Reading comics to make myself feel bad.

So I was reading Robin #148, which happens to be the first issue of that series since Infinite Crisis (more importantly, the first since Kon’s death). At one point Tim starts skulking around in his civvies, and I immediately notice that his jacket has a very distinct style to it.

Primary colors. Yellow bands. Standing collar. Tim. Oh, Tim. Why are you doing this to yourself.


I noticed a few people asking where I got the panels for this photoset, so here’s a quick crib sheet.

Also, to explain why Cass is in the central gif and Bart isn't—most of those frames are from Robin #156, during which Bart was still alive, and Cass was believed to have gone to the villain’s side. That issue (which dealt with depression and suicide) had a useful panel with most of the people Tim has grieved; I used that because I was too lazy to compile pics from multiple issues thought it would be less distracting to keep most of the images in one drawing style.

Now let me be tasteless and tally up the tears:

  • Bart - 1
  • Cass - 1
  • Jack - 6
  • Janet - 1
  • Kon - 7 (WINNER)
  • Steph - 3

Last tidbit: that quote, randomly enough, came from Klarion (bum bum bum) the Witch Boy. Though I omitted the more lol-worthy parts of it, so as not to intrude on the gross sobbing.