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Killing Hex

Pairing : Percival Graves x Reader

Request :  Hey :) I wanted to ask if I could request one where the reader broke up with Percival because he’s constantly working and he really regrets that and tries to get her back? Cute and a little smutty maybe? Only if you’re comfortable with that! :) ❤

Warnings : The f bomb is dropped.


You broke up with Percival Graves two weeks ago. 

And the both of you weren’t doing so well. 

It had all been too much. He would cancel dates last minute, not pay attention to your romantic gestures, he barely even talked to you. You tried to understand his situation.  He was after all the big bad Director of Magical Security, a post that came with a plateful of responsibilities. 

But, you weren’t exactly walking though field of roses either. Being in charge of crime investigations required the same amount of dedication and work. And yet, you still found the time for him, trying hard to save what’s left of your 9 months relationship. 

Then, it got too one sided that enough was enough. The worst part was that you were sure you were in love with the man. But, loving a man who didnt have time to return your feelings wasn’t ideal. 

The image of kissing his cheek, muttering how you didn’t want to hold him back anymore, how you wanted more than what was going on what still fresh on your mind. 

Now you weren’t sure if you could handle this much attention. There was countless enchanted messages that were being sent to you asking for forgiveness, for a second chance. Percival would try to reason with you, pass lingering looks in meetings.

At first, you felt angry and bad for him at the same time. Then when the anger faded,  you decided to have some fun with it, basically wanting him to feel how you did when you was in his position. 


A whip of air surrounded you as you apparated to the scene. ‘Look for anything that indicates Grindelwald himself was here.’ you ordered your team members. ‘ Be safe, guys.’ Three of them nodded in response, quickly running of to different directions with their wand at guard.

You held your wand in your left hand as you forcibly pushed pass the remains of blown up wood and glass. You had arrived on the scene after receiving information that Grindelwald’s fanatics had caused another commotion, but this time they left behind a big clue, so naturally it seeked your expertise.

Your grip tightened on your phoenix feather wand when you caught a glimpse of another person standing ahead of you, wearing what looked like a long black cloak. 

You quietly tiptoed towards the person, making sure to not make any sound because the mysterious figure clearly was one of MACUSA’s. You could make it out just by the way the person was standing, far from your but wand at the ready for attack. 

Then it all happened so fast. In a split of a second, a streak of green light was aimed towards you from the unfamiliar figure, and an usual twirling sensation from an apparation took over, all before you could counter attack the owner of the hex.

‘What the hell were you thinking?!’ a deep, panicked voice asked you, holding onto your arm roughly. 

That voice. 

You didn’t have to look up to know Percival had apparated you from the scene, hiding the both of you in a small storeroom in the restaurant. 

You quickly pulled your arm away. ‘What the hell did you do? I almost had him!’ you exclaimed, annoyed. 

‘That was an death hex. What if you missed your aim back?’ Percival asked, reaching towards your arm to examine for any injuries. 

‘What do you care, anyways?’ You asked, gruffly. 

He immediately stopped his actions, took a step back and leaned back against a wall. ‘I don’t usually miss the opportunity catching an outlaw for someone I didnt love.’

Your heart stopped slighty a the word that he had said with no difficutly, hesistation or whatsoever. 

Not knowing how to react even after 5 seconds of awkward silence, you cleared your throat, tearing your gaze away from him. ‘I think… I er think they should have le-left.’ You weakly muttered out, hands on the doorknob. You had to get away from him, to think and process what he had just said.

A hand held your wrist, stopping you from leaving. ‘ I am sorry for how I allowed the relationship to turn out. But, I love you. And with that, I promise you that from now on, things will be different when it comes to us. You have to believe me.’

You were about to walk away and ignore his pleads, but a small voice in your mind remimded you that you wanted him back just as much as he wanted you. And, it was time to forgive.

 ‘Oh, fuck it.’ you heard yourself whisper out as you pulled him by the collar, crashing your lips to his.  

The both of you stumbled in  small space, your hands eagerly pushing his coat off.

Both of his hands cupped your face, deepening the kiss. Percival pushed you further against storeroom wall, pulling your hair to another side, kissing the bare skin on your neck. His hands clumsily unbuttoned your white button down as his mouth lightly sucked on the skin below your ear.

‘Good, because I love you too.’ You confessed, your right palm tangling themselves in his hair. His hands lifted your right leg, holding it at the side if his waist as he pushed against you, heating up the moment even more.

A sharp bang on the door caused you two to pull apart. ‘Oh, we were looking all over for you Mr Gra-’ you heard Tina’s come to a halt when her eyes widened at the sight of your half unbuttoned shirt and Percival’s messed up hair, coat and tie thrown on the floor. 

