Silas: Hey babe, wanna come over?

Panto: I can’t. I’m in the other world trying to find the man who can bring the boy; the man who can save our families, our world.

Silas: … My parents aren’t home.



Uhm Oiiwa X Fantastic Beasts and where to find them crossover. I spent 6 hours on this and I hate it Remind me to never try and reference a girl but draw them as a guy instead ever again, Iwa doesn’t look like Iwa I’m. And Oikawa’s eye is a mess What the fuck are eyes bitch I can’t even. Don’t even point out the boob like thing that is the coat flap not a boob (Click for Full Quality)

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Should I post a video of me smoking tina OR doing cocaine lines?

Pick ONE please! 😇

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So far…

Gert likes Chase but would rather lit him on fire than to admit it.

Alex and Nico had a fake out make out, and there is still a very wet office.

There is also a wrecked bathroom no one is talking about.

Robert Minoru and Janet Stein are having an affair, one wants a long term commitment and the other maybe not so much.

Victor Stein is not good at killing, or disposing of bodies and is hallucinating his murder victims.

They mindwiped Karolina’s dad.

And the Yorkes are planning to escape with their daughters to Yucatan with a guard dinosaur .

I need to see what’s next.

Tina to Leslie: “does this mean what i think it does?”

me: OOOO, y’all’s shady asses are about to be investigated and CAUGHT.

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Leslie: we need another sacrifice.


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