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Starkid shows as Friends Episode Titles

A Very Potter Musical - The One With Quirrelmort

Me and My Dick - The One With Joey’s Dick

A Very Potter Sequel - The One With Mama Umbridge

Starship - The One Where Junior Smokes Pot

Holy Musical B@man - The One With The Super Friends

A Very Potter Senior Year - The One With Gilderoy

Twisted - The One Where No One Remembers Achmed

Ani - The One With The Star Wars Jokes

The Trail to Oregon! - The One Where They All Die of Dysentery

Firebringer - The One With The Duck

BONUS: Spies Are Forever - The One Where A Spy Is A Spy Is A Spy Is A Spy Is A Spy Is A Spy Is A Spy Is A Spy


highlights of the 18hr livestream’s Mario Kart sessions (feat. Competitive Lauren™) pt. 1

• Joey: “oh shit my chip”

• Ashley: “oh my god Mario kart has changed so much since 2002 you guys”

• Gabe: “we’ve given Lauren bumpers” Lauren: “alright, relax”

• Lauren not paying attention when they started and immediately yelling “fuUCK KOOOPAA”

• the evolution of her saying “bitch” throughout: “hell yeah, hell yeah biiiitch” “come oooonn BIIIIIITCHHH”

• “oh fuck fuck fuck. i always go outta control BUT I LIKE THIS PLANT!”

• Lauren: “shiiit who is that? what asshole just did that?!?! oh can i swear on this livestream?” Gabe: “well you have been this whole time so if we can’t we’re real screwed”

• *gabe gets hit by a shell* Lauren: “HELL YEAH that was me BYEEE BIIIITCHH” Gabe: “do you think youre talking to me? cause I’m in first and you’re in fifth” (it wasn’t even her shell)

• “get ready bitch get ready biiiiiiiitchh”

• “ohmIGOdohMigOdoHmiGOd”

• *evil cackling every time lauren does remotely well*

• Brian: “who are you the king of Red Robin?” Lauren: “what do you get, bottomless fries??”

• Brendan: “what does the one mean?” Everyone: “you got one point” Brendan: “you hear that? I’m number one!” Brian: “dude, NOT that”

• Lauren shouting at the tv over Gabe and Ashley sharing childhood anecdotes

• Gabe: “eat my banana baby!!”

• Lauren: “fuck this. goddammit. this little ghost the little ink ghost” Joey: “it’s a squid. it is, that’s why it’s ink” Lauren: “have you seen how it moves? excuse me”

• “oh fuck me!! BIIIITCHH…”

• everyone sitting casually on the couch but Lauren leaning in really intensely:

• “this is all I have: my fifth place status”

• Ashley: “oh no Brendan is falling behind. Brendan people are invested in how BAD you are at this game”

• Ashley *reading the chat*: “‘there needs to be a swear jar’ no we’re ADULTS we can say whatever the fuck we want”

pt. 1 // pt. 2 // pt. 3

Lauren blessing us all with a cover of “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

(sorry I only got the first half of it before YouTube fritzed out)