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There’s something about Sense8 that you will only notice if you are actually familiar with all/most of the original languages that should be used and that’s the way the narrative is written is completely based in the original language. I have seen a couple of post about how Lito or Sun’s dialogues were weird or too artificial and that’s because it’s a direct translation of their natural speech. 

It’s probably less strong in Lito because he lives in a world of Soap Operas, he lives and breath dramatic characters so his character is overdramatic and fake (something he totally owns and accepts) but when you listen to Sun, especially pre-jail Sun, you can see that her English is a direct translation of her Korean. The way the sentences are constructed, the emphasis and tone… she is not a Korean woman living an American life, she is a Korean woman living a Korean life in Seoul with the not-so-uncommon problems in the Korean chaebol sector. If you know a lil bit of Korean you are able to translate every single one of her sentences to Korean and they look authentic, the same way Lito’s sentences half the time would work way better in Spanish that they do in English. 

(Edit: several rebloggers have confirmed that, indeed, Wolfgang also talks a translated German, which only confirms the theory. All of this also explains the fact that every single actor comes with their original accent, they don’t try to mimic American/British accent but they have kept the accent they would have if they were talking in their original language and we were only listening to their English because we are connected with the Sensates. Sense8 tries to turn the viewer into another Sensate, in some sort of Jonas.  I would very much appreciate if someone can shed some light about the Swahili and the Hindi, though)

(Edit2: Thanks to r-ed​ we have confirmation that Kala’s English is also a translation from the original Hindi. As it happens with Korean, and probably Swahili too, these languages’ structure are pretty different from English, while German and Spanish have more similarities structure-wise) so the translation has been enriched to be understandable, but the basis of the Hindi language as well the accent has been respected. As I commented on an earlier post, the writers have understood that language/accent is part of the characters, but adapting their language to English they would have erased this side of them that is as important as their cultural inheritance, so it’s important that they only translated the language into a more understandable language, considering they interact with each other in a mental wave length, making it possible for each one to understand the other without the need to use the same physical language). 

Michael, Lana and Andy  have done an amazing research work and even though I’d be forever happy to see them talk more in their own languages I am so satisfied with the way the have handled the language issue. 



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Did he just called her “Doondoon”??! Awww my heart  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Sun: *thinking about what she's going to do with her a-hole brother*
  • Will, Nomi, Capheus, Lito, Kala, Riley: just do the right thing. (◡‿◡✿)
  • Wolfgang: your brother and my father are the same, the world is better off without them (ง •̀_•́)ง
  • Sun: i am now more confused than as i was before
Tomorrow is April 5th...

One month for season 2 of Sense8…


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But if the trailer get out tomorrow:

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This isn't the end Sensies!

I know this is the BEST news in a really long time for the show! And I don’t want to stop the positive vibes but this is NOT the end.

Netflix may think they have a pass now, that they won’t have What’s Up lyrics spamming every tweet anymore.

We can’t let them think they’ve fully appeased us.

A 2 hour finale is a God send but we all know how little they care about promoting this unique and brilliant show.

A finale is a good moment but high figures to match continues THE MOVEMENT we have been fighting for these many weeks. Lana says “who knows what could happen” after this finale.

One thing WE DO KNOW is that Netflix neglects this amazing show with marketing and promotion. Or lack there of.

We can’t just be resigned to a 2 hour special that won’t be promoted like OITNB and Stranger Things are. THIS NEEDS TO BE REDEEMED.

Good promotion means good viewing figures and good viewing figures could change Netflix’s money driven mind.

So, just in case they try to pull a fast one on us like Season 2, we have to promise to promote this shit.

Be as vocal as you can be. We’ve already proved our power in just 28 days. Imagine a year from now.

Scream your excitement on Twitter.
Create the quirky hash tag
Fangirl on Tumblr.

We have proven we can be passionate in a crisis. Let’s show them we are still as loud as ever with this 2 hour special.

my lovely sense8 fandom.. or people just entering the fandom or people just seeing what this tag is about (watch sense8 btw) remember to get more people to watch the show! that’s our biggest advantage. make your friends and family watch it! the more views the better chance we get of more & also because it’s a show with such a messege, it deserves to be spread. if u feel like it comment how many people u dragged into this crazy beautiful world of s8.