspiration for The Rolling Stones’ ’Brown Sugar’ and Bowie’s ’Lady Grinning Soul’. NME editors Roy Carr and Charles Shaar Murray noted in 1981 that she was “yet to reply in song to either Mick or David”. However, in a 1973 article in Rolling Stone, she was quoted as saying that she wrote the song ’Not At All‘ "to inform Mick Jagger of his dispensability". Claudia sang back-up vocals on Joe Cocker’s 1970 Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour and live album, on Leon Russell and the Shelter People, and on George Harrison’s The Concert for Bangladesh. She appeared in the August 1974 issue of Playboy magazine in a pictorial entitled 'Brown Sugar’.

I was 17, maybe 18, and I thought we were just going out to the disco in LA. Then we arrived at the airport and I was immediately suspicious when I got to the plane and there were no other passengers apart from Mick, Keith Richards and the record producer Glyn Johns. But I wasn’t nervous. The Stones had a bad-boy image but they were perfect gentlemen.

Around the time Brown Sugar became a hit for The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and I were always seen together in restaurants and nightclubs in Los Angeles. That’s why people thought the song was about me, and Mick later confirmed that it was.

It was an on-off thing because of our different schedules, but we would talk all the time on the phone. He was a lot of fun to be with, although his public persona is quite different to the way he is in private. I found him a quiet guy who was very British, with good manners, so I was always smitten by his behaviour.” -about her relationship with Mick Jagger

I was also the muse for David Bowie’s song Lady Grinning Soul. I’d seen David’s show in Detroit, he asked me for some input and we struck up a friendship after that. I had to pinch myself a few times. This was the top one per cent of rock'n'roll that I just happened to make friends with. I was on quite a roll, wasn’t I?

              It was during fall, high school had just started and I was in my junior year. You had just moved from Trotokyo, I remember seeing you on the first day wearing a Kimono.  You got everyone’s attention with your gorgeous looks and I thought that I’d never have a shot, that you were well beyond my leagues.   I admired you from afar as you gained popularity with all the boys, though I now know that it was something you never wanted. One day I dropped my lucky D20, which I’ve owned for as long as I can remember.  It rolled down the steps and I chased after it, since magic was prohibited in campus, and that is when I saw you being bullied by a group of the popular ponies. They were picking on you because they thought you were trying to be more popular than them, which was far from the truth.  All you wanted was to make some friends but it seemed as though they didn’t care to listen.

              Can you believe that I was actually going to walk away at first?  I felt like a level one paladin fighting Tiamat and I was very ashamed of that. But when I heard the damsel’s cry, I ran in front of the threat without a second thought yelling, “Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins,” just like any heroic warrior should do. Though I got my flank kicked, what mattered to me the most was that you were safe.   From that day we were inseparable and became the best of friends.  About three years later I nervously asked you to be my special somepony, which at the time seemed more terrifying than trying to take on the Tomb of Horrors, you smiled and said yes.

              I never had much to give to you but about four years after becoming your special somepony I decided to give to you my most prized possession.  Everything was secretly set up well before the convention. I asked our friend Phathusa Moonbrush to help me pick out an engagement Choker, she had suggested a ring instead but I feared that you might lose it during a flight and it made more sense with the type of relationship we shared.  It wasn’t an easy choice to pick a day to ask you, but the last day seemed the easiest because it would be the least expected and you would be cosplaying as my favorite manga gal Fujiko.  Moonbrush had asked one of her friends to stage a photo shoot for the both of us while we visited her, needless to say I was more nervous as a rogue rolling to see if he could steal the crown off the king’s head. 

              As we began taking up different poses I quickly made a switch to one of my props. I got on my knees and pulled out a jewelry box, this was something we’ve been using all day for a classic ‘Lupin’ style scene that had a fake ring.  As I opened the box I saw your eyes light up in awe, you gasped, dropped your prop and froze. “My dear Sureibu,” I said slowly, “will you join my party and take the ‘Wife’ class?” You paused for a moment, which seemed as though a slow spell was cast on us, you dried up your tears and said “Yes.” You took the choker and laughed as you noticed what was dangling from it, the same D20 that led me to the greatest adventure I’ll ever have.

Full Scene Commission for RWBY-Fan alongside a snippet of his OCs’ story (which he wrote, of course!)

Guest-starring the OC and some art of Phathusa Moonbrush (warning: NSFW) and a smattering of OCs whose Tumblrs I don’t know/won’t divulge.

Commission Info is HERE!