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Roland; It’s nice to finally be out on a mission, just us guys.

Brick; Forget the guys talk. I’m here to meet touch, and/or become a unicorn.

Mordecai; I hear if you lick a unicorn’s neck, it tastes like your favorite flavor in the world!

Roland; Mordecai, I will make sure you lick that unicorn’s neck. Because I care about my friends.

When you’re that bad bitch who deals with harassers, haters and rude people all day everyday but you still coming back because you don’t give a fuck about those people. Katie Cassidy did that😊.

Imma just rub that in the face of her delusional antis.

Okay so, Yates said that by the time Queenie visits Kowalski Baked Goods (three months after Newt leaves), Tina has gone “to another place.”

It seems likely she went on an Auror mission. But…

The internet says it takes around three months from when a manuscript is turned in to when a book is published. So is it possible that Newt came back, and Tina left with him?

I mean, it would explain why Queenie decided to go into the bakery that day… without her sister as a protector, she has to be brave and take steps for herself. Especially if she just saw Tina do the same.

Katherine Waterston - SnitchSeeker interview

Some of these are just nifty quotes that I thought were useful as an insight to Tina’s character, others are really interesting tidbits revealed!

  • Waterston, who will of course be in all five Fantastic Beasts movies (since Tina’s alive and well in 2017, retired with husband Newt Scamander in Dorset, UK)

I don’t care, I’m taking this as confirmation she’s in all five movies.

  • I know that Tina was very important to Jo [Rowling] and, like Hermione, I think there’s lots of Jo – or versions of younger Jo – in Tina, as well.

Tina is important to Jo, which I’m sure we all knew but I just love that Tina is compared to Hermione in some ways because they’re both the main female characters – and I think that using this comparison kind of proves that Tina very much is the “leading lady” over the entire series (not necessarily EVERY movie but in general)

  • She’s very much dealing with an internal struggle and I think she’s on the precipice of some big shift, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. But she’s ready for it to happen.
  • (about Graves being Grindelwald) I think she has such great instincts – that suspicion had increased basically since the middle of the film, but there was just way too much chaos at the time to deal with it
  • Well, in the goodbye scene with Newt she says, “I wouldn’t be back on the investigative team if it wasn’t for you,” which gives you the feeling that there was some interaction that happened between Picquery and Newt where he explained why I was sufficient and all the good things I had done along the way – essentially put in a good word for me at the end of the film. And so, I imagine she’s doing what she loves best, which is working. She’s back on the team.


  • Well, I don’t know the timeline of the next film, but I did know that I do some traveling at some point. But I didn’t know it was within those three months.
  • I have a feeling she’s not on a vacation though.

And then there’s talk of the demiguise and dinner scenes!

Demiguise scene:

But something very emotional and intense is going on so basically in the real scene between the real Newt and Tina he’s confessing something painful and she goes to comfort him and then when we split into all of the possible future Newts and Tinas we did one where he walked away. Or one where we laughed about it. Or it kind of turned into something romantic.

The entire dinner scene section is great, so here it is and I’ve bolded the interesting bits that we can gawk over:

I think what you see there are two characters who are confronted with their own social limitations. That the areas in their lives where they really thrive. If he’s with his animals, he’s confident and he knows just what to do.
And although we don’t really see her thriving at work in this film, at work – that’s the place where the world makes sense to her. It’s what she’s poured all of her energy into in her life. In a sense, by mistake they’ve missed out on developing the parts of themselves that would allow them to just simply enjoy a dinner
. I think in that moment they’re both confronted with their own inadequacies and their shyness, so they’re recognizing something similar in one another, but also totally too limited to do anything about the fact that they’re realizing that they’re similar.
Then it’s almost made more embarrassing by the fact that the two people right next to them have no difficulty in this area. But, I think that the whole quartet tells a story of oddballs coming together and feel understood by one another. The same thing is happening for both couples in that moment. The ones that are having an easy time talking are finding that they have things in common and a connection, and the ones that are struggling are also finding a connection in that moment.