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Little Fall of Rain Ch 1

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Prompt: Based off the song ‘Little Fall of Rain’ from Les Miserables

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader and Newt Scamander x Tina Goldstein

Word Count: 1003

Warnings: Angst, some fluff


And you will keep me safe

And you will keep me close

And rain will make the flowers grow.

“-and then there’s some dragons that were recently discovered near Romania… (y/n)?”

Newt placed his hand over yours, grabbing your attention as you dazed off

“Ah- sorry.. yes?” You looked over to him apologetically

“Did you hear anything I said?”

Newt was visibly annoyed as he watched you doze off, propping his chin on his hand

You shook your head in regret, releasing a soft chuckle, “I’m sorry Newt, I’m afraid not”, Your shy smile earning a disapproving look from his deep seafoam eyes.

“(y/n) I can’t have you drifting off when we have important things on our hands” He dropped a stack of papers in front of you, the top revealing a picture of what looked like, a horribly abused Catalonian Fireball.

“Is this?-” You began before newt cut you off

“No” he breathed deeply, covering his mouth. You weren’t sure if you’d ever seen him so distressed, “Portuguese Long-Snout.”

The idea that someone would treat a dragon so terribly made your blood boil. Newt must have noticed your pain as his calloused thumb gently brushed over your hand making your heart jump to the front of your chest as you suddenly felt your rapid pulse tingle your fingertips. You smiled softly as his eyes met your sparkling (e/c) ones.

“We will have to take a boat to America of course..” Newt began.

Simply mentioning the place caused you to withdraw, “What’s in America we need?-”

“Help (y/n).” his breath was deep and soft; hand reaching for yours again to reassure you that it would be okay. Yet reading his eyes you saw other motives, as your fingers brushed against his.

“Jacob and Queenie-” afraid to finish the sentence, you stopped as though that was all the help you needed.

“(y/n), you forgot Tina!” he smiled lightheartedly. You weren’t exactly sure if it was funny, Newt seemed to have.

“Right- Tina-” You faked a smile, although it stung your heart.

“I’ve already got the tickets” He patted your hand with a soft smile as he stood, scooting the chair back. “Get some sleep love, we have a long trip tomorrow”

At this point you simply hated yourself. Millions of words had travelled through your head, and all you could manage was “Okay”

When the two of you had visited America last, it was absolute chaos. On top of finding an unexpected obscurist you had managed to stumble into the most heartbreaking experience of your life. Not by choice of course, Newt had forced you along since Frank had taken quite a likening to you. So there you were, New York, not only watching every painfully wrong step Newt made, but following in his shadow.

“Teenie! Oh look they’re here!” There they stood, your trio of an arrival crew, taking you back to the Goldsteins’ apartment.

Jacob, Queenie and Tina.

“Tea? Queenie has dinner made on the table” Tina had offered you and Newt after kindly taking your jacket and setting you down. “I hope the two of you traveled well”

“It was longer than it needed to be as always, but yes” Pale freckles smiled as they turned to face you. “Sounds delightful, (y/n)?”

Yes you did want something warm to drink, but not from Tina, shaking your head softly in response you propped your head on your hand, shifting as the two sat down.

It really wasn’t like you to be jealous at all really, it wasn’t, and yet-

When Newt and Tina sat down at the table, your (e/c) eyes shook with inadequacy.

She was so beautiful. You weren’t. It was as simple as that. Simply being around her made you feel unsettled, ever since you had gotten to America. It wasn’t exactly fair you had thought. You’d been with him through most of his travels, there with his creatures, his manuscript.

With him.

At this point all you could do was sit at the table and pick at your food. Being third wheeled wasn’t always fun, Queenie flirting across with Jacob again. The two of them made dessert while you sat at the table listening to Newt and Tina chat it up. Merlin it hit your heart like a bullet.

“So (y/n), I’m quite curious, how did you and Newt meet?”

Your head tilted up in slight shock and confusion as you processed her question. “Ah- I believe France? It was just an assignment from the ministry.” A quiet smile crept upon your features as you silently pondered on the memory

“If I hadn’t run into (y/n), I probably wouldn’t have run into you-” Newt smiled, shifting the conversation back to Tina

You felt a small piece of your heart crack. It was simply sickening, you couldn’t possibly take much more.

“I-if you’ll excuse me..” Your chair scooted back, scratching against the floor as you stood, confused eyes following your figure. “I-I’ll just be a moment-”

Grabbing your coat, you were able to make your way out the door before anything could be said. Cold wind whipped around you as tears formed into streams down from your glossy (e/c) eyes.

It was only then you felt a small rain drop hit your face as you gazed towards the sky.

To Be Continued

Pt 2 will contain more info about the dragons I promise! and like 10x better (I just reread this and oml this is more dramatic and rushed than I meant it to be I’m so sorry)

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“Amo le donne che hanno questo modo
di restare andando via
con la trasparenza dentro la bocca
il cuore sperticato, col profilo nei fianchi

vorrei finirci contro
sentire che mi somigliano

sono le donne che si sporgono dai balconi
le piume fra i capelli, i seni puntati
dritti agli occhi

non portano le calze
fanno la rivoluzione con la pancia nel cuore

sono quelle della fame abusata
nei sogni che ti porti in mezzo alle gambe
quelle che sconfinano
nel dopo
sotto ai porticati
la bandiera inchiodata alla lingua

di queste donne
vorrei avere la curva che fa il cuore
quando picchia forte dentro le cose
e si lasciano dominare senza recidersi mai
dal proprio mare, dal mestruo
dell’ oceano.”

 Iole Toini - Tina e le altre 

The Signs As Arctic Monkeys Songs

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