The trouble with Tina as a character is that she’s kind of brittle, kind of uptight but you have got to love her as well. And that’s not easy. I know because I know the character so well. How much insecurity lies beneath and how much vulnerability lies beneath. Anyway, Katherine just nailed it in her audition.
- J. K. Rowling

I have 99 problems and Newt Scamander is 98 ¾ of them.

  • I always imagine that the real Percival Grave is very salty lad , that speaks the truth bluntly in normal conversation with his arrogant face and have a dry humor . Heck he's probably annoyed/intimidated a lot of MACUSA employee with his sarcasm (intentionally & unintentionally) and his deadly glare but deep down he cares too much.
  • Percival, looking at the report: *glares intensively*
  • New Aurors: *Sweats*
  • Percival: job well done. Tina , lets go.
  • However, he will never show it and Tina knows that. Talking about Tina , she maybe one of the few people can handle Graves' attitude as her mentor .
  • Tina: Did you just gave away your scarf to that second salem boy ?
  • Percival: I'm going to pretend that you didnt ask me that question.
  • Tina: But isnt that your fav-
  • Percival: *glares*
  • Tina: YEs , SIr
  • He's that type of person just who's just bad to react to any sentimental emotion . I wonder if Credence was crying or sad when they finally meet he probably don't know what to do and awkwardly pats his head or on the shoulder.
  • Percival: *awkwardly holding Credence* Tina help me
  • I also have this funny thoughts that the real Percival Graves likes to curse (maybe a little) and it can be assume that it will take weeks or months to find the real him SOmEWHERE.
  • Tina : Mr. Graves ! we came to rescue you

“No, no, don’t hurt those creatures — please, you don’t understand — nothing in there is dangerous, nothing!”

Newt and Tina - Deleted Scene
  • Newt: So, Tina, you’re a auror?<p/><b>Tina:</b> Yes.<p/><b>Newt:</b> Yes, obviously. Sorry. That wasn’t a question. That was just a preliminary statement before the actual question that I was going to ask, which is: how long have you been a auror?<p/><b>Tina:</b> Five years.<p/><b>Newt:</b> Five years, right. Five years. Well, that’s not a long time or a short time. Umm, do you like it?<p/><b>Tina:</b> What?<p/><b>Newt:</b> Being an auror.<p/><b>Tina:</b> Yes, I do. Do you like being a magizoologist?<p/><b>Newt:</b> Yes, I do. I like it, like you. I mean, I like it like you do, not I like it like I like you. I don’t like you. I mean, I don’t not like you, I just, I don’t like you as much as I like being a magizoologist.<p/><b>Tina:</b> Don’t you?<p/><b>Newt:</b> Well, not yet. I mean, I’m sure if I got to know you, I’d like you more than being … well, probably not more than, because I love being a magizoologist and I don’t suppose I’d love you … well, I suppose I might … no, I mean, I’m just gonna go and have a wander down the street now.<p/><b></b> *Newt leaves*<p/><b>Tina:</b> Is he always like that?<p/><b>Jacob:</b> No. He’s not really good at talking to aurors I’m afraid.<p/><b>Tina:</b> Oh. I thought it was because I was a woman.<p/><b>Jacob:</b> And he’s awful at talking to women, so I’m afraid you represent something of a Perfect Storm.<p/></p><p/></p>
Different, But Equal (Newt Scamander X Reader)

@kawaiichick101 asks/requests: I have a request for Newt Scamander. I was wondering if you could possibly make one where you’re an apprentice of newt but you’re mute. You grow jealous of Tina and want to admit your feelings to him before something happens. So you yell out the door as he’s leaving" I just wanted to tell that I love you, you big idiot!“ You starting to regret what you said and lots of fluff please! If you don’t have time or don’t want to do it, I understand.

Here it is! I hope you like it! Great prompt idea, hopefully I didn’t mess it up lol.



You tremble and you feel the familiar feeling wash over your entire body. A blood curdling scream escapes from your mouth for the millionth time that night. Immense pain is forced down upon you again and again, and you can’t do anything to stop it. Instead of fighting it, your body finally surrenders and you collapsed on to the ground, your head feeling like shattering glass as it hit the ground.

