tina looks so pretty!! :)


SO MANY CONVENTIONS!  Dragon Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con, and Salt Lake City Grand Prix.  All back to back!

Also, the State of the Queue.

I’ve had a busy summer.  Very, very busy.  Busy like a bikini waxer with all werewolf clientele.  Ten shows just in the past few months.  A side effect of all that madness, the Queue has been a little neglected.  Were the queue a puppy, I would have no unfilled slippers.  I want to apologize for the wait, and assure everyone that I haven’t lost your cards or abandoned you.  I’m just a little behind.  …Okay, a lot behind.  But things are finally slowing down now, and I will be catching up.  You’ll all get your commissions, with interest.  Thanks for all your patience.  (Or if you don’t have any patience, thanks for faking it.)

Summer of Busy 2014 was a great success, however.  Got to meet a lot of you, had fun sketching, altering, and skirting the line of caffiene overdose.  Picked up some exciting new clients and projects (that I can’t tell you about until like, this time next year.)

And now it’s time to settle in a bit, and get back to all the things that have been on hold.  Hearthstone, Commander, I’ve been meaning to catch up on Adventure Time, I’m like three seasons behind.  Wait!  I mean, of course, the Queue, the website, Minion goodies and Ascension rewards.  Oh, and painting.  Sometimes I forget that’s what I’m supposed to be doing for a living.

Thank you all for your making my life amazing.

P.S. check out the captions on the photos for more about them.