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Knights of the Round Table Official Tier List

God Tier:

  • Sir Ywain the Bastard: BFFs with a lion who may or may not have been able to talk. Very strong and ambitious without giving in to greed. Lost his sanity for a bit but sheer willpower brought it back, and mopped 0 seconds about it, went straight back to decimating ass in the name of justice and to save many numerous dames (honestly, if there was a dame in danger, this guy and his lion pal popped up immediately). Batman if his motif was the lion and also if Albert was a lion. Notable Feat: One of his adventures had him disenchant a cursed maiden who had been turned into a dragon by kissing her three times. That’s right, folks, Sir Ywain smooched dragon girls for reals and you’ll never achieve the heights of his glory.
  • Sir Percival the Grail Knight: Exceedingly powerful yet never once lorded his immense strength over anyone, and in fact, his impossibly humble nature actually had him act in ways to make others around him seem cooler, even though he was extremely capable. Clad in only a silk dress, Percival once threw a fully armored and armed knight over a castle wall, and this other time, clad in only shitty tin “armor” he made from pots, dddddestroyed an Evil Knight Of Certain Renown and stole his armor. The armor of pots happened because a merchant pulled a fast one over him (he traded his extremely expensive silk and gold-weave dress for a cart of junk), and then defended the man that fucked him over when the town was about to lynch him. Notable Feat: Defeated Sir Lancelot of the Lake (yes, that Lancelot) in fair and single combat, and kept disarming him instead of injuring him. Even then, he kept claiming “oh no, he won, I was just lucky, I am pretty sure he had the advantage” so as to not sully the hero’s name. Oh, yeah, and, you know, he fucking achieved the Holy Grail.
  • Sir Gawain: Dayman, Fighter of the Nightman, Champion of the Sun, You Are A Master of Karate, And Friendship For Everyone. Good man, very strong, was kind of a dumbass, but that adds to the charm. He’s the kind muscleman that spots for your scrawny ass in the gym your first time and tells you how to do the exercises properly. Most likely to become a good friend in the long term. Notable Feat: His whole fucking life, man. The code of chivalry didn’t actually apply to peasantry, as in, knights were not required to protect peasants at all, yet Gawain was known as the Defender of the Poor. What a fucking stud. 

Galahad Tier:

  • Sir Galahad of Twilight: Galahad gets his own tier because he’s like some sort of Mary Sue that came outta nowhere in late transcriptions of Arthurian Mythos and sort of just was the best at everything ever in any context, which is funny because his father, Sir Lancelot, was more or less the same but actually likable (as in, Lancelot was not part of the original Old Welsh scriptures, and was basically really cool but also had a lot of flaws to his badassery, whereas Galahad is kinda just perfect). However, his divine protection does not allow me to put him at the bottom, for forces that dwarf my comprehension keep moving him up here. Notable Feat: Being a self-insert OC that got accepted in the canon.

Chivalrous Tier:

