So this is my Cockles photo op from JIBcon 6! :D

Please don’t repost it, if you want to retweet on twitter, it’s here: https://twitter.com/supermishamiga/status/600226064661684225

It was probably one of my favourite con experiences (it only comes second to Misha autograph which was amazing and which story I alredy shared here.)

My favourite thing was that our little Cockles gang waited to take this photo op together, and it made the experience perfect! If you’re interested, Jensen and Misha were very goofy in the photo op room, and I couldn’t stop smiling at them, especially jensen was such a dork! ^_^ (also, he kept smiling at Misha all the time, except in the actual photo ops where he would pull a grumpy face at him like you see above, especially when the pose was more of a shippy nature. Jensen pls :’))

I give you all the permissions to edit this or photoshop me out of it, as long as you credit to this post! :))


Headcanon Keith x lance fushion