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Arrow Fic: Bitches Getting Stuff Done 1/1

Bitches Getting Stuff Done
Set post-4x12; no spoilers for future eps.
Inspired by a thought I had after last night’s ep.  Thanks to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline for reading this over and cheering me on!


Dinah had worked in teams and with partners.  She had worked with women before, too.  And speaking not just about herself, female cops?  They were the ones with the reputation.  The ones that everyone, from low-level toughs to big bads, knew not to mess with.  

But she was still pretty shocked to realize that tonight, she was here to be the buffer.  To play the good cop.  Because who would think the girly-pretty blonde tech genius and the brunette former party girl/current mayoral chief of staff would be playing so close to the edge?

Maybe it had something to do with the fourth woman, the woman they were here to deal with tonight.  The woman currently zip-tied to a chair in the middle of this dingy, cold warehouse.  

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Wonder Woman Theme - Why It Evokes Intense Power
Wonder Woman Theme Song - the story behind why it's so great! Erik Voss explains how Hans Zimmer's Wonder Woman music from Batman v Superman was composed, an...

This video is such a great musical analysis of Wonder Woman’s Theme Song and how Rupert Gregson-Williams carefully placed Hans Zimmer’s Wonder Woman theme song into Wonder Woman (2017).

“Rupert Gregson-Williams wanted to feature this melody [Zimmer’s Wonder Wonder Woman theme] but realized when we hear it in BvS, Wonder Woman has already grown into a confident warrior so it makes sense that her theme is warlike and well developed in its superhero confidence. However, this movie is Diana’s origin story. It’s about her transitioning into a superhero. So for the first hour of the movie, Williams crafted new music which he described as feminine but underpinned with percussion and propulsion. He wanted it to build a crescendo as Diana increasingly learned about the darkness in the world around her until she decides to take action. Then the turning point happens when Diana crosses No Man’s Land and once she gets to the other side Williams waits until that precise movement to finally hit us with Zimmer’s theme an hour and 17 minutes in right as Diana jumps into the German-controlled building and tear them apart  This is the exact moment that we see Diana transformed into a full superhero as she is bvS so naturally we hear Zimmer’s theme.”


11 March, 1964. The Beatles at Twickenham Studios filming the sequence for the song “I Should Have Known Better”. A set was built to resemble a train van, which was rocked while The Beatles mimed to the song. At one point, director Richard Lester had to stop the shoot because “the technicians were rocking the set in time with the song”.

Also participated in this scene Wilfrid Brambell, Pattie Boyd, Prudence Bury, Susan Whitman and Tina Williams