Your punisher sneers and takes a fist full of your hair, lifting only your head painfully off of the ground. He lowers his head next to yours so his breath tickles your ear. You shudder, whether it was from disgust or the spazzing pain of your muscles, you didn’t know.

“If you knew how to keep your mouth shut, you wouldn’t even be in this mess,” he whispers harshly. “But then again, where would be the fun in that?”

He releases your hair and points his wand at you again.

“I’m teaching you a lesson. Crucio.”

The excruciating pain returns. A scream erupts from your throat, ripping it raw and harsh. You tasted blood.
This was it, this was your end, your path to insanity.

A beautiful dazzle of white light appears around you and your abuser abruptly stops the curse and attempts to flee, but about a dozen Aurors block his path.

“How dare you use an unforgivable curse on a fifteen year old girl!” one of of the Aurors say loudly. “You will be sentenced to Azkaban.”

Some Disapparate with the man, while others looked around, lighting their wands, desperately trying to find you in the darkness.

You wanted to yell for help, tell them the pain you were in, but when you opened your mouth, nothing came out.

But the time they found you, you were curled upon the ground, hot tears streaming down your face.

“Are you alright?”

You wanted to tell them you weren’t, but you couldn’t talk. You were forcing your body to make a sound, create one word, but it fought back. It was useless, it felt like there was a wall at the back of your throat.

Instead, you coughed and blood drips out of your mouth. Your throat was burning like fire.

“We’ll get you help right away.”

All you could do, was nod.

*****11 years later*****

“Do you think you have what it takes to be the apprentice and assistant of one of the only Magizoologists in the world?” a cheerful lower Ministry classed man asks you as he leads you through the crowd.

You shrug and produce a tiny smile.

“Oh right, I keep forgetting that you can’t talk, sorry.” he apologized sincerely.

You just smile and shake your head, it didn’t really bother you.

The two of you finally arrived at the office of the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. You hear bickering on the other side of the closed door. You take a deep breath.

Becoming the apprentice of a Magizoologist was a dream of yours, you had always loved creatures, and what better way to learn about them than from an expert? Also, this particular Magizoologist was given an assignment to write a book and going to on an expedition to find magical creatures. It sounded exciting, although maybe a little bit out of your comfort zone.

“Good luck!” the man beside you whispers, handing you your personal file and you flash a smile towards him, signalling thanks.

You open the door to see two men talking. One of them had beautiful red-brown hair, with soft curls that lay perfectly across his forehead. He has freckles that were perfectly painted across his face and shining green eyes full of inquiry. He was also well dressed, wearing a beautiful blue coat and a cute little black bow tie. The other older man however, wasn’t as attractive as he was scolding the redheaded one.

“Just choose one already! There have been at least a hundred so far and you’re telling me that not even one of them are right? They’re all the same to me!” the older man screams and you grimace, this man was the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and he wasn’t the brightest or happiest wizard on the planet.

“Please, can’t I just do it alone? I’m perfectly capable. And besides, I can’t stand to turn down another witch or wizard with huge potential, I don’t want to be the reason for them to stop believing in their dreams, it just makes me feel terrible.” the red-brown haired man sighs sitting down at a desk that was overflowing with paper.

“(Y/N) (L/Y)?!” your boss yells, finally noticing you. “What are you doing here?”

You sigh and take out your wand, you hated doing this. You twirl your wand in the air and you write sentences in mid air, your letters suspended and sparkling.

I’m here for the opportunity to become a Magizoologist’s assistant and apprentice, sir.

“Hmm,” the older man snorts. “Well in that case here he is. This is Newt Scamander.”

You look to the attractive man sitting down at the desk as he raises his head to meet your eyes. He notices the letters of your previous sentence fading in the air and his eyes widen with curiosity.

Hello there Mr. Scamander, would you do me the honour to consider my application?