  • Sir Lancelot of the Lake: Goku, but lecherous. Notable Feat: Goku, but lecherous.
  • Sir Bedivere of the Perfect Sinews: The world’s first slot machine. Went on a ridiculous numbers of adventures in the early game, some of them even with Arthur’s dog, Cavall, and despite having only one arm, m dude was basically a Dynasty Warriors character. Openly practiced witchcraft, which almost got him hanged a couple of times, if it hadn’t been for Arthur’s interference and testimonies to his legitimately good character. Notable Feat: With Cavall the Dog, went on an adventure to kill an Evil Magical Boar and steal its comb, before hitting the boar so hard it fell right into the ocean and drowned, because Bedivere Don’t Fuck Around.
  • Sir Bors the Younger: Never on schedule, but always on time. Sir Bors wasn’t a superhuman like some of his peers, but his strong point was his virtue and how hard he adhered to the Code of Chivalry, which is more that can be said for a lot of knights, even in higher tiers. A hot young maiden once told him “FUCK WITH ME OR I WILL KILL MYSELF” but he refuse because he wouldn’t break his Vow of Celibacy. The girl, of course, turned out to be a DEMON that tried to trick him. Then, another time, his brother, Sir Lionel, was getting whipped by a notched whip by an assailant while a young girl was being kidnapped by a rogue knight. Notable Feat: He chose to save the young girl over his brother. His brother was Kinda Pissed, so he came back to murder Bors for abandoning him, and Bors didn’t defend himself, saying “yeah I understand why you are angry, honestly”. God himself saves Bors by striking down Lionel with a pillar of fire. Bors then went to be one of the three knights to achieve the Holy Grail (the other two being Percival and Galahad)
  • Sir Tristan (Or “Tristram” for you historians): Not only was Mister Sadman a capable fighter, Tristan also played instruments and sang, and he was said have a very beautiful voice. The beauty behind Tristan is that he went through multiple trials and tribulations that tested his worth as a person and as a Knight truly (as in, someone who pursues the path of chivalry) rather than his martial might. Notable Feat: Accidentally consumes a love potion with Iseult, who was on her way to marry someone, and he still held onto his reigns as a knight without betraying either chivalry or her love too much.

Manure Tier:

  • King Arthur: cuck. Notable Feat: His knights all went on way more exciting adventures than him and his peak is when he gets shanked by his illegitimate son and shanks him back and then spends like fourteen hours bitching at Bedivere for him to go drop his sword in a lake.

Sometimes in life you get given a knight in shining armor or a retard in tin foil.

It may seem like a dumb choice.
You know, “pick the knight” but honey let me tell you a secret, that knight is more in love with himself than he is with you.

So hun, pick the retard in tin foil, because truth be told he’s wearing that just for you.

—  poems-she-wrote
The Misanthrope
Tin Armor
The Misanthrope

Where do I reside? In homes far removed from my own heart. I’m trying to take it back but I can’t get away. No, I’m walking in the park, sleeping in the car away from this. I don’t want to think about you anymore. No, I think about it too often. I think about it too often anyway. I think about it too often. I’ve got to get away.

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Arimus@Cal: "Whoa you can take your helmet thing off? I didn't know Bisharp could do that. Can you take off other armor or is it, like, stuck in your skin? What about the blades? Can you chuck them at people? Hey, throw one at my Vulpix friend-trust me he'll think it's funny."

Caliber: Of course I can remove my helmet! There is a difference between Hybrids and Purebred Bisharps, rather than being a purebred bisharp I have some different genes in the gene pool! We can have different factors depending on what genes we get from past family members. Armor on hybrid bisharps can be included? We necessarily aren’t tin men, armor can be put on we are classified as steel types due to de sickles/blades. Helmets on purebred/hybrid bisharps are born with, hybrids are removable until a certain age, born with soft helmets and blades until they harden. 

also throwing my blades isn’t possible nor would I do it to anyone out of battle… If I don’t get in trouble by your friend… my wife will kick my butt!

Caliber: I do forget to wear my own helmet….


The longer you keep him waiting, the worse it will go for you,“ Sandor Clegane warned her.

Sansa tried to hurry, but her fingers fumbled at buttons and knots. The Hound was always rough-tongued, but something in the way he had looked at her filled her with dread. Had Joffrey found out about her meetings with Ser Dontos? Please no, she thought as she brushed out her hair. Ser Dontos was her only hope. I have to look pretty, Joff likes me to look pretty, he’s always liked me in this gown, this color. She smoothed the cloth down. The fabric was tight across her chest.

When she emerged, Sansa walked on the Hound’s left, away from the burned side of his face. "Tell me what I’ve done.”

“Not you. Your kingly brother.”

“Robb’s a traitor.” Sansa knew the words by rote. “I had no part in whatever he did.” Gods be good, don’t let it be the Kingslayer. If Robb had harmed Jaime Lannister, it would mean her life. She thought of Ser Ilyn, and how those terrible pale eyes staring pitilessly out of that gaunt pockmarked face.

