[Tina’s cake looks just like an iPhone. In fact, every three minutes a notification pops up that reads “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA!! 😃🎈🎁🎂🎉” all followed by various birthday celebratory emojis. When cutting into the cake it appears to be dark chocolate, but upon taste it takes the flavor of that person’s individual cake preference.]

[ Tina was captivated by the cake that laid on the table. The amount of detail that had put into it. This might be the only acceptation she made to actually liking an IPhone, especially one that was good enough to eat. Tina looks at the cake closer, snapping a few photos of it to send her parents later and a little joke one to her dad about this being what an actual birthday cake should look like. Their were all the witchy apps their too from the tumblr app to the golden thread tarots, to all the fine detail. Tina jumped a little then a notification popped like an actual phone.   ”Oh my freaking aether!!” She gasps looking at all the emoji. 

This wonderful, wonderful cake could only be the craft of one talented kitchen witch. Tina makes it her mission to search for Adam. The moment she saw them she shouted for him,”Adam!” Practically jumping to hug him. She knew that them being happy was a rarity but when the moment came she was going to make sure that they bathed in it. “Thank you for making me a cake that isn’t actually burnt,” she laughs. Okay he might understand the joke but it meant a lot to her. 

“This is my first birthday cake with friends,” Tina confesses,”And you have made it perfectly.”

Older T/JJ headcanons and things:

  • Jimmy Junior gets Tina a calico kitten as a housewarming gift when they get their first apartment together
    • But for real, it was a gift for him and that kitten is spoiled rotten
  • During Jimmy Junior’s first Thanksgiving with the Belchers, he accidentally rubs Bob’s leg under the table thinking it’s Tina’s
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior like to cook together, and Tina gets Jimmy Junior a frilly pink apron that says “I kiss better than I cook”
  • Gene helps Jimmy Junior pick out an engagement ring
  • Jimmy Junior proposes to Tina at Pie in the Sky
  • Their wedding is in early May
  • Tina’s first pregnancy is unplanned, it happened after the condom broke during a particularly rough night
  • The smell of burgers makes Tina sick while she’s pregnant, which leads Bob to fear his grandchild takes after the Pestos too much
  • Jimmy Junior has deep fears and doubts about what kind of father he will be, and these concerns often manifest themselves in his dreams
    • The dreams never really go away, but they become less frequent over time
  • Tina goes into labor while she and Jimmy Junior are having sex
  • They probably have one more kid, planned this time
  • Jimmy Junior has sympathy pains on and off throughout her pregnancies
  • They are so in love with each other, their kids are disgusted with them all the time