sebanderrps asked:

[ text ]: A book told me to bathe in milk. I have regrets.

[ text ]: Sebastian! That’s extremely wasteful of you! What did you do?

[ text ]: Did you use up all the milk in the house? If so, I’ll have to buy some more, or else you don’t get hot cocoa tomorrow morning. 

[ text ]: Ugh, please clean up whatever mess you made? I’ll make it up to you tonight <3

Tina's by Her Side

She soars and flies
And she can’t deny
The drugs running through her veins.
She screams and laughs
At the race it brings
She needs to make it last.
She craves the needle
Under her skin
I watched her push the plunger again.
She chokes and coughs
Pupils growing fast
She smiles cynically
She’s no longer lost.
The drugs take over
But not completely
She’s still herself.
She’s in love with the drug
Tina stays by her side
She gives a shrug
And I don’t ask why;
Because I always take a line.


DOA5LR - Tina & Mila Sexy Bikini