tin foil sandwich

For my dear Lexi, @caslikescoffeeandfreckles, who wanted a jealous!cas in a college setting and an accidental love proclamation.

destiel, 3k, jealous!cas, light dean/lisa, pining and angst with a happy resolution

Castiel is about to fit his key into his apartment door when he hears the voices: Dean’s gruff baritone mixed with a lilting melodic voice.

Lisa’s voice.

Castiel rests his forehead against the door, shopping bags in his hands lightly hitting the pale wood. He squeezes his eyes shut and wills himself not to be upset that it’s the sixth day of the week that Lisa has been at their apartment. 

He tries not to be bothered that for the last month Dean has been utterly obsessed with this girl: from late night phone calls to taking her to romantic dinners softened by candlelight.

Cas tries to ignore the fact that he’s inexplicably jealous of Lisa.

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Nobody (Part 7)

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Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Mentions of torture, detailed injuries/deaths, cursing, some pics might be slight disturbing

Words: 1567

A/N: I finally had some inspiration.  I hope you like this part.  I try to put out only what I think is good for where I want to take my work so I apologise for the delays, I just want to put my best work out there.  Thank you for sticking around for more of Nobody.

*italics = flashback/memory *bold italics = report writing

18 hours later

Bucky’s POV

As Bucky sat in the stiff armchair in the hospital room and gazed down at X-25493’s unconscious form. Banner and Cho had spent the last 14 hours in surgery and X looked somehow even worse for wear.  He ran his hands through his hair for probably the thousandth time causing it to stand up at odd angles.  He had a hard time coming to terms with the information that had been dumped on him. This girl—this girl—had done…that.  Memories of the photos Natasha had shown him, Steve, and later Tony several hours before flashed across his minds’ eye: bodies—horribly mangled bodies strewn about in red snow.  Dead faces frozen in agony and terror.  And a campsite torn to shreds as if a demonic wolf pack had descended upon it.

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Kitchen Start-up

Over the years I’ve built up stacks of ingredients in our dry store cupboard at the studio along with ample strange but wonderful cooking and baking equipment. Half a jar of this, a packet of that, some leftover of this and the odd one or two of that! It has to be just about the best place on earth to recipe develop because we can experiment and allow the idea to take a path of its own, plus instantly try out some of your suggestions on twitter, Facebook and YouTube because we have the ingredients to hand.

But it hasn’t always been that way and we can’t all be so lucky! I’ve just bought and moved into my first home and you know what that means? Well, aside from the fact that I may well have to cook up a few recipes for my own ‘Made Personal’ episodes… especially after all the likes the FridgeCam has had! But more importantly, I get to kit out a kitchen from scratch… starting a fresh! So this is what I’d recommend… (Bear with me… there’s a lot!)


Start simple… you can always add to it… just make sure you have the essentials. There is no finite list, it will be personal, but for me…

-       kettle

-       toaster

-       coffee machine

-       stick blender

-       food processor (I still love the little mini-chopper!)

-       microwave



This goes without saying… the list is endless! Every time I see a gadget I want to try it… even if I know up front that I’ll never use it more than once (A pineapple slicer, cherry pitter or strawberry huller to name but a few.)

-       The Sorted cookware range ;) (perfect for any beginner and covers the basics)

-       baking and roasting trays

-       mixing bowls

-       ramekins

-       temperature probe

-       rolling pin, baking beans, wire rack

Crockery, Cutlery, Serving bowls & Glassware

Personally, I like things to match… but then that’s because I’m anal like that! There are much cheaper and quirkier ways of stocking your cupboards with enough stuff to eat off of or with (car boot sales, charity shops for example), but if this is your one chance to start from scratch then treat yourself to what you prefer. I love to entertain where possible… so serving bowls and platters a big must for me!


You’ll be doing a weekly shop (or perhaps even more frequently) for fresh stuff anyway and you’d be smart to find out where and when your local markets are so you can seek out a bargain… but these I like to have at basic level to begin with…

STAPLES – rice, noodles, pasta, lasagne sheets, couscous, polenta and bag of spuds.

