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For all those Harry Potter nerds out there.
Instead of using don’t judge a book by its cover
Use don’t judge a wizard by their house.


Women in the music industry are so fascinating and exceptionally challenging. With every album they manage to upgrade themselves to a higher level of superstardom. They challenge their abilities and do experiments with their music and though they may not succeed every time – it’s the thought and hardwork that matters. Be it Beyonce with her creativity and the way she creates masterpieces like her self titled album and more recently, “Lemonade” The vision, the execution is always so on point. She makes you cry with “Halo” , dance on “single ladies” or “crazy in love” , convince you to get political with “Formation”; Be it Adele who manages to make us cry when she sings the notes of “Someone like you” and laugh along with her and automatically smirk when she sings the sassy “Send my love to your(new lover) “ or scream along with her when she belts the powerful “Rolling in the deep”; Be it Madonna whose unique sound and musical style shaped popular culture for decades and made her someone who has been inspiring the new generation of female artists; Be it Celine dion who has literally the voice of an angel and continues to dazzle with her great ballads ; Be it Tina turner – the queen of rock n roll who continues to inspiring a legacy of rock artists ; Be it Mariah carey whose vocal range has impressed the audience everytime she sings one of her many classics; Be it ariana grande with her breathy vocals and high notes; Be it Whitney Houston – the power of whose vocals is second to none and who remains the most awarded woman in the history of popular music ; Be it nicki minaj who refuses to bow down in front of anyone and slays with her lyrics and her sassy musical delivery ;Be it lady gaga with her unique artistry ; Be it taylor swift who successfully transitioned from a country artist to a popstar ; Be it rihanna who doesn’t mould her accent and instead let her bajan accent take centre stage or be it the relatively new yet oh so talented lorde whose dark lyrics and impressive songs manage to haunt you.
These women are so talented and each one of them has a distinctive style which is impressive on its own. They may have a  varied fan base but nevertheless, the talent of all these singers is exceptional.

I feel bad for Mcgonagall
  • Mcgonagall: Mr. Pettigrew, where is Mr. Potter?
  • Peter: Doing stuff
  • Mcgonagall: then where is Mr. Lupin?
  • Peter: trying to stop James from doing stuff
  • Mcgonagall: and where is Mr. Black?
  • Peter: Stopping Remus from stopping James from doing stuff
  • Mcgonagall: if they are doing all of that, why are you here and not with them?
  • Peter: I have to keep you distracted so you can't stop Sirius from stopping Remus from stopping James from doing stuff
  • Mcgonagall: I give up *walks away*

the dark artifices ; character relationships l cristina rosales + emma carstairs.

“The way boys tell each other they love each other is very odd,” said Cristina as she and Emma ducked beneath a branch.

“Why can’t they just say it? Is it so difficult?”

Emma grinned at her friend. I love you, Cristina,” she said. “And I’m glad you’re getting to visit Fearie, even if it’s under weird circumstances. Maybe you can find a hot faerie guy and forget about imperfect Diego.”

Cristina smiled, “I love you, too, Emma,” she said. “And maybe I will.”

Malavai Quinn, actual flirting disaster in any universe.

Presently, he answered. “I must say I have always appreciated Bach, Miss Hei. But I do believe your playing has quite convinced me of Mozart’s merits. Mr. Drellik indeed spoke true about your talent. It is quite… captivating.”

“Captivating?” The query slipped from her lips without thought, hanging in the air between them.

“I— that is—” Mr. Quinn’s face flushed a deep, brilliant red, so much so that Yin could not help but worry that she had spoken too much. “I merely meant to say that I found your performance to be quite exciting, my lady.”

–Officium et Honestas Chapter 4



My Most Played Artists & Current Songs on last.fm LAST week! (Week of September 15, 2017)

#1. Madonna
#2. Michael Jackson
#3. Katy Perry
#4. Taylor Swift
#5. OneRepublic
#6. Tina Turner
#7. Fergie
#8. Why Don’t We
#9. Bruce Springsteen


The Illustrated Guide to Taylor Swift’s BFFs, from Hipsters to Homecoming Queens

At this point, there is nary a female celebrity who hasn’t made an appearance in a Taylor Swift Instagram. The 24-year-old superstar is friends with all kinds: models and movie stars, moms and teenagers, fellow musicians and felines. She lunches with Reese and crafts with Hailee; she FaceTimes with Selena and parties with Jaime. This weekend alone, Swift stopped by Lena Dunham’s Saturday Night Live after-party the night before roaming the streets of N.Y.C. with Lorde. (And this was just a few days after road-tripping in California with Karlie Kloss!)