The Hound snorted. “They trained you well, little bird.” He conducted her to the lower bailey, where a crowd had gathered around the archery butts. Men moved aside to let them through. She could hear Lord Gyles coughing. Loitering stablehands eyed her insolently, but Ser Horas Redwyne averted his gaze as she passed, and his brother Hobber pretended not to see her. A yellow cat was dying on the ground, mewling piteously, a crossbow quarrel through its ribs. Sansa stepped around it, feeling ill.

Ser Dontos approached on his broomstick horse; since he’d been too drunk to mount his destrier at the tourney, the king had decreed that henceforth he must always go horsed. “Be brave,” he whispered, squeezing her arm.

Joffrey stood in the center of the throng, winding an ornate crossbow. Ser Boros and Ser Meryn were with him. The sight of them was enough to tie her insides in knots.

“Your Grace.” She fell to her knees.

“Kneeling won’t save you now,” the king said. “Stand up. You’re here to answer for your brother’s latest treasons.”

“Your Grace, whatever my traitor brother has done, I had no part. You know that, I beg you, please—”

“Get her up!”

The Hound pulled her to her feet, not ungently.

“Ser Lancel,” Joff said, “tell her of this outrage.”

Sansa had always thought Lancel Lannister comely and well spoken, but there was neither pity nor kindness in the look he gave her. “Using some vile sorcery, your brother fell upon Ser Stafford Lannister with an army of wargs, not three days ride from Lannisport. Thousands of good men were butchered as they slept, without the chance to lift sword. After the slaughter, the northmen feasted on the flesh of the slain.”

Horror coiled cold hands around Sansa’s throat.

“You have nothing to say?” asked Joffrey.

“Your Grace, the poor child is shocked witless,” murmured Ser Dontos.

“Silence, fool.” Joffrey lifted his crossbow and pointed it at her face. “You Starks are as unnatural as those wolves of yours. I’ve not forgotten how your monster savaged me.”

“That was Arya’s wolf,” she said. “Lady never hurt you, but you killed her anyway.”

“No, your father did,” Joff said, “but I killed your father. I wish I’d done it myself. I killed a man last night who was bigger than your father. They came to the gate shouting my name and calling for bread like I was some baker, but I taught them better. I shot the loudest one right through the throat.”

“And he died?” With the ugly iron head of the quarrel staring her in the face, it was hard to think what else to say.

“Of course he died, he had my quarrel in his throat. There was a woman throwing rocks, I got her as well, but only in the arm.” Frowning, he lowered the crossbow. “I’d shoot you too, but if I do Mother says they’d kill my uncle Jaime. Instead you’ll just be punished and we’ll send word to your brother about what will happen to you if he doesn’t yield. Dog, hit her.”

“Let me beat her!” Ser Dontos shoved forward, tin armor clattering. He was armed with a “morningstar” whose head was a melon. My Florian. She could have kissed him, blotchy skin and broken veins and all. He trotted his broomstick around her, shouting “Traitor, traitor” and whacking her over the head with the melon. Sansa covered herself with her hands, staggering every time the fruit pounded her, her hair sticky by the second blow. People were laughing. The melon flew to pieces. Laugh, Joffrey, she prayed as the juice ran down her face and the front of her blue silk gown. Laugh and be satisfied.

Joffrey did not so much as snigger. “Boros. Meryn.”

Ser Meryn Trant seized Dontos by the arm and flung him brusquely away. The red-faced fool went sprawling, broomstick, melon, and all. Ser Boros seized Sansa.

“Leave her face,” Joffrey commanded. “I like her pretty.”

Boros slammed a fist into Sansa’s belly, driving the air out of her. When she doubled over, the knight grabbed her hair and drew his sword, and for one hideous instant she was certain he meant to open her throat. As he laid the flat of the blade across her thighs, she thought her legs might break from the force of the blow. Sansa screamed. Tears welled in her eyes. It will be over soon. She soon lost count of the blows.

“Enough,” she heard the Hound rasp.

“No it isn’t,” the king replied. “Boros, make her naked.”

