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List Of Episode Season 1:

Westworld Episode 10 : The Bicameral Mind

Westworld Episode 9 : The Well-Tempered Clavier

Westworld Episode 8 : Trace Decay

Westworld Episode 7 : Trompe L'Oeil

Westworld Episode 6 : The Adversary

Westworld Episode 5 : Contrapasso

Westworld Episode 4 : Dissonance Theory

Westworld Episode 3 : The Stray

Westworld Episode 2 : Chestnut

Westworld Episode 1 : The Original

fantastic beasts themed asks

new york: what do you dream of becoming?

rain: what is something you wish you could forget?

no-maj: if you were a no-maj, would you want to know magic exists knowing you’d never be able to perform it?

freckles: what imperfections do you find beauty in?

demiguise: what does friendship mean to you?

suitcase: if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

queenie: would you want the power to read minds?

mooncalf: what color are your eyes?

wand: stars or moon?

hogwarts: what is your favorite book?

pickett: describe your perfect partner.

obscurial: what is your worst fear?

jacob: most embarrassing moment?

fog: what is your favorite quote?

niffler: would you rather be given diamonds or flowers?

nightfall: what color is your hair?

newt: are you introverted or extroverted?

giggle water: describe your sense of humor.

swooping evil: do you believe in true love?

tina: are you more perceiving or analytical?

clouds: what do you daydream about?

ilvermorny: what is your favorite flower and why?

thunderbird: would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly?

england: describe what home smells like.

phonograph: favorite song at the moment?

credence: what is your star sign?

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“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice,”

Newt’s finally finished writing his book, and, as promised, has brought copies for his friends.

Amortentia [Newt Scamander]

Requested, prompt nr.37 with Newt (And what are you, a love expert?) I really hope it’ll be good, I’m not feeling the best so please be patient with me…I’m typing this with one hand lol… anyways-this story is set while Newt and the reader are still at school.

Clutching a rather heavy set of books you hurried down the corridor to get to your potions classroom in time. Potions were one of your least favorite subject so you wanted the class to end as soon as possible.

And your potions partner wasn’t helping at all. Newt Scamander had been paired up with you during every lesson and it made you hate potions even more. He was so… annoyingly charming, you’d put it that way. The way his hair was falling over his eyes, a light blush on his cheeks and an awkward but stunning smile could make you swoon anytime. You didn’t particularly like the feeling he was giving you, it was confusing you and making you feel vulnerable. Any attempt at conversation with Newt ended up in a mess, you’d get flustered but never wanted to show it so you rather chose to act as if you disliked him. It was easier that way.

This time he tried to strike up a conversation again, obviously without learning anything from the previous mistakes and awkwardness that would always settle around the two of you.

„So I’ve heard that we’ll be making amortentia today.“ He stated, looking everywhere but your eyes. You gulped, almost feeling your cheeks getting redder.

„Whatever. I hate this class anyway.“

„You should consider giving it a try. Amortentia  is, in my humble opinion, one of the most interesting potions we’ll be making during classes.“ He continued, this time not bothering by your lack of interest in talking to him. It surprised you a bit.

„Alright then, what does it do?“ you asked in a dull tone, but on the inside you wanted to carry on talking to Newt. You only didn’t want to get embarrased.

„It’s the strongest love potion in the world! Apparently, it smells differently to each person who smells it. And when you do, you feel the smell of, well, your… soulmate. Something that reminds you of them.“ Newt finished catching your eyes for a second before looking down again.

„And what are you, a love expert?“ You scoffed. Everything that he said sounded like complete nosense. How could anyone believe in such a thing? Smelling your soulmate? Yeah, right.

„But really, it’s true-„

„Miss (Y/L/N), your turn. Come here and tell us what can you smell.“ The professor called on you which made the both of you shut up. You dragged your feet across the floor towards a big cauldron in the middle of the classroom. You fought the urge to roll your eyes and tried to focus on the potion under your nose.

Strangely, it did have a specific scent indeed. You were now intrigued as you took a deep breath and collected your thoughts. It smelled like…

Like leather. And forest. And… your eyes widened. It smelled like Newt’s cologne. You shot him a shocked look and he seemed to understand what you were thinking as his lips curled into a small smile.

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