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Bored again, so: The BatFamily!

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  • Jason: When I die, [again], donate all of my organs to children in need, except for my middle fingers.
  • Roy: What do I do with those?
  • Jason: Give them to my brothers. They're the last fucks I have left to give.

how much do you want to bet that every time Tim complains about his life sucking, Jason says “you could’ve let me kill you when I first came back and this wouldn’t have happened”

  • *the Justice League is over at Wayne Manor having a meeting for some reason*
  • *loud explosion happens upstairs*
  • *lots of screaming*
  • *Tim can be seen running across frantically on fire*
  • Bruce: What is happening up there?!
  • Dick: We're okay! Don't come up!
  • *cue gun shots*
  • Jason: Put the fucking fire out!
  • *the sound of fireworks can be heard*
  • Damian: Why do you have fireworks in your room?!
  • *glass shatters*
  • Dick: Why did you push him out of the window?!
  • *more screaming*
  • Superman: Shouldn't we go help?
  • Bruce: Know which battles you should run from, Clark. They'll be fine. Let's continue.

Joining the Batfamily fandom is like falling into a black hole. You try just dipping your toe in and that damn family grabs your ankle and tugs you in before you know what the hell is happening. Next thing you know you are so far in you can’t claw your way out. The longer you are in that worm hole the more you find and the more they make you not want to leave. And then you find their friends and the rest of the DC universe just completely takes over your life.

On the 12 day of Christmas Supernatural gave to me

12 angels falling

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11 hunters hunting

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10 reapers reaping

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9 demons killing

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8 humans dancing

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7 fans drawing

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6 painful ships 

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Gaaabbbeee’ssss golden wiiinngggss

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4 archangels

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3 dying loved ones

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2 grumpy old men

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and literally no hope for the future

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anonymous asked:

If Dick was a girl you think the brothers are overprotective of her

Damian: “Really, Grayson? This has to be the worst one you’ve picked yet.”

Tim: “Just because a guy has red hair doesn’t mean you need to date him!”

Grayson: -_-

(I went a little overboard on this one. Ha. Yes, I believe everyone would be extra protective towards Dick if he were a girl. They are already protective of him now. Dating would be a lot harder for Dick. Not only because Bruce would freak out but because the brothers wouldn’t think anyone was worthy enough to date their sister. She would still try though. This was fun for me. Thank you for the interesting ask! -Adaminaart)