OIL & VINEGARS - half decent olive oil, plain vegetable or sunflower oil, one type of vinegar (choose a favourite, red wine, white wine, cider, malt)

SPICES & HERBS – Ground… cumin, coriander, cinnamon, paprika, chilli powder and mixed herbs. Salt and pepper. Vegetable stock cubes. Spice blends… Cajun, Chinese 5 spice, garum masala, mixed spice.

TINS - tinned fish – tuna/salmon/sardines, tinned tomatoes (or carton of passata), tinned beans, coconut milk, tinned fruit.

BAKING - sugar (white and/or brown), plain flour, baking powder, vanilla essence, porridge oats, honey, golden syrup, dark chocolate.

FRIDGE – butter, eggs, milk, mayonnaise.

FREEZER – peas, spinach, ice cream, ice cubes.

LARDER – potatoes, onions, garlic, bread.

MISC – mustard, pesto, horseradish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, Tabasco, jam, marmite, peanut butter.


No true home of mine would ever be complete without a good selection of wine, ice cold beers in the fridge and a generously stocked bar with mixers. Not that I drink very often, but when I do, I like to enjoy something to match my food or mood. Plus, it’s always nice to offer a choice to family or friends when they pop by.


The weird stuff that doesn’t fit into any other category but is damn useful!

-       Cleaning stuff… boring I know, but kitchen cloths, kitchen roll, scourers and the alike are pretty essential.

-       Tea-towels and oven cloths.

-       Clingfilm, greaseproof paper and tin foil.

-       Sandwich bags and Tupperware containers to stash leftovers.

-       Notepad or board and pens to jot down recipe ideas or shopping lists when ingredients run low.

-       A bookshelf with ample space for your cookbooks… or ours! ;)

Okay… so this began as a list of essentials and slowly transformed into the ultimate wish-list. The challenge is… I can’t narrow that list down for you… we all have way too many preferences on food and cooking. I know that if I had of this I’d be a very happy man… but even this list of mine will take me a while to collect!


Signs as stupidest shit I've done (Pt.2)
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> Stalling my friends jeep on a downward hill and screaming on the way down<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Dropping a paint can in Home Depot and ran away when it splattered<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Dropping my brother on his head when he was a baby<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Spilling my all coffee in target and ran away<p/><b>Leo:</b> Hiding in a rack of clothes at Macy's, planning to scare my mom, when I popped out I ended up screaming at a old lady and scared the shit out of her<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Slapping a strangers ass at school, thinking it was my best friend from behind<p/><b>Libra:</b> Filling a bucket from the ice machines at hotels, and tripping over my feet causing me to spill the ice down the hallway, and hitting my head on the floor<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> My scene phase, and dyed my bangs blue<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Shutting my hair in my locker and not noticing so when I walked away i pulled a piece of my hair out<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Put a tin foiled wrapped sandwich in the microwave and caught it on fire<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Ran through my hallway and ended up slipping and putting my leg through a door<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Shutting my fingers in my car door<p/></p>
The Red Shorts Go To Switzerland!

Holidays for me are a chance to do two things… 

1) Relax and recharge the batteries. 

2) Get out and about and explore the area I’m in as much as possible.

It might sound like the two contradict each other… but basically, I can’t just lay on a beach and read… that’s not for me. I love to get plenty of fresh air, gentle exercise and to learn. Of course… much of that is to do with the food and drink traditions or cultures of the region I’m in.

Last week I spent a few days in a chalet in the Swiss hills above Sion with a bunch of friends and if I had to identify one key thing that stuck with me about the Swiss… it’s that they love their cheese! And I don’t blame them… I fell head over heels for the stuff too! We ate some at just about every meal… in fact some meals were made up very little else!

Swiss cheese plays up to the stereotype cartoon cheese as many types (Emmental for example) have holes in their structure. The holes formed by bubbles of carbon dioxide during the production… these are sometimes called ‘eyes’. My absolute favourite cheeses though were Gruyere and an awesomely stinky soft local cheese too. 

One day, for a hike through an alpine forest we made ourselves ham and cheese baguettes using fresh bread from the boulangerie that morning and the really strong stinky cheese. Despite wrapping them in tin foil and a sandwich bag we could still smell the cheese through the rucksacks we were carrying… tempting us to stop for lunch long before the plan.