‘Well, I’m err. I’m going to pretend this never happened.’ Tina said, throwing a wink at you before shutting the door close in a hurry.

A small giggle erupted from you at her reaction as you pulled Percival by the collar back to you, a smirk plating at his lips. 

‘Where were we?’

A/N: I HOPE I DID JUSTICE TO YOUR REQUEST DEAR ANON ! PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT. Not gonna lie, this took a lot of editing so that’s why it came out rather late. The first one was too smutty and she sounded wayyy to clingy in the second one. But, feedback is really appreciated. Also, guys send in requests! I would love to write more for yall. 

Saved You!

Newt Scamander X Reader

Word Count 819

A/N I recently went to see the film and got all the feels so now I’m taking requests for Fantastic beasts and where to find them! Love this film and the characters but the beasts are amazingly thought out the whole harry potter world is amazing!

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

You groaned as the magical alarm bells rung in your head, Newt was in trouble again but you weren’t in New York, you knew that’s where he was because he had told you that you couldn’t come after a really close call he had demanded that you stay behind. You rolled onto your side when the ringing in your ears didn’t stop. You sat up and stretched before getting dressed, you were angry with him so you didn’t rush. You managed to get on a ship without actually paying and made your way to New York. Once you got there you began your search for him, you knew that case had been taken from him and in the time that you had spent looking for him you had been alerted that was taken again this time by strong magic, so you ‘snuck’ into MACUSA, you were sure that the magic energy would have come from there. “Hey! You! Where are you going?” a voice asked as you continued to sneak through doors until you came to set of stair leading down.
“This place going down!?” You asked not just curious, you had given up on finding Newt at this point you just wanted to see what was down the stairs.
“Hey!” Someone grabbed your arm and you looked back rolling your eyes and hitting him in the throat. You looked back and sighed moving away from the door, it will have to wait soon enough someone will notice that there is someone missing, you moved to the higher ranking officers checking in most of the offices and then coming to a locked door, you tried every incantation that there was for a locked door until you got annoyed and just kicked the door open there on the desk was Newt’s suitcase, you walked over to it and checked it over picking up and sneaking back out of the room, just as you turned the corner someone came down the hall and gasped at the broken door. You moved quickly coming back to the door the lead to the stairs, people were searching for Newt and someone called Tina, you sighed there was no way that you were getting out of there without being spotted so you decided to go down the stairs. You found yourself walking into a room filled with cells, you heard talking towards the back cells and slowly walked towards them, you recognised the blue coat covering the figure squatted in the front corner of the cell. You walked up and stood behind him.
“Stop sulking Newton, you’ll set a bad example.” You reminded him. He looked up so fast that you were sure that he got whiplash.
“(Y/N)!?” he asked.
“How many times are you going to lose this case?” You asked placing it on the floor next to you and opening the cell door.
“Who did you get in here?” The women you assumed was Tina asked.
“I snuck in.” You shrugged.
“You must be good.” she complimented.
“Mmm,the” You hummed.
“What?” Newt asked.
“Nothing, we got to go before they realise that the case is gone.” You answered avoiding telling them about the broken doors and knocked out the guard. You snuck up the stairs and opened the door, it smacked into the body of the guard that you had knocked out before. Tina looked at you and Newt raised an eyebrow. “I can explain" there was shouting “at a later date!”
“Thank God you’re okay!” a woman said walking up to you “oh don’t worry honey I’m not here to hurt you.”  You raised an eyebrow. “There looking for all of you.”
“I thought you said that you did this well!” Tina glared.
“I never said that.” You answered.
“All of you get in the case!” the woman ordered. You all did, once you were down there, the Niffler climbed up your legs to grab the bracelet you were wearing.
“Hey, hey, hey! Look this one is for you.” You smiled taking off one of the other bracelets and handing it to him, he ran off back to his cave with it and you noticed the silence, you looked over and Newt was smiling and the other two looked shocked. “Newt are you going to introduce your friends?”
“Oh! Um T-this is Tina and this is Jacob he’s a muggle.” Newt introduced.
“Nice to meet you both, I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) Newt’s girlfriend and partner.” You smiled shaking both their hands.
“I thought people called you annoying…” Jacob said.
“They do I punch ‘em for it.” You mumbled. “Now Newt admit you needed me.”
“I would have gotten out myself.” he answered stubbornly which was quite out of character to the other two.
“Uh huh… Well I saved you.” You claimed.
“And almost killed us.” Newt added. The argument continuing until Queenie came down to say that the coast was clear.

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*Part 2*