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anonymous asked:

Hi so like for halloween i sorta wanna be Tina. What episodes could i watch to make sure I'm Tina inside and out the whole day.? And if you have any tips i would greatly appreciate it 😊

(okay first of all, a+ idea)

well as for episodes, i’d start with the halloween specials:

Season 3, Episode 2 - Full Bars and Season 4, Episode 2 - Fort Night

because if you want to be tina for halloween, then of course you need to carefully observe how tina acts on halloween

and then to really get into the tina mindset, here are some tina-tastic episodes (though really every episode is a tina-tastic episode):

Season 1: Episode 4 - Sexy Dance Fighting, Episode 6 - Sheesh! Cab, Bob?, Episode 10 - Burger Wars

Season 2: Episode 1 - The Belchies, Episode 5 - Food Truckin’, Episode 8 - Bad Tina

Season 3: Episode 7 - Tina-rannosaurus Wrecks, Episode 10 - Mother Daughter, Laser Razor, Episode 12 - Broadcast Wagstaff School News, Episode 17 - Two For Tina, Episode 21 - Boyz 4 Now, Episode 23 - The Unnatural

Season 4: Episode 10 - Presto Tina-o, Episode 12 - The Frond Files, Episode 13 - Mazel Tina, Episode 17 - The Equestranauts, Episode 20 - Gene It On

Season 5: Episode 1 - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

and of course, get ready for our second episode of Season 5 - Tina And The Real Ghost

as for tips:
- don’t forget to be a smart, strong, sensual woman
- if you see any mermaids, ask them where their mer-ginas are
- wake up an hour early to write erotic friendfiction
- practice your groaning
- also practice your ‘everything is okay’ face
- be in love with 25 people at once
- put your bra on one boob at a time

hope this helps you have a wonderfully tina inspired halloween!

theirony-of-choking-on-this-dick  asked:

you probably get this question all the time. but whats one of your favorite episodes of bobs burgers?

oh man okay I do get this question pretty frequently and honestly I am terrible when it comes to picking a favorite of anything let alone a bob’s burgers ep

so here have a list instead:

crawl space, the belchies, bad tina, ear-sy rider, tina-rannosaurus wrecks, mother daughter laser razor, boyz 4 now, carpe museum, the frond files, the equestranauts, the kids run away, tina tailor soldier spy, speakeasy rider, the gayle tales, the oeder games