It’s not a secret I’m absolutely in love with じめ’s FFVI tarot card series. Realizing how the major arcana tarot card meanings and the elements composing the drawings - flowers, animals, objects -  are connected with the characters backgrounds makes me love it even more.

Celes Chere, Strago Magus, Locke Cole, Setzer Gabbiani, Edgar Figaro and Terra Branford (FFVI)  

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You can do so much better than Kurt! There are plenty of other puppets out there worthy of your love!

TINA IS THAT YOU!?!? I thought we settled this ages ago! Kurt is beautiful, talented, has a voice like an angel, fabulous ass, and has been there for me when I had doubts about myself. Yes we had bad times, but we are past that now.

Tay-Tay even if I wasn’t with Kurt I wouldn’t be with a girl. I AM GAY!

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is my OTP - ONE TRUE PUPPET!