My All-time Fave Fics

Here’s my list of fics that I’ve either read over and over because they’re that damn good or they’re WIPs that are sure to join that list in the near future. And instead of a summary I’ve provided a song (or in some cases a soundtrack) that I feel captures the tone of the fic. Happy reading!

*A Rhapsody of Sorts by @silverglass (Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Despair)

*Around My Bones by @lifesbetterasamermaid (The Shins - So Now What)

*Awkward Beat // Pregnant Pause by @finding–cat (Radiohead - House of Cards // Smashing Pumpkins - Stand Inside Your Love)

*Beyond the Fence @diekleineelisabeth (Dustin O’Halloran & Hauschka - Arrival)

*Bloom by @absolutestyles (Liars - The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack)

*Boys Don’t Cry by oxygenstyles (From Autumn to Ashes - Autumn’s Monologue)

*Cake for Breakfast by @fromherlips (Tegan & Sara - All You Got)

*Clicking With You by @inchildhoodwedream (Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty Three)

*Crooked Heart by @nebulastyles (Tin Sparrow - For You)

*Crooked Love by @aceofstyles (Silversun Pickups - Stay With Me)

*Dandelion & Burdock by @stylesprimes (Wolf Alice - Baby Ain’t Made of China)

*Deckled Edges by @littlebird006 (The Shins - Those to Come)

*Disconnected by @afitzgeraldfic (Radiohead - True Love Waits)

*Do Not Go Gentle by @abejas-fic (Ludovico Einaudi - Whirling Winds)

*Down and Out by @inkoasis (Tara Rice - We’re In This Together)

*Elephant Gun/A Moment’s Grace by @finding–cat (this fic haunted me for a year (and it still does) so I made a soundtrack for it)

*Evaporate by @standingfacingwest (Band of Skulls - Cold Fame)

*Flickers by @nebulastyles (Frou Frou - Let Go)

*Forever Hold Your Peace by @cheesewithchips (Bloc Party - Sunday)

*Frail Love by @onismanxiety (The Joy Formidable - Silent Treatment)

*Give My Love to Huckleberry Finn by @harryscribbles (BRMC - Salvation)

*Goffin & King by @fromherlips (Radiohead - Nude)

*habits (stay high) by @tastinglonely (Pearl Jam - Indifference)

*Heist by @alwaysinstylesfics (this lovely little fic has a whole playlist dedicated to it!)

*If You Ever Leave Me by @inficwetrust (UNKLE - Lonely Soul)

*In Your Atmosphere by @fromherlips (MS MR - BTSK)

*Journeyman by @littlebird006 (The Joy Formidable - Anemone)

*La Douleur Exquise @pomene (Radiohead - Thinking About You)

*Leather & Lace by @mackabees (David Vertesi - Learn To Run)

*Lock Yourself Out by @team-styles (Sjowgren - Seventeen)

*Love is a Laserquest by @lifeinblueprint (Zulu Winter - Moment’s Drift)

*Matters of the Heart by @afitzgeraldfic (South - Fragile Day)

*Nom de Plume by @stylesprimes (Roo Panes - Stay With Me)

*Polaroid by @stilesharrystyles (The Cure - Pictures of You)

*Pure Feeling by @aceofstyles (She Wants Revenge - Take the World)

*Res Ipsa Loquitur by @bioluminescentwriting (KOL - Knocked Up)

*Rivers & Roads by @harrystyluhs (Jimmy Eat World - Night Drive)

*Salute by @bioluminescentwriting (Alexander - A Million Years)

*Silver Girl by @stilesharrystyles (Sjowgren - Now & Then)

*Silver Springs by @lifesbetterasamermaid (I pretty much send Sav a song for every chapter she destroys my heart so I just decided to make a soundtrack)

*Sugar on the Asphalt // Tennessee Teacakes by @justanchorandhope (Pilot Speed - Knife Grey Sea // Florence + the Machine - St. Jude)

*The Double Plaid by @wokeuptired (Sia - Breathe Me)

*The Golden Hour by @standingfacingwest (Sam Roberts - Golden Hour)

*The Faux Affair by @looselucy (Brandon Flowers - Lonely Town)

*The Love Club by @beggingforfics (Death Cab for Cutie - All Is Full of Love)

*The Nice Guy @onismanxiety (Sam Roberts - Uprising Down Under)

*Twinkle Toes by @konstantine11-11 (Edward Sharpe - Hot Coals)

*Valley of the Dolls by @onismanxiety (Kurt Vile - Baby’s Arms)

*Vo’ke by @beggingforfics (Lord Huron - Meet Me in the Woods)

*With the New Crowd by @likeamisfit (ended up making a soundtrack for this amazing fic too!)

*Young Blood by @standingfacingwest (The New Pornographers - Challengers)

An immense thank you to all the writers on this list for sharing your characters and stories with me and all the other fortunate readers in the 1DFF community. Your words help make the days shine a little brighter. And to all the writers who I now call friends, thank you. I am truly blessed.  A special shout out to Kath @bioluminescentwriting for organizing 1DAAW, you are one amazing lady.