Newt takes your file from you and reads it for legitimately 5 seconds before snapping his head up to look at the grumpy man beside him.

“She’s the one.”

“If you say so,” he says, rolling his eyes and leaving the office. “Find out more about her before making your final decision.”
With that he strolls out of the room.

“Please,” Newt says gently, gesturing to the seat in front of him. “Sit down.”

You do.

“So, Miss (L/N),” he says, carefully reading over your file. “It appears that you are incapable of speech from a young age due to…oh dear, I’m terribly sorry.”

It’s alright. I hope this doesn’t affect my position though.

He smiles reassuringly.
“Don’t worry, it is completely fine. If anything it’s better for the creatures to be around someone who kind and quiet. Quite frankly, I don’t like talking all that much myself, I just make a fool of myself and continue blabber on uselessly, uh oh I’m doing it again.” he chuckles and you smile.

I was wondering if it was alright if I didn’t communicate this way.
You write, skillfully twirling your wand.

“And why is that?”

I only tend to do this when people can’t understand me, when they don’t have enough feeling or thought within them to comprehend. I believe that it is not impossible for people to communicate without words, when I write, I feel that none of true feelings show and there is a barrier wedged between me and what I write. I’d like to be treated as an equal.

“Of course Miss (L/N), do what makes you comfortable. I totally agree with you and I will accept you for who you truly are.”

You are different from the others, I knew it as soon as I met your eyes. You’re an interesting man, Mr. Scamander and I thank you, thank you for not treating me as though I am different. And please, call me (Y/N).

With that, you gently tuck your wand away and your words slowly start to fade after his eyes skim through the beautiful letters, rereading it over and over again until they finally disappeared.

“Newt.” he simply says with a smile, extending his hand towards you. You grasp it firmly and shake.

“Let’s see here,” Newt continues, making it feel like your little conversation had never happened. “You graduated from Hogwarts with extremely high marks, hmm wow. You can also perform spells and charms without the use of the actual words, impressive. It takes great practice and brains to be able to do that.”

You blush, enjoying the praise, as he continues to skim his eyes over your file.

“I know that I’ve only met you only a few minutes ago (Y/N), but you’re bloody brilliant! You’re the one I choose, no question about it. Now let’s go! There is no time to waste, there are creatures to be found!”


You and Newt had grown awfully fond of each other in the last few months. You had a quiet and sweet friendship, even though you were technically still his student. However, you started to fall head over heels for the man with the beasts and it killed you each time you wanted to tell him your feelings but couldn’t.
There had been countless opportunities when a simple statement could’ve changed everything, but you were disabled to say it and you could only watch helplessly as the man you loved never knew about your feelings.

But this time, it was worst.

You stood on the ship, jealously watching Newt gently stroke Tina’s hair and you stifle back a sob that was threatening to escape. You watched on, feeling completely and utterly powerless. All you could do was watch, watch the man you love fall for someone that wasn’t you. You thought it could work out, you thought you had a chance but there was no way now. You couldn’t compete with a strong, beautiful Auror like her. She could even talk, that had to be another bonus. Tina was the definition of perfect.

When Newt finally boards the boat, he has a huge grin plastered across his face. You look away from him. You felt more speechless than you already were.

“Well, that was some adventure, wasn’t it?” he says, with a look of pure happiness in his eyes.

You don’t flash him with a smile, a move that you had perfected over the years. You don’t even turn to face him.

Feeling confused, Newt turns you so he could see your face.


You get up and walk away to the edge of the boat and look out towards the sea.
The two of you don’t even look at each other for the rest of the ride.


“(Y/N), please tell me what’s wrong. You’re killing me.” Newt pleads to you from behind as you feed the Occamies.
You were back in England and in the safety and comfort of Newt’s case.

You don’t respond.

“Fine!” he snaps suddenly. “I’m sorry for trying to help out a friend! Have it your way, give me the silent treatment.”

Just a friend, his student, that’s what you were.

He stomps towards his shed and angrily opens up the door. He wasn’t used to you acting this way, it was weird and unnatural; he hated it.