In order to make sense of the Swift-ian social web, we decided to break things down, high-school-cafeteria style. We present:the illustrated guide to Taylor Swift’s BFFs. We have our Homecoming Queens: the prim, proper, gorgeous stars whom Swift can count on for an emergency cupcake-baking session or a spontaneous dance party. We have our Rebels, whom Swift turns to when she’s feeling dangerous (keep in mind: for Swift, “dangerous” just means, like, wearing a beanie). Then there are the Hipsters, with whom Swift can confidently rock her aviators and plaid. Miley, J. Law, Katy, Carrie, and Tina comprise our Frenemies, all of whom—to varying degrees—have had icy relationships with Swift. And lastly, we have our Cool Moms, none of whom has ever had a lunch that didn’t involve a second glass of sauvignon blanc.

TRANSLATION: What Stars' Golden Globes Outfits Are REALLY Saying

Hours of thought go into the making of a red carpet moment. What a star looks like, what brand she wears, what color, what her hair looks like - all of this is carefully calculated into her star image. That is, it must add up to how we, as the audience, see her. If it doesn’t, we get upset. 

(I.e.: If a wacky star wears a wacky outfit, it’s ok by us. If a poised, perma-polished star does, well then off with her head.)

This year I’m revealing what the stars are actually saying with their Golden Globes 2015 outfits.


Chapter 8

Something was bothering his brother. Even if Theseus’ letters came with the usual questions and the ambiguous comments about the case he was currently working on, Newt knew his brother was hiding something from him; it was just by the way his handwriting changed at the bottom of the letter or the way he had written his name. Theseus was worried. Perhaps it had something to do with Grindelwald.

Newt didn’t want to be another thing for his brother to concern for, so he decided not to mention he had started a relationship with Percival Graves.

Theseus could be such an overprotective brother sometimes.

Instead he wrote about his creatures and that Percival was doing an excellent job as the new MACUSA’s President.

Which was constantly true. Everyone seemed more comfortable having Percival as the President; the aurors were still a little afraid of him but Newt knew they also respected him. New York was becoming a more quiet city even though they still hadn’t been able to find the other dark lord.

Tina had taken her new position very seriously and worked twice as hard which prompted Queenie to scold her every now and then for not having enough sleep. But Tina was more alive and happy; she adored her job and was doing everything in her power to make New York a better place to live.

Newt was proud of all of them; MACUSA had slowly turned itself into a place where everyone thought about the well-being of the magical creatures they managed to rescue.

Percival had contribute the most to make that possible and Newt was so grateful to have someone like him in his life. He was constantly helping Newt inside the case, even if he was already tired, he always worried about him and his creatures, making sure everyone was fed and well rested.

That was the reason why sometimes Newt wondered how a wizard like Percival was interested in someone like… him. He was always expecting for Percival to finally realize he could do better and leave Newt that he went completely still in the other man’s arm when he whispered in the curve of his neck that he loved him.

At his reaction, Percival kissed his cheek and caressed his curls.

“Too soon?” He asked, looking worried. “I know you don’t-”

“It’s not that,” Newt cut him off, feeling himself blush. “I was… I’m surprised, that’s all.”

“Surprised? Why?”

“Because I’m just… myself?”

Percival rolled his eyes and pulled Newt over his lap. “Listen carefully, my Newt: you’re absolutely perfect. I don’t deserve you, but I’d do anything to keep you with me.”

Newt giggled when Percival started to place kisses all over his face.

“There’s no need for you to do anything because I’m not leaving you,” Newt assured.

Percival looked up, staring at him with the most serious, desperate expression.

“Promise me,” he breathed. “Promise you won’t leave.”

“I promise.”


Queenie almost bumped into him that afternoon; Newt was walking out Percival’s office and the worried look on his friend’s face made him stop cold.

“Percy is not here, he’s having a meeting with-”

But the witch was already shaking her head.

“It’s okay, actually I was looking for you.”

“What is it then?”

“I need you to go look for Teenie. She went out in the morning, said she was meeting someone that had interesting information for her,” Queenie whispered. She looked around like she was afraid of being caught and then took Newt’s hands in hers. “Please go find her. And don’t tell anyone, we don’t know what are we dealing with yet. I know it’s too much to ask but-”

“It’s okay, Tina is my friend. I wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” Newt promised. “Do you have any idea where did she go?”

“Yes,” Queenie nodded, trying to fight back a few tears. “She was trying to block me but I could see the place and I heard a part of a conversation she had with this person. I’ll take you there.”


Reports kept coming to his office about Grindelwald’s followers; some of them had managed to escape from the country and according to Theseus’ sources they were heading towards America again.

It was Theseus’ opportunity to go back to New York and see Newt. He knew Graves was slowly taking over the city and he had to do something to stop him and take his brother as far as possible from him.