Boros shoved a meaty hand down the front of Sansa’s bodice and gave a hard yank. The silk came tearing away, baring her to the waist. Sansa covered her breasts with her hands. She could hear sniggers, far off and cruel. “Beat her bloody,” Joffrey said, “we’ll see how her brother fancies—”

“What is the meaning of this?”

The Imp’s voice cracked like a whip, and suddenly Sansa was free. She stumbled to her knees, arms crossed over her chest, her breath ragged. “Is this your notion of chivalry, Ser Boros?” Tyrion Lannister demanded angrily. His pet sellsword stood with him, and one of his wildlings, the one with the burned eye. “What sort of knight beats helpless maids?”

“The sort who serves his king, Imp.” Ser Boros raised his sword, and Ser Meryn stepped up beside him, his blade scraping clear of its scabbard.

“Careful with those,” warned the dwarf’s sellsword. “You don’t want to get blood all over those pretty white cloaks.”

“Someone give the girl something to cover herself with,” the Imp said. Sandor Clegane unfastened his cloak and tossed it at her. Sansa clutched it against her chest, fists bunched hard in the white wool. The coarse weave was scratchy against her skin, but no velvet had ever felt so fine.

“This girl’s to be your queen,” the Imp told Joffrey. “Have you no regard for her honor?”

“I’m punishing her.”

“For what crime? She did not fight her brother’s battle.”

“She has the blood of a wolf.”

“And you have the wits of a goose.”

“You can’t talk to me that way. The king can do as he likes.”

“Aerys Targaryen did as he liked. Has your mother ever told you what happened to him?”

Ser Boros Blount harrumphed. “No man threatens His Grace in the presence of the Kingsguard.”

Tyrion Lannister raised an eyebrow. “I am not threatening the king, ser, I am educating my nephew. Bronn, Timett, the next time Ser Boros opens his mouth, kill him.” The dwarf smiled. “Now that was a threat, ser. See the difference?”

Ser Boros turned a dark shade of red. “The queen will hear of this!”

“No doubt she will. And why wait? Joffrey, shall we send for your mother? ”

The king flushed.

“Nothing to say, Your Grace?” his uncle went on. “Good. Learn to use your ears more and your mouth less, or your reign will be shorter than I am. Wanton brutality is no way to win your people’s love … or your queen’s.”

“Fear is better than love, Mother says.” Joffrey pointed at Sansa. “She fears me.”

The Imp sighed. “Yes, I see. A pity Stannis and Renly aren’t twelve-year-old girls as well. Bronn, Timett, bring her.”

Sansa moved as if in a dream. She thought the Imp’s men would take her back to her bedchamber in Maegor’s Holdfast, but instead they conducted her to the Tower of the Hand. She had not set foot inside that place since the day her father fell from grace, and it made her feel faint to climb those steps again.

Some serving girls took charge of her, mouthing meaningless comforts to stop her shaking. One stripped off the ruins of her gown and smallclothes, and another bathed her and washed the sticky juice from her face and her hair. As they scrubbed her down with soap and sluiced warm water over her head, all she could see were the faces from the bailey. Knights are sworn to defend the weak, protect women, and fight for the right, but none of them did a thing. Only Ser Dontos had tried to help, and he was no longer a knight, no more than the Imp was, nor the Hound … the Hound hated knights … I hate them too, Sansa thought. They are no true knights, not one of them.

After she was clean, plump ginger-headed Maester Frenken came to see her. He bid her lie facedown on the mattress while he spread a salve across the angry red welts that covered the backs of her legs. Afterward he mixed her a draught of dreamwine, with some honey so it might go down easier. “Sleep a bit, child. When you wake, all this will seem a bad dream.”

No it won’t, you stupid man, Sansa thought, but she drank the drearnwine anyway, and slept.

