Tim pursed his lips and stared at her closed office door, the “Do Not Disturb” note tacked right above the handle. He let go of a soft sigh and decided to chance her wrath. At the very least, he needed to apologize for the nonsense that had happened during dinner last night. Yes, he had a growing interest in her as something more than just an employee, and yes his brothers clearly had the same interest as well, he just wished that there was more tact behind the whole arrangement. 

Steeling his nerves, Tim lifted his hand and knocked the door. A few seconds skipped by in silence before he heard Raven lift herself to her feet and make her way to the door. Tim waited with bated breath as she opened the door just a little, peering out into the hallway.


“May I… disturb you for a moment?”

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Write something you want! Im curious to see what YOU want for a change, you wonderful thing you. :)

When Raven took the job she was offered at Wayne Enterprises, she knew that she wouldn’t be working under Bruce Wayne himself. That was unlikely, as Bruce had a hundred different things that needed his attention, and she was just a data analyst. Nothing more, nothing less. However, she did not imagine that she would be working under one of his wards either… but here she was, standing in a top-floor office, staring into a face that looked too young to be even partially in charge of a multi-billion dollar company.

“Miss Roth, was it?”

He had a kind smile, and there was something about that she liked, but she knew better than to trust his smile. His eyes were clear, cool, almost calculative. It was as if he was registering data in his mind, and everything could be explained easily with just a little thought and some serious ingenuity.

Raven nodded. “Raven, if you’d like.”

That kind smile returned. He stood up from behind his desk and offered her his hand, eyes never leaving her face. “Raven, then. I’m Timothy, I’ll be your direct supervisor for this project.”


“We’ll be working together on analyzing the market and market proposals for a few different products for the next few weeks, and if this all goes accordingly, then I know that Wayne Enterprises would be happy to extend a more permanent offer of employment.”

Raven nodded, still unable to tear herself away from those eyes. Her cheeks flushed and she let her stare slip over the soft curve of his jaw, down the line of his throat, into the tightly buttoned collar. Swallowing a sudden menagerie of emotions, Raven took a slow, deep breath and shifted. It was going to be hard to stay focused if she was going to be encountering this everyday.


He pulled out a few files and laid them on his desk. There was a moment that seemed as if he was considering getting started, and then chose instead to say something else. Timothy reached out and adjusted his tie, pushing some of that gorgeous, unruly, dark hair from his eyes. He met Raven’s stare again and placed his hands on his desk, leaning forward, looking a bit like a predator that was stalking prey.

Raven swallowed.

“There is one last thing… my brothers, are all expected to play parts in this project as well.”


He stood up straight again, his lips tugging down into a frown as he tapped his fingers on the fine wood of his desk. “And while they’re all very talented, it’s fair to mention they’re all a pain in the ass.”

“Noted, Sir.”

He smiled that soft smile one more time. “Just Tim, Raven.”

Her cheeks flushed.

“Now.” Timothy opened the top folder and motioned for her to come closer. “Shall we get started?”