timothy walker

babysitting with 13rw jocks

warning: none

a/n: this was a super quick and cute,enjoy! 💟

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Being best friends with Clay and Tony

Requested by: @turtlesandra

-wearing Tony’s jacket
-secretly shipping clony
-“if he breaks your heart, we’ll handle it.”
-“okay Tony, yes. Clay, absolutely not. I could flick you across the room if I wanted to”
-rumors about you dating one or the other
-trying to set each other up with dates
-not being allowed to drive Tony’s car
-all of you riding to and from school in Tony’s mustang
-getting to know Hannah
-trying to get the together
-getting to know Jeff
-Tony and Clay shipping you with Jeff
-loving them both
-trying to help Clay get socialized
-dragging Clay to parties
-you and Clay supporting Tony when he came out
-clay distancing himself from you
-tony stopped picking you up from school, and stopped giving you rides to school
-finding out about the tapes
-listening to Clay’s tape with him and tony
-helping them through this

13 rw jocks as your neighbors

warning: nothing, maybe one curse word

a/n: this is pretty random but i thought it would be fun! and let’s just pretend episode 10 didn’t happen

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i tried to draw as close to original manga style as possible (not that my hands allowed me to),and/but i really liked it! i think i burnt holes in its pages while looking

so it’s whether the greatest mistake was made or a good lesson learned

p.s. shadows and all that kind of stuff is just nooooope i’m not there yet.


EXORCISTS: human beings who have bonded with a shard of Innocence and serve the Black Order. They fight against the Millennium Earl, the Noah Family and their army of Akuma.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR +1000 FOLLOWERS!!! ♡ to celebrate this milestone, i made a little something for you guys: take a look at Komui’s messy desk and his files about the Exorcists.

One Hell of A Dare 1 // Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader

So, before the story starts I just wanted to say that the ‘Montgomery’ here is a little bit different from the Monty we saw on 13 reasons why. He’s not a really good friend with the jocks.
Word count : 776
You’re walking to your locker as you feel someone touching your shoulder. You turned your head to see who it was. It was Montgomery, your boyfriend. The two of you had a few classes together back then and that’s why you became close with him and you’re with him for almost a year now.
“Hey babe” Monty said while walking beside you.
“Hey” You replied as you opened your locker and put books inside. Monty stayed silent which made you curious. He’s never been like this before. Monty always talks about how his day was and he just can’t stop talking and that is why you’re in love with him.
From the corner of your eye, you saw Monty leaning against the lockers on your left.
“What’s with the face?”, You asked when you see Monty’s expression. You know he’s clearly waiting for you to say something but you just can’t figure out what it is to talk about.
“You.. don’t remember?” Monty stared at you.
“Remember what?”
“Seriously (Y/N)??” now Monty has that upset face you always think it’s kinda cute.
“Babe, what is it? I know there’s something but I can’t remember”
“Party? Tonight? At Bryce’s?” Monty stands straight, looking right into your eyes.
“Oh the party. Umm I don’t know, babe. I don’t feel like partying tonight” You answered while looking somewhere else trying to avoid his eyes.
Monty is now full of confusion, “I thought you were looking forward to it?”
“Yeah, I was. But this assignment Mrs. B gave me is due tomorrow and I haven’t done anything. Plus this past week got me so tired already. I’m really sorry, Monty” You complained
“Oh.. Okay I totally understand” Monty’s reaction makes you feel very guilty.
“I’m so sorry, babe. I really wish I could make it up to you?” You’re pouting while walking to your next class.
“It’s fine, babygirl. I understand. In fact, I’m willing to help you with the assignments! How about Monet’s after Geometry?”
You’re so relieved to the fact that your boyfriend wasn’t mad at all. You continue to walk down the hallway to your Geometry class and Monty still beside you.
“Really? The Liberty High baseball star is going to help me with homeworks? How cool is that. Thank you so much, babe. I can’t describe how lucky I am” You answered with cheeky grin. You know you can’t ask for more. Having Monty by your side is the best thing that happened in your life.
“I’ll see you later, yeah?”

You arrived at Monet’s with Monty and picked a spot right next to the window. You’ve always loved it there.
As soon as you dropped your things, both of you walked to the cashier. You felt comfortable when Monty holds your hand.
“Hi, how are you guys doing? What can I get you?”
“Hi, yeah I’ll have Americano and Iced Frappuccino for my girlfriend here” he smiled, still holding your hand.
“I don’t think mentioning ‘my girlfriend’ was necessary” you chuckled
“Sorry. I just.. I feel so proud to have you and I’d like people to know that you’re mine” Monty couldn’t help but smile the whole conversation.
Even though it’s almost a year with him, he still made it feel like it was just yesterday when he asked you to be his girlfriend. Nothing’s changed and you’re so grateful for it.

It was already 5pm when you look at your phone. Mrs. B’s homework clearly made you lose track of time.
Halfway through your assignments, you saw Monty getting a text from Bryce. You asked him what it is about but Monty said it was nothing.
You had a feeling it’s about the party he mentioned earlier today.
“(Y/N), I know you’re not going to the party tonight but Bryce kept asking me to go. I told him no but you know how Bryce is, right?”
“Monty, if you wanna go to the party then go. I don’t mind, really. Besides, you’ve done enough for me today.” You answered with a smile on your face.
“No, babygirl. I’m not going to the party without you.”
“It’s fine, babe. If Bryce kept asking you, maybe just show up there, and you can leave the next hour. How does that sound? Then you can come to my house?” you’re clearly trying to make Monty feel less guilty leaving you at home because you want him to have fun with his friends.
“Okay. An hour and I’m done there babe” Monty answered as he come close to you and kiss your forehead.
“Now let’s finish this so we could go home”

Pokemon AU

Allen would be an Absol. Absols are able to detect coming disasters, but are consequentially associated with those disasters and ostracized, viewed as bad omens.

Kanda would be a Lucario. Lucarios have a strict sense of honor, and are able to read people’s Auras to determine their intentions. This same ability prevents people from hiding from them.

Lenalee would be a Skarmory. While Skarmories appear heavy, they are able to fly freely in the sky at speeds up to 190 mph.

Lavi would be a Zorua. Zoruas are known to be mischievous, and can create detailed illusions, often taking the forms of both people and other pokemon.

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New comic featuring Stripper Allen! Which is canon btw, see here.  It’s also canon that Allen will flirt his way out of sticky situations (ah-hem remember the zombie arc).

So yeah, Link held an extremely organized intervention and forced everyone (including Kanda) to vote in favor of Allen receiving a proper education.