These past months I’ve been doing like thousand different things at the same time, and sadly it’s making my animation process super slow… But here it is!! I was FINALLY able to finish the hardest cut! 130 frames in TOTAL! (still can’t believe it…) From now on this will speed up a big time, since all the other cuts are much shorter/easier to animate.


Cut 3 FINALLY DONE! Phew, this truly was a cut that didn’t want to get animated. I made the walk like 5 times before I got what I wanted! After all the struggle, I have to admit that I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I also tried to add some cool depth of field effect (see the dust!?). I even made a map for it, but decided to go with simpler blurs for now.

Happy New Year everyone!! I had a super busy year, but I haven’t been as inactive with my personal projects as it seems. Timtale has been under writing / reviews for some time already, and all the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been a great help!

I’ve also started a graduation film with my awesome friend @olasokal! :D So in the future my blog might not be only Timtale anymore, altough it’ll proceed slowly but steadily as well. Cheers!


I’ve been so busy with my school courses that I haven’t been able to draw much anything else these days - but I found some older pictures hanging in my hard drive that I had totally forgotten about! An epic robot battle settles with not-so-epic dive! Poor Tim also brokes his arm in such an overly dramatic manner (and takes him three more frames to actually get a grasp of it)

prince-jexington  asked:

will u tell us more about the current character youre animating? tim i believe? he looks interesting!

Hehe, this is me when someone makes the mistake of asking. I just love developing stories and characters, but I don’t have too many people to talk with about them.

I actually have Tim’s story around 90% thought up. (Been writing the script like 200 pages already. The comic I’ve sketched maybe 50 pages.) It’s pretty complex story and I don’t want to spoil any good parts of it, in case I’m able to write/draw it out someday. It’s way too long to animate by myself, but I’d possibly be able to make a trailer of it, at least! That would be so much fun to do!!

The beginning of the story I can share with no problem, though! It’s a bit long explanation, so I don’t mind if people aren’t interested in reading it.

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