tin boat


Gabrielle Nowicki - 2016 - Learning a new skill -  Tin Boat

I’m moving the workshop out to the garage to build more automata and other Gubbinsy Type Stuff

I’ve wanted to work with metal for quite some time now, so I began with what I have on hand (as usual), I have a stack of coffee cans that were stashed in the greenhouse… just because… you never know when you might need about 20 nice, shiny coffee cans…  I used a Weller 240/325 watt soldering gun that I inherited from my Dad. 

It was a painful process, due in part to the learning curve, but mostly because the gun is heavy to hold for long periods if you have tendinitis in your lower arms, as I have. Oh, and next time I’ll be patient and use a ruler…

I looked into brazing but our tanks are old and to replace them and get the new ones filled, and keeping them filled, would be dear.

I’m going to pick the brain of a welder friend of mine, this weekend, to see if mig welding something this small is possible. The boat is about 3″ long.