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“- You turn away from me in bed at night. You’re distant. You’re distant and it hurts me! It hurts me like you cannot believe, Katherine!”

You whipped your head around. “I’ve been distant?! Well, there’s obviously a reason for it. Me being distant is not the problem here, Ben. The problem is…”

You trailed off. You tried to think of the next line in the script but your mind kept coming up blank.

“The problem is… I can’t remember the next line.” You put your head in your hands meekly as you heard Eddie chuckle next to you, breaking character.

“Oh, I love it.” Eddie breathed, his hands clapping with his enthusiastic laughter.

“Shut up, Ed.” You hit his shoulder, trying to act angry but your mouth broke out into a smile.

You looked at the assistant director. “I’m so sorry, what’s the line again?”

The a.d came over to you, script draft in hand and you glanced over the scene once more. You thanked her and regained your position.

You could almost feel Eddie’s grin beside you. “Don’t.” You warned him, in fear of corpsing again.

“Can’t help it, (Y/N).”

My dashboard is insanely dead so if you post 

 - The 100 (A lot of that because I just started watching and it’s really sad how       very little it pops up on my dash)

- Sherlock

- Benedict Cumberbatch

- Martin Freeman

- Tom Hiddleston

- Marvel

- Parks and Recreation (also Chris Pratt, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I know Tina Fey isn’t Parks and Rec but damn she’s awesome)

- Supernatural

- Doctor Who

- Teen Wolf

- Arrow

- particularly Dylan O'Brien

- Skins

- particularly Kaya Scodelario

- cute things

- Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit too why not

- Friends

- okay new rule, anything you post that is going to make me start watching a new show….I’m going to want to follow you. Except Anime because that shit’s a whole other genre I’m going to have to go through and I got school, man. I can’t go down that path….yet. Summer. Maybe. 


So do what you gotta do to make yourself known so I can follow you magnificent people 

It is as I feared. I knew this day would come but I could not fathom that it would be so soon. Surely, this is a fate worse than death. I wouldn’t wish it on the worst of my enemies…..

So my dash is completely dead and I need new people to follow. So if you post:

  • Supernatural
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  • Cute things
  • puppies
  • animals
  • Marvel
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Anything Amy Poehler or Tina Fey
  • Dreamworks
  • Dragons
  • Lots of Dragons
  • A shit ton of Dragons
  • Just Dragons dude
  • Fucking Dragons man

Actually anything that isn’t tons of nudity or angry rants about fruit roll ups or something and we’re good. Reblog this so I can follow all you lovely people.


This may be a bit of an overreaction, but I am just so excited!


Muppets Most Wanted - On-Set Interviews With Ricky Gervais, Miss Piggy, Kermit and more