Steph xo

The Boat
Tin Sparrow
The Boat

It was as though folk music had got together with MGMT and given birth to a prodigy child, as fun but earthy tunes engulfed The Basement in the pre-entertainment… entertainment that lead up to Alisa Fedele’s final show last night. TIN SPARROW, a Sydney based band, whet the appetites of the full house with a ‘put-your-drink-down-and-start-drooling’ performance. Each song executed by this folk-poppy foursome, transported the audience into a world of involuntarily bopping and swaying - a side-effect of losing yourself in the music. The artists’ welcoming energy made you feel as though you were right there on the stage with them, separated only by their mastery of the array of instruments every so often being introduced to the mix. The final ingredient was their 'it’s all about the love and the fun’ attitude, which filled the effortless acapella and harmonies with that extra special soul, which of course, good music is all about.  




Because my love, well all my love is there for you, for you…  ❤

Dolls Mattel should make for ever after high part 2

the son of the steadfast tin soldier, because he’d have one leg and that would be great representation especially if he was a royal

the next beast, if they go along with daring becoming they should really make a doll of him as the beast

Maybe a date night pack with the beast and Rosabella

Coral Witch, daughter of the sea witch

Ramona Badwolf, I mean she’s gorgeous just give her to me

the Parents

A rerelease of Jillian Beanstalk in which her doll matches her animation

Some fairytales from other continents, like they’ve already shown us the girl in the orange dress, find an indian fairytale and give her a doll

The boys in their Bookball uniforms

Hopper, Humphrey, and Sparrow

black swan duchess

Transit: a playlist

Life is as hectic as possible. My days are composed of leaving the house early and coming home late. It’s exhausting but maybe I just need time to get used to it. I’ve been riding the train almost everyday now to get to the office. The trip is quite long so I always put my earphones on and drift off to another world. On times like these, I like staring out the window while listening to music that calms me down in a world where life is so fast-paced.

  1. All of the People- Panama Wedding
  2. Cool Kids- Echosmith
  3. Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
  4. Crazy Bird- Wild Child
  5. Down River- The Temper Trap
  6. Easy Friend- East of Ely
  7. Eileen- Tin Sparrow
  8. Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  9. Mushaboom- Feist
  10. Oceans- Coasts
  11. Riptide- Vance Joy
  12. Sweet Disposition- The Temper trap
  13. Twigs and Stones- Siskiyou
  14. Shining Star- City of Lions
  15. Distance- Christina Perri feat. Jason Mraz

(Base Photo from Weheartit)


Ohddaughters 2014 Spring playlist. 


The lighthouse and the whaler // Venice 

The lighthouse and the whaler // Pioneers

The lighthouse and the whaler // Iron doors

The oh hello’s // Hello my old heart

The oh hello’s // Eat you alive

Youth lagoon // 17

Peace // Bloodshake

Peace // Lovesick

Peace // Wraith

Zulu Winter // Key to my heart

Zulu Winter // Silver Tongue 

Mystery Jets // Young love ft. Laura marling

Mystery Jets // Someone purer

Theme park // Los Chikas

The cast of cheers // Animals radio edit

The drums // Lets go surfing

Tokyo Police Club // Bambi

Bombay Bicycle Club // Lights out, words gone

Bombay Bicycle Club // Home by now

Bombay Bicycle Club // Shuffle

Foals // My number

Foals // Inhaler

Foals // Spanish Sahara

Little commets // Dancing song

Passion Pit // Take a walk

Passion Pit // Sleepy Head

Lucy Rose // Middle of the bed

Lucy Rose // Night bus

Lucy Rose // Bikes

Julia Stone Angus Stone // Big jet plane

Hudson Taylor // Left alone

Hudson Taylor // Butterflies

Hudson Taylor // Weapons

Hudson Taylor // Chasing Rubies

Paul Kelly, Angus Stone // Four Seasons

Lewis Watson // Sink or Swim

Lewis Watson // Into the wild

Lewis Watson //  Bones

Lewis Watson // Droplets ft. Gabrielle Aplin

Elle King // No one can save you

Bear’s Den // Sophie

Josh Record // Bones

Josh Record // Common folly

Josh Record // Skin

Lewis Molker // Pieces

Josh Kumra // The answer

Half moon run // Call me in the afternoon

Half moon run // She wants to know

Half moon run // Drug you

The neighborhood // No grey

Phoenix // Lisztomania

Flume, Chet Faker // Drop the game

Local Natives // You and I

Local Natives // Heavy feet

Local Natives // Colombia  

Local natives // Sun hands

Cults // Go outside

Volcano Choir // Comrade

Capital Cities // Kangaroo court

Sanders Bohlke // The loves ones

Tall heights // To be young

Tin sparrow // The boat

Strange talk // Climbing walls

Bon Iver, Kyson Remix // Holocene

Jose Gonzelez // Sparrows

Volcano Choir // Tiderays

Bipolar sunshine // Love more, worry less

Bipolar sunshine //  Where did the love go

Bipolar sunshine //  Drowning butterlys

Vancouver Sleep Clinic // Collapse 

Vancouver Sleep Clinic // Vapour

Vance Joy // Rip Tied

Vance Joy // Emmylou

Vance Joy // Play with fire

Vance joy //  Snaggle tooth

Vance joy // From afar

Dustin Tebbutt // The beach 

Dustin Tebbutt //  Where I find you 

Dustin Tebbutt // The Wolves 

Dustin Tebbutt // White lines


As I couldn’t single my mixtape down I’ve just added all the music from my playlist I made at the start of march. I’m completely in love with this playlist. Some very new music and unknown artist’s in there which are 100% worth a listen too. This hole playlist will be available to listen to on my blog very soon! 


