Painting: Valentin Alexandrovich Serov By the window. Portrait of Olga Trubnikova. (1886) 

Photograph: Edward Weston Tina Modotti (1923)

The sun was bending low, the last, still bright rays were slipping through the open windows, falling on the varnished floor; the mirror was playfully casting its reflection on the ceiling. On the window-sills a shine was becoming more flaming by the minute, while a small swarm of flies was making a joyful humming, some of them biting her naked cold shoulders. All of a sudden a sparrow perched on the window-sill, looked inside the room with a smart, curious glance and then flew up, disappearing once more in the garden, among the green leaves and the transparent light of the setting sun.

Ivan Alexeyevich Bunin, The Life of Arseniev (translated by Colouringreflections)

Music: Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel Notturno in G minor (performed by Heather Schmidt)


Tina Modotti, photographe et révolutionnaire ! On pourrait ajouter couturière en Italie, mannequin à San Francisco, actrice à Hollywood, activiste antifasciste en Italie, prisonnière à Mexico…