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Give me the tea or bad things will happen

Summary: Q isn’t going to stand for Bond’s extortion. He might climb for it, though.

Notes: A huge thank you to @isthisrubble for her eagle-eyed beta-ing; among other things, Bond and Q would be positioned much more vaguely in your minds without her.

Bond breaking into his home was one thing.

Q had had Bond’s DNA and retinal ID entered into the scanners after the second visit. After the third, he had started bullying Bond into sitting down at his solder-stained kitchen table to play Scrabble with him, and had watched with increasing entertainment as Bond drunkenly tried to argue for the inclusion of slang and foreign vocabulary on the board.  

(For his part, Bond let himself be bullied, shared the top-shelf booze he brought with him, and got handsy as a last resort persuasive tactic.)  

Bond breaking into his home and stealing his tea was something else. Apparently, the handsiness had been Bond’s second-to-last resort.

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Hi! I’m finally proud to announce that I’m able to open commissions!

I should tell you that I’ve hit a little bit of a rough patch.

I recently lost my job and I’m having a little bit of a tough time finding a new one, so I’ve decided to work extra hard on my art in the meantime, meaning I would open commissions as well.

I’m not asking for much, as I live in a country where the conversion rate from USD to my currency is large. Plus this is my first time asking for actual money so asking for like 50 bucks right out the gate would be a little crazy h a h.

Now my rules are simple:

1- I’m self taught so please be patient with my art, I can try just about anything but you can always tell me what’s wrong with it. In this business, the customer is always right.

2- I do work with NSFW art but I will charge far more than for normal drawings. You want some dicks you need to pay up. //bricked

3- I work well with imitating art styles, but the prices are negociable depending on what style you want me to mimick. (EX: Adventure Time style is $10, but, say, something like Cowboy Bebop will be a lot more)

4- Due to my method of payment (Xoom, a subsidiary of PayPal, I couldn’t open a PayPal because my country isn’t in the list of available countries) the absolute least I can ask for is $10, if that’s too much for you then I’m sorry, but I can’t haggle with you.

5- I absolutely will not even plug in my tablet until I’m paid first. (No offense to you, but I need the money, I really, really need it. I will not deal with people who won’t pay up front.)

Now, I thank you greatly for taking the time to read this over, here are my commission prices much clearer to read than my shit-tastic handwriting.

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This One:  Part 5

Historical AU in which Robin is a wounded Confederate soldier who stumbles into widow Regina’s barn after the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 and is found by Henry. Rated M 

Merry Christmas @spiral-nebula!  This is the final installment to this story, and I hope you approve of the ending. 

In case anyone would like to catch up:

Part 1

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Or you can read it on ff.net.  As always, thanks so much for reading! And thanks to @onceuponasecretsanta for organizing this gift exchange! :D

It was impossible not to touch him now.

She supposed she was grinning like an idiot, but so was he. No matter how they tried to keep their relationship to themselves and not be obvious in front of Henry, the boy picked up on the changed atmosphere immediately. Thankfully, he credited Robin’s prosthesis for their new friendliness towards each other, and she prayed that explanation would satisfy him for the time being. It certainly wouldn’t do for him to know that his mother was sleeping with a man who was not her husband.

Her mother would have labeled her a whore for far less.

Robin was a gentle and generous lover, although to say that his disability never frustrated him when they were intimate would be a lie. It seemed to bother him far more than it did her, actually, but it didn’t stop him from kissing her, from penetrating her, from teasing her with his fingers and mouth until a thousand stars exploded behind her eyelids and her body pulsed around him until neither of them could think.

“I’ve never had a lover before,” she whispered one night, her limbs heavy and sated as his fingers traced the contours of her spine. “Besides my husband, of course.”

She snuggled into his side, rubbing her cheek against the soft down of his chest, careful with the shoulder she knew still hurt him at times.

“And how do you like it?” he questioned, tipping her chin up in his direction. She tossed him a sly grin before kissing him, slow, wet and open-mouthed.

“I feel evil and decadent,” she whispered, reaching down over his torso to stroke him from root to tip. He moaned as she continued to caress his penis, swearing as she found the spot just below his tip that made him buck into her hand.

“Come here, you decadently evil woman,” he chuckled just before pulling her on top of his chest and taking her breast into his mouth. He sucked her hard and possessively, leaning back to blow cool air on her nipple, grinning as she shivered in his arms. “And let me love you properly.” His hand moved between them to stroke and tease her clitoris before sliding one finger inside of her, causing her to hiss through her teeth.

God help her–she hadn’t felt this alive in years.

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