anonymous asked:

Can you give me a list of your favorite songs please? I need some music to listen to and your music taste is the best!! LOVE U BEAN

Spaghetti - The Wave pictures
Oviedo - Blind Pilot
Small Hands - Keaton Henson
My body is a Cage - Arcade Fire
I Love You Like A Madman - The Wave Pictures
Eileen - Tin Sparrow
Breezeblocks - Alt-j
Piano Man - Billy Joel
Tessellate - Alt-j
Coffee Girl - The Tragically Hip
Mardy Bum - AM
The End Of That - Plant and Animals
Lightning Rod - Guster
A boy, a Girl and a Graveyard - Jeremy Messersmith
Bicycle vs. Car - Bob Schneider
Peaches - Bob Schneider
Fun Cake - Bob Schneider
505 - AM


writing about Makorra? Here are some songs to get you inspired:

(basically, I’ve heard a lot about people having trouble writing for this ship at the moment, so I’ve decided to help out. I don’t write fanfiction, but I can definitely help get you in the mood to do it! You’re all great writers; keep it up.)

Fluffy (on a deep level):

Magic // Coldplay

For You // Tin Sparrow

Oblivion // Bastille

Petulia // the Kooks

Swallowed in the Sea // Coldplay

Chasing Cars // Snow Patrol

Reminder // Mumford and Sons

Killing Me // the Kooks


You Could Be Happy // Snow Patrol

Landfill // Daughter

Don’t Say // Hannah Cohen

All I Want // Kodaline

Warning Sign // Coldplay

Please Don’t Go // Barcelona

Cornerstone (Acoustic) // Arctic Monkeys

the Window Song // the Kooks

Up in Flames // Coldplay

About Today // the National 


Sex // the 1975

Stop the World // Arctic Monkeys

So High // Blackbear

Dress On // Justin Timberlake

Ready to Fuck // Tyga (like damn dom Mako song right here)

Feel You // Blackbear

Partition // Beyonce

Do I Wanna Know // Arctic Monkeys

Loud // T. Mills

Electric Feel // Henry Green

Hold On We’re Going Home // Drake


Out of My League // Fitz and the Tantrums

Hurts Like Heaven // Coldplay

Such Great Heights // Postal Service

Gasoline // Alpine

I Would Do Anything For You // Foster the People

Gimme Twice // the Royal Concept

Halo // the Pass

Settle Down // the 1975

Bullfighter Jacket // Miniature Tigers

I Always Knew // the Vaccines


here are some extras for AUs or specific situations:

Jazzy/ 1920s (my personal favorite):

Suit and Tie // Justin Timberlake

In the Mood // Glen Miller

Sing Sing Sing // Benny Goodman

Puttin’ on the Ritz (Club Des Belugas Remix) // Fred Astaire

gangster/ dark:

Clique // Kanye West ft. others

She Got A…  // T. Mills

No Church in the Wild // Kanye West and Jay Z

Cricketz // New Boyz

Rep that Gang (Trap mix) // Bangerz

Teenage Waste // Blackbear

kicking ass together:

Leave You Far Behind // Lunatic Calm

Fire Fire // M.I.A

Why Stop Now // Busta Rhymes ft. Missy Elliot and others

Revolution // BT

and of course, for everything:

Makorra Theme //the Track Team

Looking Across Yue Bay (a personal favorite) // the Track Team

When Avatars Fall in Love // Chong the Nomad


if you have any other songs to add, whether it be for the situations above or for something else entirely, feel free to add it as you reblog!

Put my thoughts together as I wrote you this letter in my room
On a crumpled piece of paper there were 3 words addressed to you
It’s alright, it’s alright now don’t panic too soon
Cause my love, well, all my love is there for you
For you, it’s all for you
It’s all for you

Now the blood-red sky is reflecting like last nights rain
And I’m starting to think that there’s not enough ink on the page
And I hope, I hope that you, you know the truth
That my time, my effort, my soul it’s all for you
For you
It’s all for you

And I know sometimes I seem sad,
blue and grey
But I don’t think this time for you has been a waste
Cause it was all for you

It was all for you


Artist: Tin Sparrow
Song: Fools Gold
Album: From the Sun

Staple elements inherent the folk genre which ties together similar artists, but Tin Sparrow differentiates themselves with upbeat percussions and catchy hums that will be stuck in your head all day long. This Australian four-piece started off as a University project that turned them into a noteworthy group of artists.