“Ever since I met you, I just wanted to tell you that I love you, you big idiot!” the series of words escape from your lips, shocking both him and yourself. Your voice was coarse, husky and dreadfully unfamiliar. You knew that this was an exciting moment, you could talk! However all you feel is immense regret, what if you had just ruined what you originally had? What if he had already completely fallen for Tina?
You gasp putting your hand to your mouth.

“(Y/N)…” Newt says gently, slowly coming back towards you. “Did I really just hear that, did that really just happen? Do you mean it? Please tell me that it wasn’t all in my head.”

You don’t want to respond, you were red in the face and your voice sounded terribly unappealing.

“Yes,” you finally say, flinching when you hear your voice. You hated it, it sounded horrible.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because I couldn’t, how effective would words in the air be? They soundly be able to bear the weight of my feelings. And simple gestures? No, that wouldn’t have done much either, after all, I’m just your apprentice, nothing more.” you look turn away from him.

He doesn’t speak. He stares at you with those beautiful green eyes.

“I’m leaving tomorrow,” you say. “I don’t care if I haven’t finished my studies, and besides, you don’t need my help to finish the book. I’m just glad I was able to tell you, even if you don’t-”

“But I do.” he says, abruptly cutting you off.

“I loved you the minute you told me that you wanted me to treat you as an equal. The second you told me that I was different. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I was just scared of how you might’ve reacted.”

“And why is that?” you croak, your heart fluttering faster. He loved you, he really did.

“I didn’t want to seem like I was taking advantage of you, I wanted to grant your wishes and treat you as an equal, because you’re a beautiful person with an even more beautiful heart.” he breathes out, sounding relived. “I’m terribly sorry if it looked like I had feelings for Tina. I love her, as a friend, that’s all.”

“So friends romantically stroke each other’s hair now? I’ll add it to the list.” you smile and laugh as he turns beet red and starts to splutter. “I’m kidding!”

“Again, I’m sorry I did that, she just reminded me so much of you; strong, intelligent, caring. I felt like I was looking at you only, I wasn’t and my mind wanted it to so desperately be you…”

He shuffles closer to you and wraps you in an embrace. You melt into it, snuggling up against his warms chest.

“You really think I’m all those things?”

“All those and more. Also, you mastered Magizoology a long time ago, you are no longer my student (Y/N), I umm, never exactly told you so you wouldn’t leave me.” he blushes and you laugh. Your laugh brought new and unfamiliar music to his ears. But it was only filled with beauty.

“I love you Newt, and I’m glad I am able to tell you this heart to heart.”

“I love you too darling, and might I add, you have a beautiful voice.”


Thanks SO much for reading!

someone: hey you ok

me: yea im chillin

me internally: what did tina and newt do during the week between jacob losing his memory and newt going back to britain?? did he stay with the goldsteins? did they all hang out w the creatures in the case? did he let tina name one of the occamies?? did he try to find credence???? when did tina find the photo of leta lestrange??? what context was that in?? what was her reaction???? did they frolic around the city?????? what did they do???? in seven days?????

getinthefuckingjaeger  asked:

Psst Graves is the Godfather friend. The "i wanna try to comfort you but im not good with emotions so hey how bout you drop some names and I'll make them dissappear".

ohmigod i love you

Because let’s switch things up. To me, Graves is a man who loves his city and lives for his people, and I’ve always followed that up with his dedication to truth and justice and the law. Graves is man who believes in right and wrong, things which should be done and things which should be stopped, legal and illegal. Look at Tina and how much she struggles with the concept of illegal but morally right - and maybe she got that from somewhere, and maybe she got that from Graves.



Graves loves his city and lives for his people. The other people? Cardboard dolls in a meaningless world, irrelevant pieces on the sidelines of a show they weren’t invited to watch. He believes in right and wrong, he sorts things into things that need doing and things that need terminating, and he acknowledges that there’s a legal and an illegal but really that’s just the public face of what MACUSA can endorse. If it’s right, then it’s right. If it needs doing, it’ll be done. The law just determines whether he does it in the name of the law, or whether he… doesn’t.