It was dark when she woke again, not quite knowing where she was, the room both strange and strangely familiar. As she rose, a stab of pain went through her legs and brought it all back. Tears filled her eyes. Someone had laid out a robe for her beside the bed. Sansa slipped it on and opened the door. Outside stood a hard-faced woman with leathery brown skin, three necklaces looped about her scrawny neck. One was gold and one was silver and one was made of human ears. “Where does she think she’s going?” the woman asked, leaning on a tall spear.

“The godswood.” She had to find Ser Dontos, beg him to take her home now before it was too late.

“The halfman said you’re not to leave,” the woman said. “Pray here, the gods will hear.”

Meekly, Sansa dropped her eyes and retreated back inside. She realized suddenly why this place seemed so familiar. They’ve put me in Arya’s old bedchamber, from when Father was the Hand of the King. All her things are gone and the furnishings have been moved around, but it’s the same …

A short time later, a serving girl brought a platter of cheese and bread and olives, with a flagon of cold water. “Take it away,” Sansa commanded, but the girl left the food on a table. She was thirsty, she realized. Every step sent knives through her thighs, but she made herself cross the room. She drank two cups of water, and was nibbling on an olive when the knock came.

Anxiously, she turned toward the door, smoothed down the folds of her robe. “Yes?”

The door opened, and Tyrion Lannister stepped inside. “My lady. I trust I am not disturbing you?”

“Am I your prisoner?”

“My guest.” He was wearing his chain of office, a necklace of linked golden hands. “I thought we might talk.”

“As my lord commands.” Sansa found it hard not to stare; his face was so ugly it held a queer fascination for her.

“The food and garments are to your satisfaction?” he asked. “If there is anything else you need, you have only to ask.”

“You are most kind. And this morning … it was very good of you to help me.”

“You have a right to know why Joffrey was so wroth. Six nights gone, your brother fell upon my uncle Stafford, encamped with his host at a village called Oxcross not three days ride from Casterly Rock. Your northerners won a crushing victory. We received word only this morning.”

Robb will kill you all, she thought, exulting. “It’s … terrible, my lord. My brother is a vile traitor.”

The dwarf smiled wanly. “Well, he’s no fawn, he’s made that clear enough.”

“Ser Lancel said Robb led an army of wargs … ”

The Imp gave a disdainful bark of laughter. “Ser Lancel’s a wineskin warrior who wouldn’t know a warg from a wart. Your brother had his direwolf with him, but I suspect that’s as far as it went. The northmen crept into my uncle’s camp and cut his horse lines, and Lord Stark sent his wolf among them. Even war-trained destriers went mad. Knights were trampled to death in their pavilions, and the rabble woke in terror and fled, casting aside their weapons to run the faster. Ser Stafford was slain as he chased after a horse. Lord Rickard Karstark drove a lance through his chest. Ser Rubert Brax is also dead, along with Ser Lymond Vikary, Lord Crakehall, and Lord Jast. Half a hundred more have been taken captive, including Jast’s sons and my nephew Martyn Lannister. Those who survived are spreading wild tales and swearing that the old gods of the north march with your brother.”

“Then … there was no sorcery?”

Lannister snorted. “Sorcery is the sauce fools spoon over failure to hide the flavor of their own incompetence. My mutton-headed uncle had not even troubled to post sentries, it would seem. His host was raw—apprentice boys, miners, fieldhands, fisherfolk, the sweepings of Lannisport. The only mystery is how your brother reached him. Our forces still hold the stronghold at the Golden Tooth, and they swear he did not pass.” The dwarf gave an irritated shrug. “Well, Robb Stark is my father’s bane. Joffrey is mine. Tell me, what do you feel for my kingly nephew?”

“I love him with all my heart,” Sansa said at once.

“Truly?” He did not sound convinced. “Even now?”

“My love for His Grace is greater than it has ever been.”

The Imp laughed aloud. “Well, someone has taught you to lie well. You may be grateful for that one day, child. You are a child still, are you not? Or have you flowered?”

Sansa blushed. It was a rude question, but the shame of being stripped before half the castle made it seem like nothing. “No, my lord.”