In was on this hike that we got up close and personal with the Swiss cows… known for their amazing milk (both in volume and perfect fat-to-protein ration) and the bells they have dangling around their necks. The chimes of the bells can be heard for miles around… it’s kind of hypnotic really. Apparently, it’s something to do with the altitude at which they graze (we were at about 1500 metres above sea level at the time), the grass they graze on and their resilience to the very cold winters and pretty hot summers. Whatever the reason, I know their milk makes delicious cheese and amazing milk chocolate.. two things Switzerland are famous for! Oh, and the knives their army use of course!

Then, of course, we couldn’t visit Switzerland without tucking into both a fondue and a raclette. On two separate days we treated ourselves to lunch out at restaurants that were particularly known in the area for their divine cheesy dishes. Both the fondue and raclette are an incredibly social way of eating and sharing food. The first, a communial pot of molten bubbling cheese and wine with chunks of soft fresh bread to dunk… absolutely to die for. Just don’t get too greedy and jump in too early… it turns out bubbling cheese burns! 

The second, on our last day in fact, we tried the raclette. We sat around the table and were bright platters of cured meats, pickled onions, gherkins and buttery, steaming new potatoes (which put even our own Jersey Royals to shame!). Then one by one the waiter would bring us small amounts of oozing cheese scraped from the larger chunk he had under a rotating grill. We ate, drank and chatted for a good couple of hours as the waiter brought us more and more cheese, introducing us to all 5 different mountain cheeses individually and telling us more about each. My personal favourite was a super nutty one from Saint Bernard. My limited French meant I understood most of what we was saying! Even more so after a glass or two of the gorgeous local red wine from Sion.

I wish I could have taken you all with me… but sadly the chalet wasn’t that big. I do, however, highly recommend the region if you ever get chance to visit. Or failing that… see if you can buy yourself some Swiss cheese or chocolate from a supermarket near you and indulge in that! 



“You know, you’re beautiful” This guy standing outside of UCONN said to me. My Hackles are already up for two reasons

1.) Beautiful is an off thing to say to someone. Nice dress, Pretty eyes, cute smile, those are compliments. “You Know, you’re beautiful” Is personal. I’ve seen you cry, and you are beautiful.

2.) I was trying to jam a Buffalo Chicken wrap in my mouth.

“Thanks” I mumbled through a mouth full of sandwich

“No, You really are. You don’t need all that crap”

I wasn’t real subtle when I rolled my eyes. I also didnt stop eating.

“All of it really takes away from your inner beauty”

I scoffed and threw away the tin foil my delicious sandwich had been wrapped in.

“This isn’t Build-A Bear. I’m not here for you. Id rather eat bubble gum off a park bench than take your advice”

“I was just trying to give you a compliment”

“I think you where tying to lower my confidence so I’d give your basic cargo pant wearin ass a second look”

“You’re pretty full of yourself”

“And a chicken sandwhich”

Eye in the Sky

A/N So this is an AU of what if Rae went to Leeds after Archie comes to her about the dissolution of the gang. 

Linda knew once Rae had settled on something wild horses couldn’t move her. From the hard unwavering gaze that Rae was giving her across the small kitchen table, Linda knew now was one of these times. Linda let out a big huff of breath and watched as Rae pursed her lips into a thin white line, she was readying herself for battle .

‘Sure, when do ya want to leave?’ Linda answered breezily watching as the utter confusion contorted Rae’s face until her face lit up in a big grin, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet.

‘I dunno, this evening, as soon. Oh I’ll have to get a timetable and sort out some clothes and pack and and I better go’  Rae jabbered a mile minute her thoughts  whizzing throughout her mind not settling on one thought. Linda laughed at her daughters sudden unguarded excitement. Perhaps other mothers would abhor her, letting her sixteen year old travel across the country to visit her ex-boyfriend. Linda knew how happy Finn made Rae, when Rae was in Finn’s company she smiled easier and brighter, her shoulders lifted. When the break up happened Linda watched her  daughter’s shoulders sag and crumble again, she felt responsible for some part with her pamphlets of cosmetic surgery and burdening her daughter with her own insecurities. If this harebrained trip made her happy or gave her peace, Linda was not going to stop her for the sake of propriety.

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