It’s a simple concept. It keeps the streets clean. The American wizarding community was born riddled with criminals, murderers and thieves fleeing the laws of the old word for the freedom of the new - this is a fact. MACUSA was founded to rid the continent of the Scourers and restore order to an orderless chaos - this is also a fact. Gondulphus Graves was one of the twelve founding aurors, and this is the third fact.

Gondulphus Graves knew crime and he knew how to deal with criminals. This was why President Jackson recruited him. The Graves family became influential in politics, sure, and the sons and daughters of Gondulphus’ line were canny leaders and fierce with or without a wand in their hand, sure, but they were recruited because they knew how to bring order to an orderless chaos and they did. They did so with extreme prejudice and a trail of blood that MACUSA quietly pretended did not exist.

By the time you get to Seraphina Picquery and Percival Graves, it’s entirely possible that MACUSA believed the lie. This Graves is more subtle than his ancestor, after all, and he prefers to leave a hungry silence in place of a trail of blood. A wisp of shadow, curling around the doorway - a spatter of ink on the alleyway steps. You could walk right past the signs and never know, but the criminal underworld lives in fear of the black death’s freezing touch. They know. MACUSA’s aurors are taught to believe in the law and believe in justice and truth and believe in the rightness of the world and they do. They do, and Tina does, because they work in the light of day with the cases that are easy to judge and the moral calls that are never too grey to make. Graves prowls the mottled shadows at their heels and keeps them safe, his auror department, because Gondulphus Graves was asked to make MACUSA the heroes and Percival Graves continues the family trade.

You think Grindelwald could just waltz in and take this? Layers of deception that whisper like lies in Graves’ every step, a line of dead that stretch to hell and back following their piper through the alleys of his kingdom - you think Grindelwald could have taken this? Graves stepped back as it pleased him to do, hunted the edges of the path Grindelwald thought he’d made and smiled tiger-soft at each muddling step the dark lord took towards his end.

When Grindelwald is arrested, it’s Graves who is welcomed back with relieved applause. When Grindelwald blows his chances, it’s Graves who takes Credence’s hand and leads him into the dark. When Grindelwald hisses threats at the man with an army in his suitcase, it’s Graves who kisses his palm and promises to keep him safe.

The obscurial is fragile, a spider-web of fractures waiting to break, a mire of sharp edges that never healed smooth. Graves pours liquid gold in every crack and remakes him into something beautiful, and he does it with honest words that never hide the ice burning in his smile. Credence needs love, yes, but Credence was given love and taught not to trust it so Graves gives him truth. He shows Credence his empire and he shows Credence the bones of those who oppose him; he shows Credence strength and how it can be used to protect; he shows Credence loyalty and how it’s won through respect that sings like fear in the waiting night.

Credence understands bringing death to those who have brought hurt to you. He understands power and how it surges when his family are threatened. He understands fear and how it never lies like love. Credence was a boy who could have been good and Credence was a boy who wanted to be kind, but Credence is a man who will be great and Credence is a man who shows mercy in death.

You can’t really think that Grindelwald could have taken this from Graves?

The man, though - the chaser, not the seeker, the man with scars down his back and his heart flayed open on his sleeve, Graves is careful to keep the truth from him. He never lies but deception is woven so much tighter than words, and there is something bright in this man that Graves’ shadows would tarnish. He is careful. The man is precious and he is to be protected, and Graves hovers over him and around him until whispers spread through lightning rain - the black death hunts those who hunt Newt Scamander and there’s a demon feeding off the destruction in his wake. 

Graves gives Newt his creatures. He gives him a girl, Credence’ girl, and he gives him a garden of sun-kissed love. He takes Newt’s hand and leads him forwards, and Credence swirls behind to sweep their footsteps clean, and they’re happy. Modesty has her brother and Newt has his Graves and somewhere on the fringes Tina’s throat is bleeding as she screams warnings that neither of them can hear –

Perhaps not everyone in MACUSA believed the lie, but Graves had more important people to deceive than them.