“That’s all to the good. If it gives you any solace, I do not intend that you ever wed Joffrey. No marriage will reconcile Stark and Lannister after all that has happened, I fear. More’s the pity. The match was one of King Robert’s better notions, if Joffrey hadn’t mucked it up.”

She knew she ought to say something, but the words caught in her throat.

“You grow very quiet,” Tyrion Lannister observed. “Is this what you want? An end to your betrothal?”

“I … ” Sansa did not know what to say. Is it a trick? Will he punish me if I tell the truth? She stared at the dwarf’s brutal bulging brow, the hard black eye and the shrewd green one, the crooked teeth and wiry beard. “I only want to be loyal.”

“Loyal,” the dwarf mused, “and far from any Lannisters. I can scarce blame you for that. When I was your age, I wanted the same thing.” He smiled. “They tell me you visit the godswood every day. What do you pray for, Sansa?”

I pray for Robb’s victory and Joffrey’s death … and for home. For Winterfell. “I pray for an end to the fighting.”

“We’ll have that soon enough. There will be another battle, between your brother Robb and my lord father, and that will settle the issue.”

Robb will beat him, Sansa thought. He beat your uncle and your brother Jaime, he’ll beat your father too.

It was as if her face were an open book, so easily did the dwarf read her hopes. “Do not take Oxcross too much to heart, my lady,” he told her, not unkindly. “A battle is not a war, and my lord father is assuredly not my uncle Stafford. The next time you visit the godswood, pray that your brother has the wisdom to bend the knee. Once the north returns to the king’s peace, I mean to send you home.” He hopped down off the window seat and said, “You may sleep here tonight. I’ll give you some of my own men as a guard, some Stone Crows perhaps—”

“No,” Sansa blurted out, aghast. If she was locked in the Tower of the Hand, guarded by the dwarf’s men, how would Ser Dontos ever spirit her away to freedom?

“Would you prefer Black Ears? I’ll give you Chella if a woman would make you more at ease.”

“Please, no, my lord, the wildlings frighten me.”

He grinned. “Me as well. But more to the point, they frighten Joffrey and that nest of sly vipers and lickspittle dogs he calls a Kingsguard. With Chella or Timett by your side, no one would dare offer you harm.”

“I would sooner return to my own bed.” A lie came to her suddenly, but it seemed so right that she blurted it out at once. “This tower was where my father’s men were slain. Their ghosts would give me terrible dreams, and I would see their blood wherever I looked.”

Tyrion Lannister studied her face. “I am no stranger to nightmares, Sansa. Perhaps you are wiser than I knew. Permit me at least to escort you safely back to your own chambers.”

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Any non-massacre fics :) please !

As always, there will probably be a lot of fics I’ve already recommended that are going to be brought up. Hey, maybe they all have been who knows. Also: i made an official tag for the rec and it’s “ssreclist”. You’ll find all my previous lists there.

Against the Odds  by Marquise de Nile {chapter 1}

Beautiful Love  by Veroxion {chapter 3}

don’t you want to share the guilt by ohwhatsherface {sorta i guess??}

Frills by Pleasantries and the Aftermath {big maybe lol it’s sorta almost crack but his personality doesn’t fit canon sasuke and would fit non-massacre!sasuke}

Happy Anniversary by theevilmuffin {arguably, this one can be both universes}

Knight in Tin Armor by Michiko Kaori

Laundry Day by Sakura’s Unicorn {this strikes me more as what non-massacre!sasuke would be like, tbh, instead of a “sasuke who came back” hence why i think this is meant to be non-massacre}

Laundry Day by rainbow p3nis {no specifications either, so you can pretend this one is non-massacre as well}

Living With Boys  by Momosportif {pretty sure it’s not meant to be non-massacre, but tbh their relationship and personalities make more sense when considered as a non-massacre fic}

Next Door Scandal by CelestialCircumference {warning: contains ItaSaku.}

nightmares on wax by sarsaparillia 

Once Upon A Fairytale by Dark Angelic Kitty {i kinda skimmed through, idk if this is AU or non-massacre tbh but i think it’s non-massacre}

roots and ivy by seleneswan

The Adventures of Ramen Man and Dango Boy by ohwhatsherface

the little love that could’ve  by ohwhatsherface

two seconds away from home by rawrchelle 

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Just how aggressive does Rojas get? ;)

Somehow find a way to mock him or talk shit to him? He’ll crush a boulder with his bare hands out of anger.