He knew it wasn’t going to be easy and because of that he needed to build a solid plan.

The first step was to see if his brother was fine, he needed to make sure he was safe. He knew Graves was obsessed with Newt and therefore he wouldn’t hurt him, but Theseus didn’t trust him at all, so he had to talk with Miss Goldstein and make sure she was still on his side.

Then he was going to find out what exactly happened with Picquery, even though he was almost sure Graves had been the one that caused it.

He needed answers.


Dougal’s ability to make himself invisible helped them to create the perfect distraction for Queenie and Newt to get inside the house. It looked abandoned and that appearance wasn’t because of a spell, because they broke all the spells before getting inside (Queenie helped the most because she already knew the spells they had to break).

They found Tina in one of the bedrooms, one wizard was keeping an eye on her but Queenie stunned him before he could utter a word.

But Dougal’s distraction wasn’t enough to wake Tina and get out of there because the demiguise appeared at Newt’s side, looking scared and just when the magizoologist was picking him up, five wizards apparated in the room.

One of them took a step closer to Newt and pointed his wand at him. Queenie, alarmed, called out his name.

And as soon as that happened, a witch in a green coat growled at the wizard with the wand aimed at them.

“Are you out of your mind?” She snarled, ordering him to move away. “You heard her. He’s Scamander.”

Suddenly everyone in the group stared at him almost with fear and Newt couldn’t help but to feel confused.

“Get out,” she told the three of them.

Newt knew it wasn’t the moment to question the situation or to try to fight because they were clearly outnumbered so they all just did what they were told to.


Tina was hurt, but didn’t accept Queenie’s offer to go back to the flat to get some sleep, she even rejected her sister’s offer to check out her wounds.

“I need to tell Mr. Graves first,” she insisted. “He needs to know that Grindelwald’s followers are coming back.”

“Maybe we should wait before telling him,” Queenie suggested but Tina only looked at her like she had gone mad.

“Mr. Graves has to know! Now more than ever because I think Newt’s in danger.”

“Me? But-”

“Don’t you understand, Newt? They let us go because of you. They didn’t want to hurt you… And there must be a reason for that,” Tina started babbling. “It’s obvious that the dark lord wants you alive… We just need to find out why. Did you hear anything, Queenie?”

She paled, but shook her head.

“It was everything so… confusing, their thoughts didn’t make much sense because they were thinking at the same time, it was so fast…”

Tina didn’t ask her more, but quirked up one of her eyebrows at her sister before taking Newt by arm and turning around to reach Percival’s office.

It just took one look for Percival to know something had happened, because as soon as Tina put a foot in his office, the auror rose from his chair. He took Newt in his arms and looked at him from head to his feet searching for any kind of wounds or injures even though it was obvious the only one hurt was Tina.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m fine,” Newt assured, allowing Percival to pull him close.

“What happened?” Finally, he looked at Tina and she started to tell him everything that had occurred. She told him she was going to meet someone that had information for her about Grindelwald and even though she was aware that it could be a lie, she had decided to take the risk. The problem was when her source got involved in a fight with another group and the place became a mess because everyone realized there was a Grindelwald fanatic among them. They suspected of her and that was when everything went down.

Newt explained the last part of the story and Percival frowned at him.

“The next time you have to tell me first,” he said, kissing his cheek. “Please, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“I’m sorry,” Newt knew he could take care of himself because he also knew he had made a mistake by not asking for backup and not telling Percival about it.

“I think Newt’s in danger, Sir,” Tina said then and explained her theory to him. Newt wasn’t so sure, it was just ridiculous to think the dark lord needed something from him.

Of course, Percival listened to her very carefully.

“You did the right thing by telling me, auror Goldstein,” he told her. “And don’t worry about Newt. I’ll protect him from now on.”


“Even if he doesn’t like the idea of being protected,” Percival chuckled, looking amused at Newt’s frown. He leaned forward to press his lips to Newt’s before turning back to Tina. “From now on you have to keep me informed about everything, Goldstein, and I mean everything. Are we clear?”

“Crystal, Sir.”

“Good. Now go get some rest.”

Tina nodded and smiled at Newt before walking away.

Once she was gone, Newt was ready to argue, but Percival just shushed him with a very firm kiss on the lips.

“I know you can take care of yourself, my Newt,” he whispered. “But you have to let me help you, Newt. We’re together now.”

Newt sighed. He was right, besides he trusted him.

They went back home and Newt slept that night in Percival’s arms; the auror was mumbling on the back of his neck and kissing his freckles.

“No one will take you away from me,” Percival whispered and Newt giggled at the wizard’s determined tone.

He fell asleep with a smile on his face.