Có vài lần như chiều nay
Chúng ta dường như đã sẵn sàng cho một cơn điên
Em có thể dửng dưng hất đổ bầu trời
Anh lạnh lùng đạp tan mặt đất
Sao em không phải là người duy nhất
Mà anh muốn giữ gìn?
Sao anh không phải là người duy nhất
Mà em có thể tin?

Jenna Ushkowitz: “Happy birthday @msamberpriley ❤️ We have been through so much together, and all around the world. …This photo was taken the day we shot “Don’t Stop Believin,” I can’t believe this was 6 1/2 years ago and that we are almost at the end!
I love you. Congrats on another year around the sun!! Family for life, I hope you had a beautiful day! 🎉🍸😘” (http://instagram.com/p/zJ4uq7SR5Y/)


Make a singing tin to regale you with festive tunes each time it opens.

He was midas
And she was just tin;

He ran his fingers along her sharp edges
He embraced her rugged structure
He filled her hollowness with glitter, turned her into gold.

She only became petty gold,
Like a cheap wedding band.
A symbol of love, but never to be loved.

—  Zienab Hamdan - Midas and Tin; A love story