Show up and interrupt him while he’s doing his dragonny things under the guise of slaying him to save the kingdom? He’ll roast you AND your tin-can you call armor.

Are you another dragon who shows up uninvited in his home and wants to start shit? He will beat you black and blue.

Basically, the same levels of aggression of a D&D Chromatic Red. ;)

Welcome to Oz!

Hello everybody, and welcome to the first installment of The Love Swamp! Today we’re taking a look at “Shall we date? Oz+,” a game which is freely available on iOS or Android, for anybody who is really enthusiastic about dating dudes loosely based on Wizard of Oz canon. 

I’m going to try and cover the whole Prologue this time round, which will stop us right at the point of choosing one cool bro to be our honeybunches. Let’s jump right in!

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hi there!! can you recommend some ss humor fics please?

Sure! :) Stories with * at the end are M rated, though there aren’t many, obviously, since I don’t really know many humor fics with lemons in it :P


2012 Collection  by theevilmuffin {chapter 2, 5, 10, 14, 18}

a farmer’s dozen by the blanket

A Hostage Situation by Joy-girl 

A Simple Appreciation by Cinma

A Thousand Years by puRpLebLuSh017 {very crack, pretty OOC, BUT WHO CARES ITS SO GREAT}

A Very Important Conversation by SunshineandDaisys 

ABC’s of Life by puRpLebLuSh017 

Against the Odds  by Marquise de Nile {chapter 5, 13}

all star by Neon Genesis

Beautiful Love  by Veroxion {chapter 3}

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don’t you want to share the guilt by ohwhatsherface 

Drops of Mercury  by sarsaparillia {chapter 1, 5, 8, 13, 15, 35, 36}

Elevator Blues by cutecrazyice*

Ever After  by ohwhatsherface {little anthology all of the same world and context and relationships. they’re all prequels and sequels to one another lol}

FailBook Too by shewhowearsglasses

Fairytale Real Estate by Neon Genesis

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Fresca by EWHH its Kenna

Frills by Pleasantries and the Aftermath

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growing pains by the blanket 

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kiss me through the phone by the blanket

Knight in Tin Armor by Michiko Kaori

Laundry Day by rainbow p3nis*

Laundry Day by Sakura’s Unicorn

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Love Act 143 by puRpLebLuSh017

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mock tales  by the blanket 

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Mr McDreamy by puRpLebLuSh017 

of déjà vu and desteenee by the blanket

On Waiting by Iulia {okay it’s actually half an half, it starts “serious” but gets really cute and funny after the first half lol}

Once Upon A Fairytale by Dark Angelic Kitty

Only Look at Me by Cinma

onyx & pink edition! by Kara no Usagi

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The Dating Game  by the blanket

the little love that could’ve  by ohwhatsherface

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To Fell the Mighty (Part 2)

Continuation of part 1. Part 3

The snow muffled the horses as Cullen followed behind the twitching spirit. Cole’s neck jerked and twitched violently, his shoulders hunched in as though his entire body was preparing to spring from the saddle.

“Can you tell me if—”

Shh.”Cole pressed a finger to his lips and his ear cocked to one side. “He’s close.”

Cullen tightened his grip on the reigns as he closed the distance between the two of them. He kept his voice soft as he asked, “Where?”

“Hidden away. Sleeping, slumbering—snow is a salve on the wound.” Cole pointed to the east.

Cullen’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the hill the spirit indicated. “I don’t…” his words trailed off when the earth rose slightly, bits of snow running off the sides, before it settled back down. Taking up his helm, he settled the lion’s mouth into place, a prayer running through his heart. Maker’s breath; how could a single living creature be so large?

“Cole, which eye did Elysse take out?”


“Can you distract the dragon from a distance, pull him towards the tree line over there?”

Cole reached into his satchel, retrieving several glass bottle vials: one seemed to hum in his hand while the other burned like antivan fire. “Yes,” he said simply.

“You are to retreat immediately,” Cullen told him. “Hold his attention; nothing more.”

A small smile tugged on his face as he whispered, “You want me to be safe.”

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gravatustolife  asked:

Hi! First love your dash ♡♡♡ Second do you have any recommendations for stories where Sasuke is the one with a crush on Sakura? Other than the Uchiha sweetheart Thanks! (=^.^=)

a farmer’s dozen by the blanket

beneath the shade of the sakura trees  by Aurora Ciel {chapter 1}

bus boy by ohwhatsherface

Confessions of an Uchiha  by CrAzY-SiLLy-Me

Drops of Mercury  by sarsaparillia {frankly there’s quite a few chapters in that anthology that has them like that, so enjoy lol. the whole anthology is awesome though.}

Fanboys by ohwhatsherface

Flowers by AdotD {they both do actually but w/e his crush on her is v evident}

For When the Fire Burns Bright by xxSilverEchoxx

Friday, I’m In Love by cutecrazyice

Home by rawrchelle

honey, you’re a bit sharp by rawrchelle

Horizon  by JinnySkeans {they both have this secret crush thing going on, its one of my fave AU fics for the slow development}

I Think I Hate You by SmilesLasting

Intricacy by dance of isis

it’s never as hard as you think  by the general girl

Knight in Tin Armor by Michiko Kaori

Knit Them Together by Disenchanted Cynic

Like VitaminWater  by angelforshow {another one where they both have evident crushes but the buildup is slow. amazing story.}

Little things by hp-ewrgdr

love on the run by ohwhatsherface

mine by ohwhatsherface

On Truths and Lies  by the general girl {from Karin’s POV… amazing story!!}

Once Upon A Fairytale by Dark Angelic Kitty 

Out of Tune  by rawrchelle

roots and ivy by seleneswan

She Who is Marked by Eternal Flames by xxSilverEchoxx 

Shinka  by xxSilverEchoxx

the little love that could’ve  by ohwhatsherface

The Perfect Man by cutecrazyice 

Trading Heartbeats by extraordinaire

two seconds away from home by rawrchelle {another one i couldn’t help but to throw in again. mutual crushes that are evident, but god i love it. but tbh from what i remember it focuses on how affected Sasuke is and how Sakura changes him for the better, so it fits i guess}

Uchiha 1001 by angel puppeteer and its sequel Uchiha 1002 by angel puppeteer {has Sasuke as a love martyr, pretty much}

Unfinished Memories by xxSilverEchoxx 

WEEKS BEFORE HE LEFT  by Propertyoftheuchiha {very Sasuke-centric story that deals with the stages of his romantic feelings for her along their relationship from team mates to lovers}

you make my heart beat faster  by ohwhatsherface


TMNT 2012 Maze and Mutants:
“When the Turtles play a fantasy LARP game to get their mind off of things they must seperate the difference between fantasy and reality.”

…. all of you familiar with LARP know that it involves dressing up.
… and these action figures DO exist….
I’m starting to feel really excited for the upcoming episode


Roman Tinned Copper Cavalry Parade Helmet, c. Late 2nd-Early 3rd century AD

Formed of hammered sheet, with arching crest terminating in a beaked griffin’s head, its talons holding a Medusa mask in front, the griffin’s body tapering to a dolphin-like tail, each side decorated in high relief with a capricorn with griffin-like head and coiled tail, the three creatures with rivets for ears (now missing), with continuous flanged rim to protect the wearer’s brow and ears, the rim decorated with friezes of punched circles and dots, two rivets at the front of the brow-guard with remains of a hinge inside for a face-mask attachment.


we made a music video for delay.  watch carefully.